I am the Editor-in-Chief at WhatSpa? For smaller showrooms you will be able to visit their premises by appointment only to ensure your safety. The UK's No.1 Spa & Hot Tub Buyer's Guide, © 2020 WhatSpa.co.uk – All rights reserved – The Hot Tubs Advice Centre, Buying a hot tub main specifications & considerations, preparing for a hot tub installation guide), Supply Chain & Shipping Issues Impact Hot Tub Deliveries To UK Market, Seating style (lounge seat or all-seater), How it feels (the hydrotherapy massage delivered by the hot tub jets). You have already started doing your homework by the very fact that you are reading this hot tub buying guide article. Lighting 6.3. Benefits of a Silver Sanitizer for Your Hot Tub. This can be performed using a high quality submersible pump, so the job won’t you take very long! The Saluspa Miami however is the perfect size for two. Q. These are all bargaining points when negotiating the deal. Expect to pay at least 10-15 per cent less than new model prices for ex-display models that are under 12 months old. How comfortable are the seats? It is important that they stay in business to serve you and your warranty! Remember that the wet test is all about feel and comfort. Local specialist retailers, by contrast, have to put their own name and bricks and mortar reputation behind the brands and products that they sell. Wednesday - 9am to 5pm When I'm not being deluged with press releases and hot tub brochures I enjoy keeping fit and participating in endurance events including triathlons and distance running. You have already started doing your homework by the very fact that you are reading this hot tub buying guide. If it is the type of cover that has air pockets then it will capture energy from the sun and work just like a greenhouse. In order to ensure that your hot tub Read the full article…, There’s no denying that hot tubs are a highly desired, luxury item. Phones lines open, Improve Your Home and Life with a Luxury Hot Tub. Where would the waterline rise to if more people were in? You will need to clean the surfaces of your hot tub regularly with a clean damp microfibre cloth, this is done to keep the shell looking pristine. When you first purchase your hot tub, you will have to check your bromine/chlorine, alkalinity, pH levels daily, but these are very easy to undertake. Always ask searching questions about warranty support and service plans to ensure that post-installation support is available. Can I look inside the cabinet to check how well the hot tub is insulated? 0% interest free finance options available on all spas. Posted by Nick Clamp in You will be typically required to pay a 25-30 per cent deposit when you place your order and the remaining balance is usually payable either on or a few days before delivery. Most hot tub owners don't soak in their hot tubs every day so your hot tub doesn't need a daily dose of chlorine or ozone; Your covered hot tub is essentially a sealed tank so it doesn't need a daily dose of chlorine or ozone like an uncovered swimming pool; You can refill a 400 gallon hot tub … Q. Hot tubs use high volume pumps, meaning they are designed to handle a lot of water and low pressure. If you have already checked out our knowledge bank, why not visit our hot tub comparison website www.hottubchooser.co.uk, which catalogues every major hot tub brand and model available in the UK in… The Miami Spa is a small hot tub. 6-Person 30-Jet Premium Acrylic Lounger Sterling Silver Spa Hot Tub with Backlit LED Waterfall With classic design and cutting-edge technology, With classic design and cutting-edge technology, the AM-630L 6-person Lounger Spa by American Spas delivers a total body hydrotherapy experience. What deposit do I pay and when is the final balance due? For extra peace of mind look for WhatSpa? And that's part of the problem, is that acrylic spas are built to last, and they aren't biodegradable, as a wooden hot tub can be. Summer Hot Tubs says that the running cost varies depending on the temperature outside, the size of the tub and the temperature the water is … After you have pored over our jargon-busting Spa Masterclass magazine feature, start visiting showrooms armed with your new-found hot tub expertise. When you have tried all of the spas on your wet test list and chosen a preferred brand, model and retailer it is the big one…decision time! From basic features to more in-depth technical specifications, we’re aimed to guide you through the most important considerations when buying a hot tub: 1. Take a look at all the benefits of a hot tub to remind yourself of the range of wellness features you should be looking for. Don’t get bogged down by the technical specification like the number of pumps and jets, as what really matters is how they convert water flow into a massaging jet action and whether you like the feel of it or not – end of conversation! We have models to suit every need from 2 person to 7 person hot tubs. We have broken down our buying tips into three simple steps, each of which will become milestones on your route to choosing the perfect hot tub to suit your needs. Pay more than £10,000 and you tend to get a better-quality product that’s more reliable and will have a full service back up and warranty. So, if you ensure that you are buying a high quality, well manufactured hot tub, your running costs will actually be lower. Start shopping at least a couple of months before you want delivery so that you don’t narrow your options to stock spas. The company is a credit broker, and not a lender. As you go for higher seating capacity, the price goes up. Adding a silver mineral cartridge to your filter reduces the amount of chlorine needed to sanitize the hot tub. The COVID-19 lockdown in spring and summer 2020 led to a huge spike in demand for hot tubs and outdoor leisure products as families suffered travel restrictions and cancellations of […], Like a strong foundation for any decent home, it is important to ensure your new hot tub has a solid base location. We recommend that you contact your local showroom prior to your visit to check if they are operating appointment only. We purchased a hot tub from Gil at the Hottub and spa company. Filtration system used 5. If the spa has a lounge seat, check that it conforms to your body without the feeling of floating out of the seat. Credit card transactions typically cost the dealer up to two per cent of the balance in fees, so if you are paying by BACS transfer or debit card you are in a good position to negotiate. Most jets in spas are adjustable. Once they have thoroughly demonstrated all the functionality of the spa, get them to leave you to it so you can play around with all of the jets and controls to your hearts content. If you are paying by cash, cheque or debit card this is cheaper for the dealer than low rate or interest free finance, which they will probably have to subsidise, despite historically low Bank of England base rates. Some people have previously reported that using a hot tub regularly has improved their quality of life, whether that be through sleep, pain relief or stress relief. We will use as our average 1.35Kw for heating and .5 – 1.1Kw for bubbles, which seems to be what most inflatable hot tubs … So it will be a bigger outlay but cost you a lot less in the long run. and ex-display spas are often still like new by the time that you take delivery. Blue Wave Spas LTD TA The Hot Tub Superstore Trident Business Centre, Unit 4-5, Amy Johnson Way, Blackpool, FY4 2RP, Email: [email protected] Telephone: 01253 599 330, Opening Times Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm Sat: 10am-5pm Sun: 10am-4pm, National Self Build & Renovation Centre Lydiard Fields, Great Western Way, Swindon, SN5 8UB, Opening Times Tues – Sat: 10am – 5.30pm Sun: 10am – 4pm Call 01253 599 330, © All rights reserved The Hot Tub Superstore 2020. Then prepare yourself for the most fun-filled shopping experience of your life! Hot tubs are becoming more and more popular. They have been proven to really improve your mental health too, if you set half an hour aside a few times a week to relax in your tub, you’ll be surprised how much that extra bit of ‘you’ time can make you feel. It took me about 150 hours of reading to feel I'd mastered the art and science of hot tub maintenance, but I can probably teach it to you in a few hours. Number of seats – how many people will be using the hot tub at the same time on a regular basis? The one decision that every hot tub buyer will have to make is whether to purchase a spa equipped with a ‘Lounge Seat’ or to opt for an ‘All-Seater’ interior seating layout. If you can’t afford to buy a hot tub that is really expensive right off the bat, saltwater hot tubs might not be for you. As you are discussing models and wet testing your preferred brands, be aware of the product knowledge and communication skills of the showroom staff. Web Design Blackpool. We are here to help make owning a hot tub simple and easy. Hot Tub Shell – The hot tubs shell in most cases is very durable and most come with long or even lifetime warranties. The price can also increase if you do not use a cover on your hot tub, because the tub has to work harder to retain the temperature of the water. The price of hot tubs varies by a significant amount, it’s not unusual to spend thousands on a hot tub, but that’s not to say that’s your only option. Reserve your new hot tub with just £100 refundable deposit today and take delivery in February! They will service a manageable geographical area so they can respond quickly and cost-effectively to service call-outs, both within your warranty period and thereafter. The merits of each are explained from page 60 in the latest issue of WhatSpa? Retailers will have to move their showroom floor spas on at least once a year (typically between Christmas and April) to make way for newer models. homepage for a preview of this. When buying a hot it is vital that you also choose a retailer that you trust, not just pre-sale, but to ensure that they will support you for the entire lifespan of the spa which can be many years in the future. Take a look at the WhatSpa? One reason that people sometimes consider a hot tub hard work is because of the water maintenance. However the hot tub looked good and the installation team I … Q. Also check the water capacity of the hot tub in comparison to the number of seats. Last spring, even though I wasn’t looking for hot tub, I was able to acquire a previously enjoyed Softub on Facebook Marketplace at a steal of a deal.It’s the Legend Softub 220 model.Their website lists this particular model for $4,695 brand new! Owning a hot tub provides you with lots of fun, they are perfect for those summer days in the back garden. Inflatable Hot Tubs come in 3 sizes: 4-person, 6-person, and 8-person. Many people think that cleaning a hot tub requires all the water to be removed frequently, but we actually only recommend completely emptying your hot tub around 4 times a year. Congratulations! Remember the first decision you will have to make is whether to choose a ‘Lounge-seater’ or ‘All-seater’ model. Does the hot tub come equipped with an ozonator, UV system or built-in sanitiser or mineral system to help with water management? With retailers opening their doors once again, all WhatSpa? Media Group and my job is to keep you informed about the very latest hot tubs on the UK market... the best job in the world! All professional retailers will have private wet test facilities and changing rooms. That factor alone might be worth the extra money and peace of mind if you have any problems with your unit later but you are still going to pay from $8,000 to $14,000 for a basic, well-made hot tub, and if you start adding extras like stereos, extra jets, or LCD screens, the cost will increase. | Website by Complete. It boosts the sanitizer (chlorine or bromine), requiring lower amounts of them and needing to add it less often. There are ways to reduce your hot tub energy bills if they are too high. This is no time to be bashful; once you are comfortably in the water, call the showroom staff over to demonstrate the features and controls. Warranty details We recommend using … Take a look online for more information or call 01332 836860 Hot Tub sales ( Showrooms open 7 … Inflatable walls and floor are very comfortable. on 15th October 2020. Thursday - 9am to 5pm Caring for your hot tub is not as scary as it may sound, you only need to perform daily tests for a short while after installation and then your regime can be relaxed. Allow at least two hours in each showroom to give you adequate time to try as many spas as possible. Q. Always read the contract terms on order forms before you sign and ensure that you will get delivery in a timeframe that you are happy with. Take some time to research which brands are currently available in your local area before you go any further. If, like most of us, you’ve never bought a hot tub before, the process can be a little daunting at first. STRONG SPAS JETS ADJUSTABLE JET STRENGTH. Insist, if possible, on trying the actual models that you are most interested in rather than other models in the range… they all feel different! are at hand to walk you through the process and make choosing a hot tub as easy as possible. For how long, what parts are covered and are labour and call out charges covered free as well? Q. You can always trust American Spa… Ensure that you do not float out of any of the seats, particularly the lounge seat/s if the spa model has them. Remember that you will want a variety of different seating depths so that bathers can swap to a shallower or deeper seat if they feel too hot or too cold respectively. Welcome to the discerning hot tub buyers’ club! Before the hot tub installation process is conducted […]. I had never heard of this type of hot tub before, so first I did a little research on the Softub hot tub. Best Buy models. So with prices under $100, it’s worth it for many hot tub owners! Before you throw open your cheque book or melt the plastic here are some top tips to getting a great deal. Contact a member of our friendly team for more … It’s obvious that big hot tubs cost more to manufacture than small hot tubs. and visit the Find a hot tub retailer area on our website to get an up to date list of companies in your area. It is crucial that you always pay any up-front costs (at least £100) by credit card or via a consumer finance company as this affords you the protection of your credit card supplier or finance company if anything goes wrong between the point of order and delivery day. We say go for it and treat yourself, owning a hot tub is definitely worth it. Q. Approved dealers are operating safe social distancing measures within their showrooms. Read our Net Dangers feature from page 64 in the latest issue of WhatSpa? It’s possible to nearly match your hot tub … Hot tubs are great for helping you to relax and they really can brighten up any garden. Saturday - 10am to 5pm Also look out for your VIP Vouchers that are enclosed within your copy of WhatSpa? Hot tubs can be enjoyed all year round. Audio systems 6.2. These hot tubs also have the cheapest price point. When you first purchase your hot tub, your starter kit comes with everything you need to maintain the water effectively. We have seen an endless onslaught of horror stories from unsuspecting UK hot tub buyers that have taken the risk of buying online from websites that claim comparable quality to established brands at rock bottom prices. Some high-end hot tubs now offer a variety of colors for the shell and cabinet sides, which all comes down to personal preference. It is in their vested interests to offer good quality, reliable hot tubs that stand the test of time and delight their clientele. Some suppliers may offer extended warranties at a premium so again use this as a bargaining point before you commit to buy. It may be worth paying a little bit more for your hot tub to have the peace of mind of knowing that your local dealer will be there for you 10 to 20 years down the road. The lockdown of the country due to the coronavirus pandemic led to a surge in hot tub sales, due to more people spending time at home enjoying the weather. 4 Grown adults in one of these would be a tight squeeze. View our huge range of high quality, luxury hot tubs. Finally check how easy and safe it is to enter and exit the spa. With less chlorine or bromine, you’ll spend less on chemicals and have less skin irritation. If a retailer is going to the trouble of meeting the requirements to comply with these standards this is a good sign that they are professional retailers and intend to stick around in the future. Take some time to research which brands are currently available in your local area before you go any further. Would it be roomy enough in the footwell with more pairs of legs and feet as well as having enough seats? We are here to help make owning a hot tub simple and easy. If you’ve been working hard on your garden, then what better way to give your garden the ultimate wow factor than to buy yourself a new hot tub? Number of jets 3. Measuring 71” X 26” the hot tub is advertised as suitable for up to 4 people. Contact a member of our friendly team for more information and to make your next life changing purchase. Enjoy soothing contoured seating for six and a full-length lounger that delivers the ultimate body massage. Covid-19 | Showroom Closed. Although inexpensive there are still several advancements that need to be made before a soft hot tub is able to make it on this list. Is the depth of the spa suitable for your needs given the height and build of the main bathers. All they really need is a little TLC, and with that, they can do what they were meant to do; and that’s to take care of you and relax! The best deal will not come your way without some hard bargaining so here are some of our top tips to getting the right deal once you have decided on your spa model. Professional retailers should issue you with a printed pre-delivery guide (also see our preparing for a hot tub installation guide), which includes things like base preparation and electrical requirements for your particular model, and they should also arrange a mutually convenient time for a physical site visit, so they can survey your garden terrain for obstacles and plan your delivery. For larger showrooms this will typically include operating one way systems around the store and with employees practising safe social distancing with customers at all times. Water care products and parts can be ordered from our online shop here for mail order delivery. For the average person, almost certainly. Like hot tub shock, ozone is an oxidizer. Visit your local Derbyshire hot tub showroom, with the latest HotSpring hot tubs and swim spas. You want to make sure that you’re getting the best deal for Read the full article…. Number of pumps 4. Good retailers may already include such extras at their own cost… bear this in mind before trying to beat them down even further on price. A wet test is an actual trial of the hot tub in the showroom where you take your bathing costumes along and ‘try before you buy’. The 4-person is the most common. This edition is full of spa reviews as well as top tips on buying, owning and maintaining your very own hot tub. The best way to conduct a wet test is to get the showroom staff to show you how everything works whilst you are in the spa… they know all the nuances of their spas better than you do. But before you head out brandishing your credit card or cheque book, here’s our expert guide which details what to look for in a hot tub. However, they do come at a cost and they do require a strict cleaning regime, so today we’re answering the question – will a hot tub be more trouble than it’s worth? For example, you can get testing kits that test for all the chemicals you need in one go! Keeping that water warm and circulated will add a noticeable amount to your monthly energy bill. Blue Wave Spas Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in relation to credit broking. Check out our Retail Directory Supplement that comes poly wrapped with WhatSpa? Will you conduct a site survey before delivery day to ensure that the hot tub can get into my property and will you advise me about electrical supplies and base preparation? If they are not included you will probably end up buying them at a later date and paying full RRP, so now is the best time to get a package deal. Terms and conditions apply. magazine. The Cover Guy Standard 4″ – 2″ taper hot tub cover is designed to keep debris out of your hot tub while also lowering your running costs. magazine for great offers from your local WhatSpa? Wet testing will help you to check that pillows are positioned in the right place for your height and build. Our Standard foam cover is perfect for mild to moderate climates and it meets all ATSM standards for strength and safety. Con - Saltwater Hot Tubs Are More Expensive Upfront . Monday - 9am to 5pm Are the jets providing good quality massage and how adjustable are they for both power and massage type? If the model is equipped with an audio system, ask to hear the stereo system. The only way to check this is via a ‘wet test’ or ‘test soak’, conducted in private at a specialist hot tub showroom. Intex Simple Spa Inflatable Hot Tub. There is more material, more labor and therefore more cost. Try as many spas as you can in each showroom…you may be surprised to find that the spa that you expected to like best is not the one that you prefer after wet testing. It's worth considering that inflatable hot tubs often have to rely on external filters and pumps, so they won't always fit as neatly into a corner of a patio. Chlorine is the most popular sanitizer used in hot tubs because it is effective, but it can also be quite harsh, especially to those with sensitive skin. If you have already checked out our knowledge bank, why not visit our hot tub comparison website www.hottubchooser.co.uk, which catalogues every major hot tub brand and model available in the UK into a huge database for you to conveniently search at a time that suits you. Some all-seater layouts are fairly open and ‘barrier-free’ so that bathers can easily move from one seat to another, and some are more contoured for additional support with seats that include moulded arm rests in what are sometimes termed ‘Captain’s chairs’. A good rule of thumb is to choose a hot tub with 225-250 litres per bather seat. What accessories are included with the hot tub, do you include things like cover lifters, steps, spare filters and water care products? This can only be checked by wet testing and by consulting with a specialist retailer. The sale was not straightforward - pressure selling to try to get you to purchase on the day of a so called sale. How will you train me in how to take care of the water of my new hot tub? Bear in mind that when you wet test, there will probably be fewer people in the hot tub than the maximum capacity. I found it cheaper in a neighbouring county Essex/Surrey. Also check how easy it is to move from seat to seat and that there is a good variety of seating depths, not just for different heights of bathers, but also so that you can swap places with other bathers to vary your massage experience or to move from a deeper to a shallower seat if you get too hot or cold whilst in the tub. Because they are inexpensive to buy and conveniently plug into a standard U.K. socket, you can literally buy one in a box, pump it up with the … We say go for it and treat yourself, owning a hot tub is definitely worth it. How much will it cost to run this hot tub model? Purchasing a hot tub might be able to help you with those. Basic inflatable hot tubs can be bought for less than £500, with rigid designs starting at £2,500-£4,000, depending on type. They can have most any option you’d really need, and they won’t break the bank to operate. This is particularly important if you have bathers of different heights such as families with small children or couples that are very different heights and builds. Is there a defined flat step area as you get in and out of the spa, or grab handles for a sure-footed exit after a glass of your favourite tipple in the tub? The objective is to pick at least three or four of your favourite models to shortlist for a wet test – the most vital stage when looking to buy a hot tub. Friday - 9am to 5pm Before you commit to the sale think about the additional accessories that are essential to creating a practical spa environment such as steps, cover lifters, delivery, installation and commissioning, spare filters, extra supplies of water care products etc. Put simply, an ‘all-seater’ layout is a catch-all label for hot tubs that don’t have a lounge seat. Approved retailers and other industry affiliations such as BISHTA (British & Irish Spa & Hot Tub Association) membership. Approved retailer and are the brands that you sell also WhatSpa? Then, depending on the reading is what you do next, you may need to add certain chemicals to re-balance the water. You can usually pick up a cheap inflatable Hot Tub for around £300, which is a much smaller investment than a hard-shell hot tub! A Wooden Hot Tub is worth its weight in gold; they can be as big as you need them to be. Approved showrooms. Finding the ideal hot tub for you can be difficult, fortunately our magazine includes the best hot tubs available with the latest WhatSpa? Your tub won’t take up too much room in your garden and while you’re relaxing you can admire all of your hard work. For more information on our new Swindon showroom please click here. But hot tubs are luxury items that come at luxury prices, and the costs don't stop after having a hot tub installed. All that talk of pumps, jets and hydrotherapy are as exciting as they are unfamiliar at this early stage. Make sure that the spa warranty covers both parts and labour and ask the retailer if warranty calls are completely free or if you will have to pay a call-out or labour charge. Add-on including lighting, audio systems, app integration and warranty details. Fear not, our team of experts here at WhatSpa? We thoroughly recommend that you purchase your hot tub via a specialist local retailer, rather than taking your chances buying over the Internet or on online auction sites. Q. A well-designed lounge seat that suits your height and build can counteract this. “If you want to reap the benefits of lower stress levels, improved sleep and better physical and mental health, a quality hot tub is definitely for you.”. Approved? Yes, with an average price of under $600, inflatable hot tubs are worth it for people who want a hot tub and are on a tight budget. Congratulations! With a good quality filter and cover, you can easily reduce the amount of dirt in your water. So a 6-seater hot tub would have between 1,350 litres and 1,500 litres of water capacity. This is because the heat from the water in your hot tub allows the muscles in the body to relax, releasing tension, which enables you to feel more comfortable and relaxed. It is estimated that running a hot tub costs around £5 per week, this price will however increase if you purchase a low quality hot tub with a poor design and insulation. They are sometimes called things like “tub covers” or “solar blankets”. Professional spa dealerships will also offer service packages to ensure that your spa stays in tiptop condition. But, a well built hot tub shouldn’t add any more than £30-£40 max. If, for some reason, the top product doesn’t seem to suit you, here’s what you need. In line with government advise from 5th November, we are open as detailed below: Phones line OPEN 01253 599330 A hot tub cover is simply a cover that keeps your tub protected. You could easily end up spending a thousand dollars or more on a saltwater hot tub with the same features as a traditional hot tub. After your hot tub is installed your retailer will be a local source of spa water care products and will be on hand to offer invaluable tips and advice every time you pop in.