Furthermore, concrete planks for masonry steps have become increasingly utilized. ... 6 rise precast step unit. Concrete stairs and walkways can chip and wear away over time. Whenever necessary, we bring the pad back to level and allow for a slight slope from the home or building so all water can run away from the structure. When you finish packing the soil, the dirt should remind you of a hard dirt road surface or hard clay. Screw 2 in × 4 in (5.1 cm × 10.2 cm) planks into the form and fasten them to the ground with wooden stakes to prevent... Space your stringers to be approximately the planned width of your stairs apart. The dirt needs to be packed very tightly in order to support the weight of the concrete steps. These look amazing in your landscape and they are so easy! Other products. Then see how to lay a new paver walkway. After … Selecting Precast Concrete Steps: Precast concrete steps can be faced with brick and come with either 7 or 7.5 inch risers can be “stacked” in unlimited combinations and placed side by side if a wider tread be desired. out from the old face of the step. BUILDING THE FORMS for the concrete stairs. - They can either have a nice clean white or grey finish. Each step was almost 4'x4' which took about 6-9 bags (60lb bags) per step. Septic Tanks - Lift Stations - Manholes Catch Basins - Curbing Barriers - Well Tile Box Culverts Boat Ramps. Excavating. Also, you need to choose a design that fits with you measurements. When mixing concrete, always wear proper safety equipment (rubber gloves and a particle mask). The form assembly was done using wood screws, but the catch was putting in the screws in locations the could be accessible after a pour, to make removal easy. We can help you adorn your outdoor area with beautiful precast concrete products, such as elegant steps, patio stones, and curbs. SATURDAY Install and grout the veneer stones (Steps 6-13). Now place the mold on a plywood base board for the remaining steps. DIY Concrete Steps Options for Front Walkway and Steps. 8 rise precast porch unit. Before they deteriorate, they start to rock owing to settlement. They can help you get to your front door or patio. So, we decided to find a way to cover the concrete steps with wood. Non-Hearth Forums . All precast steps are rebar reinforced and they are designed for residential and commercial structures. The steps, because concrete has to be pristine and moisture-free for paint to adhere. Cost $ $ Skill Level Start to Finish 2 Days. We did this our our California winter break, so temps were 40-50, which slowed drying times. Mix the concrete vinyl patch product, which is made of vinyl resin, sand and cement. 930 Dunmore Street Throop, PA 18512 Visit Us 800-775-1479 Toll Free 570-347-5125 Call Us Email Us. We had previous experience casting our concrete countertops so this project was definitely easier, but still involved a lot of sweat and patience. Contact us today to get started! Place them so the top slips exactly under the door sill, and the base rests on the precast concrete slab you set in place. Mix the concrete and bring it to the site in wheelbarrow loads. The precast concrete outside steps are made by pouring and casting liquid concrete in a reusable mold off-site. Pouring concrete steps is a job for the DIY homeowner. The design really depends on the type of material you're using, the gradient and the length of the slope. In addition, you have to determine the step tread. After the concrete is hard, the mold is stripped off to reveal the precast steps. However, check with your local building-permit and code office to ensure the steps you plan to install meet building codes for your area. Home; About; Services. of Building Steps! 3 Tread 7” Rise Step Unit #10037 *Rail # 11037SR. Concrete steps are delivered to the jobsite when they are needed and are ready to install on arrival, eliminating the need to build temporary steps. I want to retouch the exterior concrete front entrance steps, which are str... Any ideas for a simple, safe remedy for this "false step" outside my slider... Hello - I have a concrete step going off my side door. A precast set of stairs between 3 and 15 steps costs between $300 and $2,000 to purchase. We welcome your comments and More information Building stairs or steps of precast concrete for your house has many advantages since it is less time-consuming and is not a laborious task as compared to building concrete steps from scratch. Precast Concrete Steps. Mar 9, 2016 - How to Make Concrete Steps for Under 30$! 7 rise precast porch unit. problems contact webmaster@doityourself.com. If you want to construct garden steps that are built into an earth slope, you can use a whole range of materials - from bricks to concrete slabs, timber to gravel, and concrete to large flat stones. Before. Preformed concrete steps allow builders to install steps without creating precision molds. After the concrete is hard, the mold is stripped off to reveal the precast steps.