Each financial year, the holder of a firearm licence issued for security guard or prison guard purposes must re-qualify at an approved industry specific firearms training course. Visitor Permits / Special Events. Private Security Act 2004 Victoria . Once registered for eServices you can log into the eServices Licensing portal and choose the application form you are going to complete. In Victoria, a security equipment installer is a person who is employed or retained to install, repair, service or maintain security equipment. Once you have all supporting documentation required, the printed application and evidence of your Certificate IV in Security Risk management or evidence of your membership to an approved Security Industry Organisation (In this case VSI- Victorian Security Institute) Post all documents to: Licencing and Regulations Division GPO Box 2807 Melbourne Vic 3001. Licence fees. It is only then that your application may be approved. The form will have instruction pages included which lists any additional documentation required to add the category requested. If you are currently or have previously been insolvent or under administration (in relation to a business); or have been declared bankrupt within the preceding 5 years as per Section 26 (2) (g) and (h) of the Private Security Act 2004, the Chief Commissioner must refuse to grant a Private Security Business Licence. You will need to arrange to have a full set of fingerprints taken. Each of the above activities has a number of different sub-categories. Individual licence or registration holders wanting to add a new private security activity must complete and submit an Application to Vary form with the renewal application paperwork. Victoria Police are understood to be working to locate the man - sources say he has fled the country. Mutual Recognition recognises a person's occupational licensing in another State, Territory or New Zealand. To ensure the safety of all Victorians, there are minimum standards that all applicants for a Registration are required to meet before they are eligible to perform work within the private security. About private security There are a number of activities and security guard sub-activities you can perform when applying for a private security individual or business licence … Verify a Security Licence. Security Guards can also respond and monitor alarms installed on the property of another person.” The definition encompasses in-house security … You will need this for your application. These requirements are outlined in the relevant form. The Victorian Government acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the Traditional Custodians of the land and acknowledges and pays respect to their Elders, past and present. Enrol and Complete the required course through a registered training organisation. Standard operating procedures and/or detailed information covering the following: type and number of dogs, selection, training, kennelling, registration, veterinary care, transportation and record keeping of dogs, staff training, use of force policies, procedures and record keeping of security staff, on-going testing of the handler and the dog to ensure public safety. For private security business licence applicants, Fingerprints, references, certified documents and medical history, Prejudice and racial and religious vilification, National police record checks and fingerprinting, Police Assistance Line and Online Reporting, acting as a security guard (and sub-activities), Detailed resume or certificate from an approved training course, security adviser (employed or retained to provide advice in relation to security equipment or security methods or principles). A copy of the relevant 'Statement of Results' must be provided for any licence activity/sub-activity. To be eligible for a private security licence in the State of Victoria, you must: Be 18 years or over; Be a resident of Australia or be the holder of a current visa (with relevant work rights) Be subject to a National Police Check which requires the taking of your fingerprints* Not be a prohibited person; Be a fit and proper person. All licence holders have a common qualification expiry date of 30 June each year. Private Security Business Licence - Victoria. Depending on whether the application was a Business licence application for Sole Trader or Body corporate, or a Business Registration application for a sole trader or Body corporate will depend on the amount you will need to pay. Read more on private security activities . state the intention to apply for a business licence; be forwarded to Victoria Police’s Licensing & Regulation Division within 14 days of the advertisement appearing in newspaper; and, Ensure you are personally licenced and qualified to have your business licenced in the field you want to include on your Business licence. it is the responsibility of each licence holder to ensure that a certificate has been submitted. If this application is issued by another jurisdiction, the Australian Federal Police, or another organisation, your fingerprints will not be recorded with Victoria Police and will not be accepted. Whilst completing the course contact Fingerprints department at Licensing and Regulations Division to book in your fingerprint appointment as it may take days/ weeks to get an appointment and then another month to receive the results which are required to complete your application for license. Follow the prompts and answer the questions until you have completed all sections. An applicant for a private security business licence can demonstrate that they meet the competency requirements by providing proof that: Note: This certificate must be in the appropriate category and issued by a Licensing and Regulation Division-approved Registered Training Organisation . You will receive a payment notice of approx. The person certifying a document must sight a copy of the original at the time they are certifying the copy. e.g. Check the documents that are needed as evidence of identity when you apply for a Victorian learner permit, licence or VicRoads customer number, and register or transfer a vehicle in Victoria. $119.00 which you will need to pay. Follow the prompts and answer the questions until you have completed all sections. every sat & sun from 8.30am to 5.00pm. Wait approx. Print the completed application and attach the following supporting documents: 2x Suitability References (They must be someone from the list provided on attached suitability form page 2), Certified copy of your fingerprints results, Certified copy of your Statement of Results (Qualification), Certified copy of Identification (100 points of ID, Drivers licence, Medicare Card, Passport, Birth Certificate etc…), If born in another country or here on a VISA must also have certified supporting documents including VISA, Passport etc…, Once you have all items above attached to your printed application send it all to: Licensing and Regulation Division GPO Box 2807 Melbourne Vic 3001 (I recommend sending via registered or Express post to enable tracking or receipt of delivery), Allow 28 days for licensing to process your application before receiving your payment slip, Pay the nominated amount of $468.10 (for Security and Crowd control) or $410.70 (for just security OR Crowd control) $500.00 (if Security, Crowd control and a third category such as bodyguard or Control room operator).