Peat pots work great for nettles. In 2001 I learned that lots of my animals liked to eat stinging nettles. It can be substituted for poppy seed in crackers, oatcakes, bread or sprinkled with chopped nuts into salads. It regulates mood, appetite and sleep, influences memory and learning. Thanks so much for the fabulous lesson on nettle seed gathering, the lovely pics of fellow tree huggers and fellow trees, and beautiful Dr Bach quote. Thanks for the info. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The seeds will come away and you’ll be left with the small grey-green stands like these. Their stingers can pierce through the thin fabric. Nettle seeds can be made into a tincture, macerate them in 40% ethanol or infuse them in vinegar (ratio 1:5 - seeds: liquid). Cut nettles back before they seed so they don’t spread out of control. Sieving dried seeds. As members of the mint family, these plants have square stems, toothy-edged leaves, and a spreading habit (read: they can go crazy). 2013;29(9):838-845.22585933. Some tips and tricks on how to harvest stinging nettle roots without getting bitten by the stingers can help keep you safe as you collect this potentially troublesome, yet beneficial, plant. Another macronutrient found in nettle seed called choline (a component of lecithin vital to liver function). thinking of giving them to a teenager. Make sure you wear thick gloves and long sleeves and jeans when harvesting nettle. (i.e. Crush the seeds before soaking them in liquid for 4 weeks. Choose a spot that has rich, moist soil a little ways from any other herbs. One advantage to nettle is that it is pretty hardy! J Med Food. The Veined Nettle is mainly for decoration purposes only. These days, when picking nettle seed, I pick stalks in seed. Posted in Autumn, Herbs, Nettle, Spring, Summer, Wildcrafting | 38 Comments, Thank you so much. References for this article can be supplied on request. (7) Collection restrictions or guidelines. In Europe it was used to restore libido and sexual energy, and the pressed oil burned in Egyptian lamps. Acetylcholine disruption may be a primary cause of depression. Stinging nettle, one of the earliest wild perennial greens, announces the arrival of spring. They are so abundant right now and so helpful during these busy periods that it was a real pleasure to get out gathering them. Plants growing in the shade produce approximately 500 to 5,000 seeds per shoot and plants growing in full sunlight produce 10,000 to 20,000 seeds per shoot. Common name. Many people have tried nettle and wild garlic soup - a foraging classic - and nettle leaf tea is widely available. The Seed Collection is an Australian owned and operated business based in Ferntree Gully, Victoria. Stinging Nettle Seeds – Treasure of Protein Source, crispy Snack from Germany , 0.7oz, The spicy-nutty-tasting nettle seeds are pure natural vital boosters! Germination should occur by about 14 days. You can chew up to 20 grams a day but many people find that just a teaspoonful is all they need. Don’t try adding them to juices though as they float and are hard to drink! Enjoy this wonderful time of year. Research herbalist & forager. In the bucket, chop the nettle into smaller pieces. Harvest with gloves or with your bare hand and a firm grip. Change ). After hanging the stems to allow the insects to escape, cut off the small strands of seeds and allow to air dry or use a dehydrator like this one. photo ©Kari Diehl, licensed to Wow, nettles are so amazing and just keep giving. ( Log Out /  Drying nettle seed in the dehydrator. Collect the green seeds rather than the brown or black. If you have experienced the pain of a Stinging Nettle plant, wisdom would tell you to avoid it. In its most basic form a tincture is just an alcoholic extract. We are located in Mansfield, Mo. That way, all the extra proteins, nevermind 6, 8 or no legs, can escape - downwards. 27. For some of the more unfortunate who have gout. They were at the “ripening into seeds” stage. Or just cut back half the patch and you’ll have both! They must be steamed or blanched in boiling water first to dispel the sting, but after that you can eat them like any green. You can use this method for planting too. anyone tyr to grow baby nettles this time of year from seed in the green house..think ill try it…mabe have some tender greens before summer is over. Nettle seed are so packed with nutrients that one teaspoon a day is enough. Later, as summer starts to warm up, the nettles begin to flower at which time they are no longer good for eating. we just harvested a lot of nettle seed and are now dehydrating them in our NESCO dehydrator. Acetylcholine binds to the mood receptors in our brains. The effect of stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) seed oil on experimental colitis in rats. Stinging nettle produces abundant seed. I’m glad that I have more nettle. I passed a lovely afternoon recently in harvesting my first nettle seeds of the year. by Monica Wilde MSc FLS Victor Hugo in Les Miserables confirmed that “the seed of the nettle mingled with fodder imparts a gloss to the coats of animals” and the seeds were once used to fatten up fowl. Commonly called dead nettles because their leaves resemble stinging nettles with no ability to sting, this near-evergreen plant (in mild climates) is a low creeper; some cultivars become randomly mounded. Learn more about the health benefits of stinging nettle and how to get them. You probably still have time to cut some back and harvest the fresh growth if not, depending on when your winter starts there. After hanging the stems to allow the insects to escape, cut off the small strands of seeds and allow to air dry or use a dehydrator like this one.