Let's start off with an often overlooked aspect of window buying, but in my opinion, one of the most important: warranties. I talked to the Simonton distributors in Denver and they said they have had no complaints about distortions from the pressure differential. This attention to quality is why Simonton Windows has four times received J.D. Your best defense against a broken window seal is to buy a window with a good, long warranty right from the start; 10 to 20 years is standard these days. Simonton Windows ranks “highest in customer satisfaction” three years in a row. If your windows are hard to open or close—or they won’t stay open or locked—this could be a sign that the windows need replacing. Every two years the exterior seam where the glass meets the wood needs to be caulked and the frames painted. A major contributor to “seal failure” or “window saturation” is poor caulking on the outside and inside of windows. When it comes to Simonton®, the quality is in the details. How to Spot Seal Failure. I ordered Simonton Reflections 5500 Windows, supposedly their premium window (see review) - the installers put in Simonton 5050, the economy model. We're looking for what generally passes for a standard window these days, with double panes, low E Argon gas between them, probably a solar coating, foam insulation in the extruded sections and a … Windows are designed to insulate, but seal failure can reduce energy efficiency. your home with Prism ¨ by Simonton Platinum windows. ... Look for condensation inside the glass on double or triple glazed windows. Ply Gem windows warranties. Intercept® Spacer Standard on all Simonton windows, the U-channel Intercept® spacer system offers lower conduction rates and flexes with temperature fluctuations to reduce seal failure. Simonton Windows Home Checklist. Harvey Building Products windows, doors, and porch enclosure warranty information. With Simonton Reflections® 5500 you can choose from numerous decorative and specialty glass options, as well as a wide variety of grid patterns and styles. Simonton’s Supercept system was designed to prevent seal failure, which is the most common reason for follow-up service to window products. Simonton Windows Reviews. The common causes of seal failure include age, harsh elements, mold, temperature fluctuations, improper maintenance, and faulty installation. The three main causes of seal failure, regardless of proper width or flexibility are Adhesive Failure, Cohesive Failure, and Substrate Failure. Our exclusive triple-stepped, sloped Simonton Sill® forces water away from the window more quickly than flat, conventional sills to help protect your home from water infiltration, even in heavy rain. The Intercept® spacer system offers a U-channel design that keeps glass warmer and flexes and contracts for reduced seal failure. Consumers Lodge Complaints Over Ply Gem Windows Customers who purchased Ply Gem Vinyl Clad windows have filed a class action lawsuit alleging the windows were defectively designed and that Ply Gem is refusing to fix the problem and honor its warranties. Read all of our Simonton window reviews. Having sold vinyl windows, simple, if you cannot wipe the water away, you have a busted seal. Do your windows open and close easily? Also, in some if not most cases, they glass has a 10 if not 20 year seal failure … Simonton energy saving windows in Odessa, TX, have an inert gas between the glass panes to reduce heat transfer profoundly. Most windows today carry 10- to 20-year warranties—not bad for all the abuse they have to put up with. But window specialists sometimes take it a step further. In most cases, as gravity naturally drives the moisture down to the base of the window it accumulates on the adhesive that bonds the bottom seal to the glass surfaces. Single-paned windows are the least energy efficient. • Do your windows operate with ease. The All Ply Gem windows and door come with a Limited Lifetime Guarantee, which is transferable for 5 years. 1. This will give you a chance to inspect your windows up close and assure you that what you are seeing isn’t external moisture and dirt. Rarely see a seal fail these days. Need more info: call Field Service at 800-822-0437. Read 4 Simonton Daylight Max windows review from homeowners and our site editors on this narrow framed vinyl replacement window. The days of the stereotypical white, vinyl window are long gone. In addition, the durable fusion-welded construction and a variety of advanced, energy-saving glass packages, performance features and options truly make Simonton Impressions windows works of art. Have a question for our site editors, Dane and Tim?Email them and let them answer your specific project questions. Hosting a sleek frame design that complements any style home, Platinum windows combine multiple window styles and options to create any look you desire. If this is the case, you might need to replace the glass or the entire window. Have a question for our site editors, Dane and Tim?Email them and let them answer your specific project questions. A vinyl double hung window is a popular choice among homeowners and is one of the more common windows. Simonton windows and doors feature unique spacer systems within the insulating glass unit. Read 172 Simonton windows reviews and explore review and pricing information on the Asure, VantagePointe, Reflections, Impressions, Daylight Max, CV500, ProFinish, Madiera and StormBreaker Plus series. Simonton Daylight Max Windows Reviews. This could indicate seal failure. If your windows are defective, you may be eligible to receive compensation to install new windows. However, Simonton warranties their argon filled window (coming from Oklahoma, by the way), against seal failure and that's good enough for me. 1. You should see dirt inside, or water deposits inside the glass that you cannot clean. window and the existing wall into the opening cavity. Every Simonton Impressions® window and door features the unique, true dual, Power Seal Spacer System.™ The U-channel design flexes with the surrounding glass panes as it expands and contracts with temperature fluctuations, virtually eliminating seal failure and ensuring optimum performance. If you have screens or really dirty windows it will be difficult to spot seal failure. Every Simonton Reflections® 5500 Patio Door is designed to coordinate perfectly with our windows and engineered to remain structurally sound and energy efficient for years to come. But ... warmer and ßexes and contracts for reduced seal failure. All of these spacer systems are engineered to stay intact for years and prevent seal failure. Have someone stand outside your window. Window seal failure can be caused by: When pressure builds up between two panes most on hot days (commonly known as “heat pumping”) In the colder months shrinking might occur. Replacement Windows by Simonton represent one of the best window replacement options for homeowners in Madison WI and other cold weather climates. Style Options Corporate Headquarters: 3948 Townsfair Way, Suite 200, Columbus, Ohio 43219 | 1-800-SIMONTON (1-800-746-6686) simonton.com Adhesive Failure is the result of the caulk Contraction and expansion of the sealing material. Simonton vinyl windows have been approved and installed on numerous historical renovation projects with beautiful results. The Intercept® spacer system’s unique U-shaped design keeps glass warmer for increased efficiency and comfort, while flexing and contracting to reduce seal failure. The stainless steel Supercept™ spacer system is available for increased durability and energy efficiency. Power's top score for customer satisfaction with windows and doors. Then there were problems with the new windows and neither the contractor nor the Simonton Rep seemed to be the least bit familiar with the product, as evidenced by them sending me replacement sashes with the same problems that i had … Read page 1 of our customer reviews for more information on the SIMONTON Installed Vinyl Double Hung Windows HSINSTSMVVDH Do you know the original mfg of the window? Below is a list of component and design features that combine to produce one of the best replacement windows on the face of the earth. Simonton 7500 Patio Slider 6' (lowe3 and argon) intercept U-factor 0.30 / SHGC 0.23 superspacer U-factor 0.29 / SHGC 0.22 Superior Ultima with interecept (lowe3 and argon) XO Slider and Single Hung U-factor 0.30 / SHGC 0.21 6' Patio Door U-factor 0.30 / SHGC 0.22 As far as seal failure both are the same. How do you know when it's time to replace your vinyl windows? Three unique spacer systems are utilized in the Platinum Line glass packages. This could indicate seal failure. Looking to replace SopeHouse windows (almost all double-hung), and frankly looking for solid information about the quality of replacement windows is as easy trying to research mattresses. So the first step is to clean your windows really well, both inside and out. This how-to video shows how to check the interior and exterior sides of the glass for naturally occurring condensation or if the condensation is due to glass failure. Window condensation is a common occurrence for high performance windows. Save Energy Co. started out with a three-year labor warranty, moved to five, then 10, and now offers a lifetime labor warranty on its Simonton windows. The biggest cause of early failure in wood framed windows is lack of maintenance. Make sure to include your email address so they … Find out this and more great tips with Tod and Todd's Home Improvement Tips. Kelly Window & Door, in business for 24 years, extended its labor warranty to the life of the product it installs. Download instructions for more information. This can make the failure even worse as the seal will not be flush with the window frame and will allow water and cold air to pass through. Made of highly thermally prohibitive materials, the spacers are placed between the glass panes to help seal the entire unit, create a space for inert gases and further reduce temperature transfer. Simonton® Reflections Design Features and Components Ensure Long Window Life. Poor Caulking can lead to seal failure. Top it off with energy efficiency and color, glass and grid options and you'll have the perfect accent to any home. Simonton Windows has recently launched its new cutting edge window spacer system, called Supercept, for inclusion on its ProFinish, ProFinish Brickmould, Reflections, and Prism product lines. Simonton Windows has some of the best Insulated Glass and insulated glass Unit Spacer Systems. Your best insurance against window failure. Plus if an issue does arise, it is addressed in a timely and professional manner and this is another reason why Simonton excels in customer satisfaction. SIMONTON windows offer a sleek, contemporary frame that provides optimum viewing space and maximum daylight. Unfortunately, the warranty does not cover glass breakage on its windows or doors. Simonton has the following tips to help evaluate the effectiveness of windows and doors in your home to see if it's time to replace your windows: Determine how many panes of glass are in the windows. For example, where certain types of seals are deluged with a large volume of rain on a regular basis, the water can seep behind it and cause it to lift. They are not univeral. By reducing sealant stress, you can expect your Simonton replacement windows to be efficient for the years to come. Simonton windows feature the look and style of classic wood windows, with the strength, energy efficiency and durability of vinyl.