The client is a provider of healthcare industry’s most comprehensive suite of personal behavioral health & wellness services in the US. Expect to work with highly skilled engineers. The project involved maintenance/ enhancements of an end-to-end solution for logistics data management. This mobile/ web application, helps doctors view/ update billing information of patients under their care. We focus on developing customer solutions and applications for our clients using the latest mobile, web, analytics, and cloud technologies. They could improve their graphic design and depiction of data sets graphically. As we realized that we weren’t accomplishing our goals with our initial vendor, we started to do a deep dive into further documentation. Everything indicates that we will be on time or slightly delayed, even given the current circumstances with COVID. The original schedule had us finishing sooner. The solution is accessible from mobile (iOS & Android) and web platforms and complies with HIPAA standards. The solution is designed to maximize field productivity by enabling field personnel collect data over mobile phone. The client was established in 1946 near Northern Italy with a focus on childcare products. There’s no need for any double entry in the ERP system. Be clear about what you want, and have effective project management on both sides. We focus on patients that are often written off by medical professionals, hoping to give them the technology they need to live with less stress. The company has offices/ direct presence in the United States, India, Australia, Germany, Switzerland and Netherlands. Previously it was all done on a Google Doc that everyone could see and edit, so there were a lot of mistakes. The computer guided solutions offered by the client provide video based interactive programs that allow users to interact with a virtual therapist. What challenge were you trying to address with Experion Technologies? Since they wanted to appease us, they went along with it. We are rolling out project management tools on a weekly basis. I’m a global manager for ASK Chemicals, a foundry consumable provider. They produce more results, work harder, and have more expertise than our previous partner. We primarily communicate through email and Zoom. To develop the portal, we leveraged them for user experience, web development, QA and software testing, and more. It helps avoid bottlenecks by ensuring everything is right before we move on. Configured and set up the DevOps environment and the related tools, Provided documentation related to DevOps setup and training & assisted the client’s IT team. We talk once or twice per week, depending on need and complexity. When we began the project, my company lacked detailed requirements and were not as prescriptive as we should have been. We mainly use Basecamp and Asana. They used a derivative of Java. Even before beginning their work, the team visited the business' offices to get a better understanding of the goals and the product. We got started on some smaller things to see how things would work out. Developed a mobile optimized web application aimed at providing an online platform for location based listing for local utilities businesses. As long as our specs were clearly documented, there weren’t issues. But, again, it's on us; we put a lot of pressure on them because we had other commitments. They launched the first version in August 2019. Their communication skills are very strong. We focus on serving the Enterprise, ISV, and Startup segments across the Retail, Transportation, … Based on that, they can modify your product in such a way it can satisfy your requirements. The application was developed using responsive web design for ease of access from desktop, tablet or mobile devices. The smart sensor driven application (Internet of Things – IoT based) is used in a wide variety of scenarios such as vehicle tracking, water metering, environmental monitoring, irrigation control, security and surveillance which require high precision monitoring. The nature of our industry means that our team doesn’t like filling out paperwork, so we’ve seen a lot of improvements in terms of getting the information together and processing payroll. Experion has been listed among the ‘Top Development Partner’ by Clutch for the year 2020. We needed a company to develop custom software for us to automate our processes. If I were to go through the process again, I would’ve put more detail and thought into it. Developed a web and mobile (iOS & Android) based solution which acts as an online platform connecting private security providers, Enterprises and law enforcement agencies. Plus, they have an Android device with them. We started working together in January 2019 and the work is ongoing. The latest rating puts Experion among some of the best companies on Clutch’s platform. I’m the owner and broker of a residential real estate brokerage specializing in leasing and management services. They use the Atlassian toolkit to organize and deliver within sprints. Then they started taking the master files and started to build the product. This is an iPad based application used by federal authorities to capture incident reports from the field. If it’s possible, I’d suggest visiting their office in India. Some of the technologies they’ve been using include React Native, .NET, and Power BI. Do your due diligence, but I highly recommend them. With over 300 customers across 32 countries, Experion uses the power of Mobile, Web, Analytics, Cloud, and Digital technologies to unlock the potential of businesses across verticals. Developed a field sensor data analytics dashboard , which helps in preventive maintenance & real time management of industrial equipments. The solution is an online marketplace for renting cars from multiple local franchise car dealerships. They do well with meeting deadlines, and they are responsive. They are more than willing to go the extra mile to make our partnership work. Furthermore, they flew the project manager out to meet our team and review the application. We do a lot of work in the field, so we were looking for software that would allow our team to track their payroll time while out in the field and process and fill out paperwork for work orders from their phones. Their project management is effective, and they are willing to address any issues that arise. So far, the results are similar to what we would get if we used Excel. The solution provides an easier and more effective way for patients and caregivers to communicate to each other (hospital staff, home healthcare agencies etc.) Dallas – Here at Experion Technologies, we know it can be difficult for a new business to juggle efficient product development by keeping your operations as smooth as possible. Widgets for slow-moving items, mystery shopper inputs, competitor price information. Now all things are automated. The solution leverages IoT, cloud and blockchain technologies to monitor, control and connect all aspects of modern day farming and supply chain. during the post hospitalization time period. The data is sent to backend system for advanced analytics and active sales management. The application is a touch ready, Windows desktop/ tablet version of its hospitality inventory management product. We interviewed a few firms, one of which had used their services on projects in the past. We felt like they were an extended part of our team. Experion Technologies has been ranked as one among the Top Retail Mobile App developers in 2018. Despite COVID, they’ve stayed on track. Focus on the details when you’re going through the discovery phase. An Inc 5000 fastest-growing company for three years straight! The solution is designed to help cruise ship operators efficiently carry out any kind of inspection or audit onboard their vessels. Since this isn’t our area expertise, having them guide us has been great. Below is an edited The project comprises 15 sprints. Their project managers communicate effectively and properly set and maintain expectations. The users can also opt to receive invites & promotions from interested businesses and save deals that give savings at local bars, restaurants, etc. The project involved re-developing an Electronic Health Records (EHR) system in .NET technology. The client is a healthcare technology company specialized in providing innovative digital solutions in the neuroscience domain. “We believe we will use them for updates in the years to come.”. The system generates various reports to track production and allows easy comparison of data from previous years. Custom Web Dev for Behavioral Healthcare Services Company, Knowledge Sharing Platform Dev for Mental Health Collab, Payroll Management Software Dev for Landscaping Company, Web & Custom Web App Dev for Fintech Strategies Firm, Custom Software Development for Real Estate Brokerage, Custom Software Dev for Insurance Adjusting Services Firm, Custom Software Dev for Food Product Trading Company, Agile Dev for Digital Health Services Platform, Order Management Portal for Pharmaceutical Firm, Microsoft CRM Dev for Global Foundry Consumable Provider, Test Automation Services (Web, Mobile, and API). Experion Technologies is a software product and application services company. They started with a discovery phase and worked in sprints to deliver the solution. Their project management skills are exceptional; they created a project roadmap and their documentation is fantastic. We use a combination of different dev tools to track user stories and project progress. When we sell a job, it tracks our material usage and how much those materials cost so that we can send those to the customer. As a result, all the people that I work with are all on the same page, which makes it very easy to work effectively and efficiently with them. They deliver quite well and the services are great. The client is a technology start-up that offers digital solutions to the transportation industry. Sometimes, deliverables weren’t completed by the intended deadline.   |   With its expansive feature set FieldMax® was the only product which was able to align itself to the clients established internal processes seamlessly. They provide real-time business intelligence, rate shopping, channel management, online distribution and reservation delivery capabilities. Members can post, share information from events, do webinars, read our monthly newsletter, and more. There was a language barrier in the beginning, but communication is more effective now. Today it has a turnover of $100 million with the distribution rights of some of the most popular brands in the world. Experion Technologies developed a WordPress website and custom web app to help financial advisors compare their clients’ portfolios. After a successful discovery phase, we engage them to build out our MVP. That’s why we’re here to help! They continue to provide support. The team put a lot of detail into their discovery phase and quotes, which impressed us. Dashboards for tracking of stock movement, service levels, popular items. The system is also designed to support future business scenarios/growth using configurable business parameters. We needed help building a system to share knowledge between the members of the organization. Participating businesses can create offers/ deals through a web interface which the end users can access through the mobile application. We went through several trials before we came up with the final decision to go with them. Likewise, the team is agile when making any tweaks. We were able to finish it on time. Unlike others, they’re responsive and always available when we need help. gtag('js', new Date()); As part of their digital transformation strategy, the client introduced FieldMax®. There hasn’t been an instance where something cost me more than they told me. It allows users to compare their clients’ portfolios to predetermine benchmarks. Experion Technologies developed a custom digital platform in Drupal. We communicate via JIRA, Confluence, Zoom, Skype, and GoToMeeting. The team has diverse skills among them, and they bring the right resources into play. We’re developing a property leasing and management software for the real estate industry. Their attention to detail and communication have been superb. The solution eliminates paper based data capture, and allows inspectors fill in incident forms directly from the field, capture images/ videos and automatically track geo coordinates. Experion’s success decoded. Option for end users to search availability of van pool based on a given location, date & time, Provision to propose a new pool or express interest to join an existing pool, Passengers can  to subscribe an existing pool and make payments using the application, Provision to generate pool history report of the passenger. The application enables drivers of Freight and Logistics companies to pick up and deliver items to multiple locations. The portal is an important feature, since 98% of our orders come in through it. I manage marketing and communications in the Americas and our enterprise mobile applications. Customers can place an order in real-time, while our sales team is provided with a print. Patient fitness and activity levels are closely monitored using activity sensing capabilities. We started working together around January 2018, and our engagement is ongoing. They do maintenance and upgrades. Project management is spot-on. We just guided them with what facilities we were requiring and they did the development accordingly. Experion developed a mobile application that enables pet owners to explore available veterinary care services & book appointments based on parameters such as specialty, location, and availability. We work with organizations across the US, answering their phones and providing 24/7 crisis access to suicide prevention hotlines. The scope of work also included designing an intuitive UI and making key enhancements to the web application. Using Drupal, Experion Technologies developed a custom digital member-based platform that allows users to share mental health knowledge. They developed a fairly complicated, custom web app that provides quantitative analysis for financial advisers. The solution consolidates an existing iOS app for laptops, iPhones, and iPads. Have a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish before moving forward in any capacity. They captured our vision with their passion and spirit for our goals. The project involved development of a HIPAA, HiTrust and DiCom compliant solution that facilitates consultation between healthcare professionals and patients or specialists in a much more efficient and streamlined manner. I broadened my scope because no one had landscaping listed, so I looked a those that served construction clients. My experience with them has exceeded my expectations, to be honest. There were no project management tools but they had a workflow in the beginning when we made the contract with them. The team works late nights to address all problems and deliver quality solutions. Experion Technologies built and launched a custom portal for an Infor SyteLine cloud-hosted ERP solution. The current version launched in May 2020. Experion developed a cross platform mobile application for the client which helped manage its home delivery process. The project involved providing consulting services to the client to streamline the development and deployment of the client’s upcoming fitness platform and services. They are currently adding enhancements. It’s being hosted by AWS. After coming across Experion Technologies, we spoke to them and they were able to move very quickly. The client is one of Australia’s leading public healthcare providers. The project is finished but they offer support to us. They’ve been great to work with. A Clutch analyst personally interviewed this client over the phone. I’m the director of information technology for a telephonic behavior health services provider. The client realized that to remain competitive it is important for it to adopt, simplify and streamline their current processes, eliminate redundant processes and automate repeat actions. The solution provides assistance during their post hospitalization and rehabilitation period. Experion Technologies also made the portal profile-based, so different users see a different interface when they log in. Overall, the team has been very good at being diligent in their deliverables. The application is a location based social network that helps users discover like minded people and shared interests. This is a messaging platform developed for a healthcare technology company. The application allows revenue managers to access and manage hotel inventory distributed through different channels. “They’re an excellent company. Additionally, we’ve had quarterly in-person meetings where we reflect on the previous quarter, where we can improve, and what we can do better. Experion Technologies missed the mark on the first version but ultimately delivered an appealing second version that was met with a positive response from key stakeholders and board members. They developed a retail product for us. Our engagement is ongoing. I went there in February, and I think it was extremely valuable to meet them in person and see their operations. The client is a Healthcare Management & Technology Company based out of Texas in the United States. Visually appealing and functionally rich interface for investors, Secure site for searching and investing in real estate properties, Comprehensive admin console for management of listed properties, Integration with Wealth Forge for payment initiation, Quick delivery enabled the client to launch the portal in a time-bound manner, Gathering and organizing key business and legal points into one, centralized system to produce meaningful metrics, The application securely captures all the necessary data points and classifications, Provides detailed project visualization and tracks data on the go. It’s made a lot of things easier around here. We started working together in June 2018 and the partnership is ongoing. A Clutch analyst personally interviewed this This an iOS (iPhone & iPad) application developed for a leading B2C marketing platform provider. The system provides insight for production planning, genetic performance, fish species performance, operation efficiency and environmental factors that affects fish production system. Experion has been ranked by Clutch as among the top B2B software development companies in India and the world. The solution serves as an improved communication channel between ordering parties and customer support. Proper identification of potential acquisition properties and completion of the exchange. Experion Technologies among Top 1% custom software companies in the world. We plan to go through phases two and three of the project, and there’ no question that we’ll do it with Experion Technologies. The application also allows the users to keep track of the medication schedules and get timely notifications and reminders. The client is specialized in healthcare and is based out of Melbourne, Australia,  The company enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of primary healthcare services through the solutions they offer, and improves the coordination of patient care. The objective was to streamline delivery scheduling, improve order-to-delivery times and to introduce a point-based system to incentivize the delivery team. We found Experion Technologies on Clutch. Although I was skeptical at the beginning, they’ve proved their engineering prowess. Looking at the local market, we were also named within the top 2 software developers in India. We’ve spent around $300,000 on their work. We conducted interviews and reviewed their samples of work. We have them on retainer. Those factors were our primary reasons for hiring them. We wanted security in our data, the ability to obtain all the data at any given moment, and the ability to accurately obtain that information. I wasn’t satisfied with the first version. We have received iterations back from them that should be ready to go into production but instead have slight errors or don’t quite match the requirements that we felt were clear. We looked at other companies for the same sort of software but we liked that Experion Technologies had very good business intelligence tools incorporated into this project. The client sales team used a fleet of vans (Frozen, Mixed and Dry) to service the operations of their cash and carry division. Experion Technologies is doing customized web dev, taking over work when the previous partner failed to deliver. The project involved development of an on-demand, real-time, mobile marketplace to connect hiring managers with a prequalified and location based employee prospects. From there, they presented us with a clickable prototype that we were able to use in demonstrations with potential customers and investors. The platform also allows owners to keep track of their pet’s grooming, vaccination schedule, etc. This iOS and Android based application helps fitness enthusiasts and defense services aspirants/ serving officers to assess their fitness level and take the application guided training program to improve fitness levels. I give them an A+ on the documentation and scheduling. We found Experion Technologies on Clutch. My team has addressed this issue twice, and we’re still not fully satisfied with QA. They might be able to have a little more creativity in their graphic design, such as when they’re doing UIs. They also helped set up all of our servers for testing and production. There is one main project lead and an additional four people. They completed and launched the portal and now provide ongoing support. Using that, they can take the orders and if they want to collect the money from the customer, they can do that also. | Experion Technologies is focused on building digital software solutions and products for mid-sized enterprises as well as early stage companies. But I’m in contact with everyone on their team. “They produce more results, work harder, and have more expertise than our previous partner.”. "The team has accomplished  what other developers thought would be difficult.". Experion Technologies is developing custom property leasing and management software for a residential real estate brokerage. They have customization for each and every industry sector. The solution helps business users to create offers and end consumers can access the offers based on their location/ set preferences using the mobile app. We also use Jira. The application enables the property managers to advertise the rental property and handle tenant inquiries. client over the phone. The client, with over 30 years of experience is one of Australia’s premium retail solutions provider. Their success bodes well for a continued relationship. Experion Technologies provides high-quality work. They use Basecamp to organize sprints and communicate. Their processes made it very easy to continue forward without delays. Overall, that wasn’t the norm. The Microsoft version is still in development with weekly rollouts. Everything is automated now. The solution is built around the fitness tracking capabilities of mobile phones and a unique wearable device being developed by the client. However, the team has been very good about addressing those issues with very little downtime. The solution allows enhanced and quick access to patient details saving time and stress involved. Customers can expect an engaged and reliable offshore partner. We partnered in June 2018, and the work is ongoing. They work on numerous projects, including cost reduction within the app and feature updates. They had both the economy of scale and skill set we wanted, so we hired them. One of their VPs and co-founders functioned as our main point of contact. Experion Technologies offers high levels of expertise for an incredibly competitive price. The team is also responsible for other applications, and they’ve used React Native, .NET, and Power BI among others. The system automated sales, making them easier to track. Part of that is the limitations of Tableau which is the tool that we chose to render all the graphics and process all the numbers. Experion Technologies developed a payroll management solution that allows the internal team to document their work hours. Inspections defined using pre-configured questions and assigned to inspectors, Allows the inspector to take notes and photos as part of an inspection, Option to track incomplete inspections and capture inspector signature, Capability to function offline; syncs data when connectivity is restored, Application reengineered from older OData framework to cloud based Azure. Detailed rental reports and payment gateway integrations. I’m the president and COO of an independent insurance adjusting firm. If there is a match based on search parameters, the user need to pay only half the fare for the shared ride. They provided us with wireframes for various user personas that would be engaging with our platform. The application has track and trace capabiliteis that helps stakeholders in the supply chain know the exact location of the consignment and get timely updates on shipments, delivery timelines among other details. It also creates models to help them slot their clients in the right mix of holdings, tickers, and risk tolerances, to help them reach their financial goals, like retirement savings. As you increase the scope, the number of resources on their end will also increase. When all is said and done, we will probably spend over $1 million. Location based features help users discover local trending areas, places of interest and business recommendations. They hold very fast and tight to their process. 1146 19th Street, NW When we really need to get something done and the time zone difference is making that difficult, Experion Technologies sends one or two resources to work in-person with our team for an extended period of time. They could work on estimating timelines with greater accuracy. Conducted a detailed study of the proposed architecture and the product/ solution road map in collaboration with the client’s IT, team, Recommended a set of tools/ frameworks to be integrated into the DevOps environment to be followed by all participating organizations. Based out of the United States, the client is a leading software provider for the worldwide cruise and travel industry. The new system will be used by clinics and small & medium sized hospitals. Currently, the solution is still an iOS app while the Microsoft version is still in production. I started looking at companies and narrowed it down by the specific industry. The teams interact via Basecamp. Participating businesses will have access to a web based interface through which deals and promotions can be managed and pushed to the mobile application. We’ve used Basecamp for project management, as well as another tool where we can see the description of each feature of the app. We provided our API for the quotation, which Experion Technologies used to create the estimate. Experion Technologies was our top choice based on their reasonable prices and development approach. "Their project managers communicate effectively and properly set and maintain expectations.". The app also functions as a digitized product catalog and provides latest product information, images, videos and pricing details to users. They can check upcoming events, news and offers and access contact information & directions to locate the gaming facility. That’s why we’re here to help! The client is an industry leading provider of ecommerce solutions to fleet operators in the transportation industry. We’ve spent about $150,000 so far, and that will reach $500,000 before this MVP product is done. The team has fluctuated over time, but on average there have been about 17–25 teammates working on the project. The platform comprises of web applications for managing user wallets, user accounts and all other required operations along with an admin panel for performing various tasks and generating reports. Earlier, Experion was also ranked by Clutch as one among the Top Software development Companies across the world. It is a major teaching hospital for tertiary health care with a reputation in clinical research. Buyers also have the option to save auction searches and watch lists. My company uses an Infor SyteLine cloud-hosted ERP solution that came with an inadequate user portal. We had a hardware footprint problem. If we didn’t spec things out specifically how we wanted it, we’d often have to rework some aspects of their work. My team works with 7–8 people from their team. Easy consolidation of data from multiple sales regions, Standardization of reports for effective analysis of sales performance, Improved visibility and control over sales operations across regions, Better consolidation of data across multiple applications/ platforms. I don’t have metrics to speak to the quality of their work yet. Experion Technologies is developing a CRM-based enterprise application for Microsoft laptops and tablets. Expecting an increased competition from established players in the market, the client wanted to adopt sales force automation tools, for the required agility and speed to operate in these markets. Their team is about 15 people, including a project manager, Azure experts, .NET engineers, and higher-level roles.