Question: I live in a small town by a large lake. Be sure & do it before August. Nell, I love these plants and haven’t tried one yet. Contact Us : +91-9871380502 ( 09.00 am to 6.00 pm ) wishlist This is the time I feed it and water it like crazy to produce new growth and a magnificent show of flowers. Others need low light. The flowering cycles tend to run every 2 months. It gets 6 hours of full sun a day. There are many varieties of bougainvilleas which grow to different heights – ground covers all the way up to 30′ tall. Within 30 days I’ve lost all of the flowers & am now losing some leaves and don’t know what to do. Thanks for any ideas. We heard many sob stories at the nursery that spring! Thank you for your advice. Also, it’s still cool where you are & they like sun & heat. They need it as they are very vigorous growers. It has been extremely hot (116 degrees at times) so I ran the drip on them every other day. Just curious since the pot will never degrade. Hi Jim – I live in Tucson & my bougainvilleas take a lot of sun & heat without wilting bur they’re in the ground. I had no idea. Nell. Some do well and others never seem to flower. Hi Laura – Established plants can withstand a hard freeze much better than younger bougies like yours.They’re native to the tropics so they don’t like those cold temps. No lack of choices regarding choosing a bougainvillea. I don’t need massive trails coming off it, just want some low maintanence color. This can be treated by spraying it with a fungicide. « An Easy To Create Succulent Vine Wreath, What To Do In A Drought With A Non-Drought Tolerant Garden ». Symptoms Symptoms of bougainvillea toxicity are a skin inflammation and rash on the body parts that were scratched by bougainvillea thorns. Bougainvillea is native to Central America, most of South America, the Caribbean Islands, Spain, parts of the United States, and many other warm climates. If you keep these “good luck” plants in just water, add some liquid fertilizer every month and avoid topping up with tap water but use filtered water or rainwater. I planted 3 different colour bouganvilla in a very sunny spot and grew them up a trellis. It was growing like crazy on my porch. It might depend on how deep your septic system is buried. It can be not so good in dry weather, requiring you to water more often. !...See More. Thanks for visiting, and good luck with your bougainvillea. ‘San Diego Red' is one of the most cold-tolerant Bougainvillea available with lipstick-red bracts. I’d check with a reputable nursery in your area & see what they recommend. Depending on the variety/species of bougainvillea you’ll be planting, you may want to rethink planting six. I don't know of anyone who grows a bougainvillea outside in Guernsey, but keeping it in a warm, dry temperature would be the goal. I was thinking voles or such were sucking the roots dry. I didn’t know I was suppose to leave Bogie in the original pot. It could be a lack of nutrients. Your bougainvillea requires mainly good rich soil with good drainage, and full sun. Where are surrounded by bougainvilleas here in Southern California but the trees are a rarity. (Not sure which zone you live in? I did plant my Bougainvillea in the ground and did not know it was best to leave in the the pot it came in . If you want, you can e-mail me at and send a photo of your plant. Should I throw them out and start over again? Thank you for sharing Jason. We’re thinking about putting some bougs (white or light pink trailing) for our slope where the ivy is dying. Answer: I have never tried, but you probably can. He does the same with pentas. I once saw them blooming profusely in San Francisco in July -- the daytime temperature there was in the mid-60s. I am so tired of replacing plants, and I have always had Boug-ies. My coffee is not overly strong, so I use it as is. I decided to move my ancient Boug, instead of buying a new spindly one, when we built our porch. Hi Kathy – Common causes for a bougainvillea not to bloom are: not enough sun, not enough heat, too much water, or too much fertilizer. I dig down in the soil around it to try and ascertain if it is damp enough. There are many better houseplants you can choose if you want flowers. Bougies do best in the sun & heat & can look at bit “funky” when the temps drop. Yes. They do, however, typically bloom twice per year: spring and fall. I had cut it back severely and now have some branches 8-10 inches long. Maria is a Master Gardener, public health educator, grant-writer, artist, photographer, editor, & proofreader. I had read that I should pinch off the tips and give it a good fertilizer and let it get to the point of looking wilted before watering again. Each have new growth shooting up from the bottom but how do I get them to pick up where they left off last year? Can I spray them with a dish soap and water mist to kill whatever this is, or is Neem Oil better? The colorful bracts will fade when spent, then will brown and drop to the ground. Should I cut the branch way back it has no other branches extending from it. I ended up taking the 3rd one out. Best bougainvilleas for pots and containers. I plucked this caterpillar off of my plant. Nell. I can’t find any info on their root system. It also grew behind the downspout, and as the tender little tendrils became thick, hardened vines, it began to loosen the downspout. Any other ideas? Is there anything I can do to get it back to orange? After the bougainvillea has finished blooming for the season, cut it back by a few inches. You didn't say what type of plant it is. For more info check this post on, The flowering cycles tend to run every 2 months. I have a wire strung across the top and the middle that I’ve attached them to. I don’t have experience with that but do know it can depend on what poison was used & how much of it. They just got worse. It’ll ultimately need a large pot over time; at least 20″. Restaurant Bougainville heet u van harte welkom, midden op de dam, in het bruisende hart van Amsterdam. Question: I have a small tree Bougainvillea. Heavy watering does not seem to help. They’re not too fussy about soil type but it must drain freely. We planted a red bougie on the slope behind our barn. The whole west wall of the huge backyard is a compilation of at least 8 multi trunk bouganvilleas along the wall. So my idea is to plant about six flowering bougainvillea plants at the base of the trunk and train them to climb up all over the tree trunk up to the top. What kind of soil should we use? Mary – If there’s green growth only, it could be too little or too much water. help!? I should mention that we have lived in this house for 15 years and this is the first year Some bougainvilleas grow very large (25’+) whereas others grow as shrubs or ground covers. It’s hard to say without knowing all the conditions. It died and was removed August 5, 2019. My bougainvillea when it was first planted. Hope that helps! I suggest waiting until it has finished blooming. I do a few lighter prunings, or trimmings, after each flowering cycle during the seasons to keep them in that shape. See tips for pruning your bougainvillea below, and be aware that, if you put it near a garden path, or near the door to your home, you will be pruning it frequently. The plant is on a trellis and is 5′ tall and just as wide. I used to live in Santa Barbara (on the coast of CA) & that would have been fine. Nell. As the weather gets cooler and cooler, be sure your bougainvillea has good drainage to prevent possible root rot from having "soggy feet". appreciate your advice! For outdoor plants, protect the plant from frost by covering new growth with a tarp and mulching the roots. Nell, Hi Cheryl – It depends on where you are. But very few of us know about the plants that should NOT be kept in … If the branches were damaged in any way, then you won’t see much if any growth. Nell, Thank you Deanna! (sorry for long post), Hi Nell, I live in Portland Oregon zone 8 and they sell them everywhere but always unsure if I want to spend the money and have it not live through the winter. Aghios Sostis - 29092 Laganas Zakynthos Greece Tel. Feng Shui says that the number of bamboo stalks has different meanings when it comes to inviting fortune. If I use your advice and leave them in the pots, will I shock them too badly if I use a saw to cut “big” holes in the bottom? I've seen it done, but it sure takes a lot of care. We dip into the upper 20s on the colder winter days with some light dusting of frost on those evenings. We want that explosion of color that only bougainvillea leaves can provide! Hi Karen – I’m not sure what size you planted, but a 1 gallon plant would grow very slowly. Good Luck Plants; Bougainvillea (Yellow) Bougainvillea (Yellow) Bougainvillea ‘Yellow’ is a relatively new variety of bougainvillea, but has already gathered a huge fan base. we are in Orange ...See More. I have 6 plants in their grow pots with the bottoms removed, in 3 wooden tubs with soil covering the pots. Well I think the Bougainvillea in one of the most beautiful plants I have ever seen. They said it was a caterpillar and not the kind that soon becomes a butterfly! You should be able to grow Bougainvillea but you might be right on the line of being too cold. My newly planted bougies have been hit by loopers. Nell. The root system could have been less developed than the others. The plant in that photo suffered severe damage but it did survive. Nell. It made handling the branches I had removed much easier. Want to take it out outside, when can i do it? Also, they love a nice, rich organic compost. Green leaves can be seen on the bottom half of the plant. Bougies flower on new growth. 1 hasn’t been supplementally watered for almost 3 years now & is blooming away like crazy despite our drought here in CA. The plant is about 6 and a half feet tall, and requires a stake for support. Yeah, if you click on my name (above, previous post) it actually links to the photos. These plants prefer a slightly acidic soil, so you may want to test the pH of the soil. It may not go dormant or even semi-dormant in your house because you most likely have the heat on. If it’s afternoon/early evening sun, they should be fine. How did you train your boug to go up and around your garage? If we don't drink all the coffee made in the mornings, I dilute it with plain water for my acid-loving plants, and pour it around them. I now live in Tucson & have pruned my bougies there. Sherika – Yes, that’s how it’s commonly done. The only thing that would knock them back is to be severely pruned & then a cold spell hits. UR total fan, George Stanley, Fresno, Ca, Hi George – You say hibiscus twice but mention “Barbara Karst”. Also behind the fence is a lot of English Ivy that has been allowed to grow ramped. © 2020 Joy Us Garden | Care, Propagation, and Pruning About | Contact | PRIVACY POLICYDesign By Viva la Violet, Mother Nature Inspired Christmas Ornaments, Love it or hate it you can’t go 2 blocks without a, If you want it to grow against a wall or fence, then angle it that way. Nell. Thanks, Nell. Quote. Well, they prefer root bound in a small pot, full sun and very little water. Nell. Enjoy your beautiful plant. How many months is considered well established? Hi, Many cultivars have come out of just a few species. At least they’re flowering, mine are too! Some varieties are better than others for pots: Sixteen months after being planted, our bougainvillea outgrew the original trellis. Do I remove my timer watering stake? The only ones I’ve seen are from a man in the Philippines doing the grafting. You never know with plants, do you?! Bougainvilleas can be pruned hard or lightly with success. Is there a way to prevent growth of these “suckers” around the base? I find them very resistant. Nell. MariaMontgomery (author) from Central Florida, USA on February 14, 2015: You would probably need to grow it in a large pot, then move it indoors in temps below 40 degrees. These guys come out only at night, but are sometimes still there in early morning. We want to mix up a great deal of colors and varieties but want a consistent growth rate so we don’t have gaps. Thank you for your prompt reply. These are of course growing up from the bottom but the bottom 4 to 5 feet of branches look fine so far, it is just the top few feet that look awful. It's the middle number in the 3 numbers on bags of fertilizer. When you watered it, was there a saucer under the pot to catch the water that ran out the drainage holes? Can you tell me if and when I can trim it back and also how much to trim. Nell. They drop their leaves in reaction to cold temps. It must have drain holes to enable the water to flow through. Thanks you. I’ve since learnt there are a few species involved i.e. Yours may or may not bloom again this year – pinching helps. Here’s some info on that: Nell. I'm just not sure shrubs would be good to plant near a bougainvillea unless you have the free-standing type that has been trained to grow as a small tree -- this type will need constant pruning and shaping, and so would any shrub planted near it. Make slits in the pots for the roots to grow out & just sink the plant. They need good drainage and full sun. Hi Nell, This plant grows well in both full sun and shade Good for making bonsai. How do I tell what is alive and what is dead? Thanks for sharing some informations about this beautiful plant. Withholding water will trigger blooming, but withholding too much will also trigger leaf loss. In the case of bougainvilleas, definitely not. Be forewarned, this gorgeous flowering vine can become quite invasive. Help! Question: I pruned back a bed of bougainvillea today at work. Appreciate your site! As a tree – gradually started taking out the other stems to get it to 1 main truck. WIB, SW Post #7015958. I’ll give you a couple of tips I’ve heard along the way: put it in a garage with exposure to sunlight & keep it on the dry side. It is growing well but is now blooming white. Im starting to see some new growth, but I have several questions: Is one plant enough for this 10 ft space? You can check this by pressing the soil down with your hands to ensure it is well packed, but not compacted. My husband's coffee, on the other hand, is very strong, so I put some water in it -- probably about 50/50. I was afraid to prune it after reading that they should never be pruned. They are in the ground and I fertilize with the right stuff, but still nothing. With this in mind, choose a spot against a warm, protected wall where you want to add a BIG splash of color. Thanks for visiting my article. I always used a spare sharp pruner to make the cuts. I’ve never done that before but if it’s the best option, go for it. Fill the hole back in & then cover with a 2-3″ layer of nice, rich compost. I’m looking for a piece at least 2 inches thick, and around 5 to 6 inches long. Nell. What are your best suggestions for how this can be handled? If the pot is too small, it could be potbound. Bougainvillea is so hardy & so vigorous that any time would most likely be fine except any extremely cold &/or hot month(s). Should I keep it in the original 1-gallon pot and cut off the bottom of that pot then set it into the larger container? Or maybe not enough sun? My question is will the Bougies overtake the ivy (which is what I’m hoping for), or will I have to abate the ivy. It is mid December in Yucatan, Mexico. 2 hardly at all, 1 moderately & the other more severely. I've met John Hazzard and he's very nice. After that, it’s best to go up on pot size. Will keep it in the pot forever, and move it back outside when the weather warms up in early spring… Thank you for any help you can give. They have a ton of information and great tips. Nell, Dear Nell – I also live in Tucson out by Old Tucson. If you want to take the branches in, you can always do it gradually. Alternatively, should I rip the whole lot out? As long as you can get your finger through to attach the stems, it’ll be fine. Any chance the brown one got too much water, maybe from a leaky roof or window in the greenhouse? Any suggestions? Is there an alternative flowering vine that you would suggest to replace the boug? Nell, Hi Aly – I loved working at Berkeley Hort & learned so much there. A breeder/grower could give you some thoghts I’m sure. Plus, bougies don’t like to be transplanted. All the terra cotta pots I have ever seen already have drainage holes. We got our bougainvillea as a gift last summer, we plant it in a very large pot with holes in the bottom. Answer: I recommend using regular potting soil. Here in Australia we only seem to be able to purchase stainless steel fittings that once drilled in to the concrete wall allows the wire to only sit out roughly 30mm, without heading down the track of expensive balustrade fittings. Above is what caterpillars did to my once-beautiful hot-pink bougainvillea. After that, it was never the same. You can try fertilizing with a food specific for bougies but don’t do it any later than mid-Sept. Nell. In the spring 2 didn’t make so I replaced them & all 5 did great THEN comes winter. Be sure to rake away any affected leaves that have fallen to the ground as rain and irrigation water will splash the spores back onto your plant, as well as onto neighboring plants. Either cold damage, which happened to mine in Tucson in mid-December or damage due to wind velocity. If you've had a really hot summer, and not enough rain, you should probably be watering more. They do well. They need for you to train & attach them. Hi Dennis – If only the top & outer shoots are drying up, it sounds like 2 things to me. Valerie Olney says: January 16, 2019 at 7:03 am I love all the good advice you have! Hello Nell, the three Bougies I am going to plant are in hard plastic 1-gallon pots. I shaped it and noticed a few red flowers from time to time. The recommended USDA zones are 9B through 11. Beds are lots of sand and landscape gravel. Nell. Answer: Just be sure it gets full sun (at least 6 hours per day) and that it has good drainage. Hi Matt – You’re welcome. Depending on what species/variety of bougie you have, some of those could be water shoots. I love Bougainvilles. I’m planning on using it in a wedding I’m decorating for in August (we live about 90 miles north of Santa Barbara ) any recommendations on keeping blooms fresh after cutting or sources on where to purchase? Nell, Hi Laura – As I said in the post, bougainvilleas are tough as can be but big babies when it comes to their roots. Nell, Hi Patrick – It sounds like a lovely house & I can understand your concern. Hi. If you want more blooms, check this post: I’ve never fertilized mine & they bloom just how I want them to. It’s a crapshoot. Regardless, you’ll need to find a method, like hooks & eyes, wire,trellis’ etc., to train it. Would you be willing to sell a cutting of yours? Hi Beverly – Bougainvillea can grow tight in a pot for a few years. I first saw them, and fell in love, too, in San Francisco. Why would the leaves start turning brown and rusty looking? It is in about a 10″ pot and was blooming when purchased but now no blooms. If you use plastic, be sure there are some drainage holes in the bottom. The leaves even though curled/stressed still have life.Difficult to pull off. Hi Sylvia – Bougainvilleas do fine in pots. You mentioned that you dilute extra coffee. You can cut the bottom off the pot & I’d put a few long slits on the sides too. Mostly, I see the vines growing up so wanted to ask if you see any problem with planting them in an upper soil bed where they grow down the wall…And, if you don’t think that works, do you know of another colorful flowering vine that might (aside from jasmine & geranium)? Answer: All the purple ones I have seen have remained purple. It seems to be helping a little, but not as much as I hoped. Freeze damage on my neighbor's bougainvillea. You can try protecting the plants & ground down below with canvas tarps if the evenings get too cold. Hi Lan – A soil mix that doesn’t contain too much peat & has excellent drainage is best. I am not sure when the blooming cycles are in your area, but no matter where you are, pruning should be done immediately after blooming. MariaMontgomery (author) from Central Florida, USA on February 13, 2015: I love them, too, BigMarble. Or did they just turn brown or yellow, and fall off? Contact Bougainvillea Hotel. Bouganvilleas are very common in this area: 8500 ft elevation, warm but not hot tropical climate right on the Equatorial line, the temps are always between 55F nights and 85 F days, and the days are always 12 hours long. It usually grows 3-4m (10-12feet) tall, occasionally up to 9m (30 feet). You don’t want to prune them if there’s any danger of frost on the horizon. That being said you should probably correct this article to say they thrive in dry climates like So-Cal OR tropical, humid states like Florida. How I Prune & Trim My Bougainvillea For Maximum Bloom. By the way, none of my other plants have been attacked by these pests. Question: Do I fertilize and cut off leaves and flowers in winter? Not spots, just areas. How much should I water right now? Hi Nell from India…I loved your blog about bougs. Question: My indoor plant is wilting. I have kept the pot near a grill which is 4 feet in height on the top floor. no root rut, drainage is good, no bugs. You can read our policies here. 14 years ago.