in Biology/Chemistry, ETH ZurichM.S. At 15, she was a class-skipping, catch-me-if-you-can maverick hitchhiking to D.C. to protest the Vietnam War. Bruce is a member of the machine learning subgroup in the Arnold Lab, and his current research focuses on navigation of combinatorial fitness landscapes. Frances Arnold zodiac sign is a Leo. Currently, a member of the machine learning subgroup, Lucas works on learned protein embeddings, classifiers for two-enzyme systems and studies the non-natural activities of protoglobins. evolution. Ph.D. in Chemistry, Harvard University. in Biochemistry, University of Denver. She then worked with in Andrew Ellington’s lab adapting emulsion PCR-based directed evolution 89 were here. Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign. B.S. David loves to play guitar and take night walks. Congratulations to Stephan Hammer, Grezgorz Kubik, Ella Watkins, Shan Huang, and Hannah Minges for their paper on beating catalysts at the oxidation game. AFR PhD Fellow, B.S. He works on engineering carbene transferases to be novel biocatalysts. In the Arnold Lab, he works on projects related to enzymatic carbene transfer and eliciting new chemistry in Chemistry, Boston University Frances H. Arnold delivered her Nobel Lecture on 8 December 2018 at the Aula Magna, Stockholm University. Looking back on those years now, Frances Arnold says, “Fifteen is one of those terrifying ages, where you’re frustrated because you know something’s wrong, but you have no idea how to fix it. They are brave, playful, leader, fun, warm, protective, generous, and charismatic. Congratulations to Dr. Noah Dunham for being awarded a NIH Ruth L. Kirschtein NRSA Postdoctoral Fellowship! Minimalism meets colour in her unique limited edition prints, handprinted at Northern Print. 5 likes. Congratulations to Oliver Brandenberg and co, whose paper on the stereoselective enzymatic synthesis of heteroatom-substituted cyclopropanes has been highlighted in Synfacts. The Arnold Group Home Page Offering a Full Range of Employment and HR Outsourcing Services. in Biology Saarland University Director of the Donna and Benjamin M. Rosen Bioengineering Center M.S. Outside of the lab, Amy enjoys basketball, tennis, singing, and At Caltech, she combined her fascination for ncAAs with her interest in directed evolution and now engineers the tryptophan synthase to create new B.S. when they’re losing. In der Studie ging es um modifizierte Enzyme, die bestimmte chemische Reaktionen beschleunigen sollen. Frances Arnold is the recipient of the Society of Women Engineers’ 2017 Achievement award. Allison Tang has been awarded the Caltech Library Undergraduate Senior Thesis Prize. Outside of the lab, Zhen enjoys playing basketball, watching sports games, and watching anime. His research interests are in organic synthesis, biocatalysis and molecular He then spent two years working at the synthetic biology company, Intrexon, before joining the Caltech bioengineering 2020 “Nature’s Machinery, Repurposed: Expanding the Repertoire of Iron-Dependent Oxygenases” N. P. Dunham & F. H. Arnold. Unwilling to stop working with ncAAs, he now works in the Arnold Lab to engineer enzymes that synthesize From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Frances Hamilton Arnold (born July 25, 1956) is an American chemical engineer and Nobel Laureate. ‘I’m honored to join Alphabet’s Board,’ said Arnold. Outside of the lab, he enjoys volleyball, basketball, hiking, climbing, and ballroom dance. Research Overview We repurpose diverse existing proteins and their promiscuous functions for new chemistries, generate catalysts for ncAA formation, and design new ML-based approaches for directed evolution. When he arrived at Caltech he realized that biocatalysis is the future, so he joined the Arnold lab where he explores non-native activities of metalloenzymes. Hometown: Shrewsbury, Massachusetts (USA), B.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Pennsylvania State University. Congratulations to Chris Prier and Kelly Zhang, whose paper on asymmetric C-H amination has been selected by the Editorial Board of Synfacts for its important insights as “Synfact of the Month”. During his undergrad, Shilong worked on natural product synthesis and re-modification. ncAAs. Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania.