We are located in Ibafo Ogun State. It is one of the measures to ensure food security and tackle malnutrition in the world.Little did you know that vegetables could cure most of … The farm also sells livestock feeds and materials, table eggs, day-old chicks, point of lays, fish and fish fingerlings and livestock vaccines. The farm, which has special interest in poultry and egg production for the Nigerian market, has become one of the largest farms in Nigeria. Overview. But that is not the case: In reality, vegetable farming is a very lucrative business that actually requires some knowledge, skills and diligence. There are water shortfalls in most of parts the country. Nigeria’s population is about 200M and above yet we have only few persons cultivating vegetables. So the opportunities are available in making income through this sector. Conduct a trend analysis to assess change in farm profits and owner’s equity over time. We involved in Production, sales and distribution of highly nutritious disease-free, high quality, organically cultivated green leafy vegetables. Consider purchasing Whole-Farm Revenue Protection to provide a safety net in poor earning years. Executive Summary of Vegetable Farming Business Plan in Nigeria. Vegetable farming is another good Crop farming and production business in Nigeria, which one can simply start up. PATILAD Farm is a new farm that is involved in Production, sales and distribution of highly nutritious disease-free, high quality, organically cultivated green leafy vegetables targeting consumers throughout Lagos and Ogun Nigerian. Scent leaf farming in Nigeria can earn you N200,000 months if you do it in a big way. As a matter of facts, targeting consumers throughout Lagos and Ogun Nigerian. Plant your vegetable, take care of it and watch it germinate. Communicate and renegotiate agreements with suppliers and loan terms with lenders. Most vegetable farmers in these areas depend heavily on irrigation. CHRIS FARM NIGERIA is a new farm specializing on Vegetable Farming. While most people are looking around for the type of business to do and make money, many do not know how lucrative it would be for them to look towards vegetable farming in Nigeria. In the light of the economic output agriculture contributes to the economies of various African nations, the widespread demand and consumption of fruit and vegetable products in fast growing urban and rural areas has made vegetable farming in Nigeria or Africa a … However, you can start a vegetable farm with minimal funds and have large profits after some time. Vegetable farming is a very lucrative agribusiness; it is one of the under-explored business opportunities in Nigeria. To know the percentage of vegetable farmers, use your location as example. Adeniyi is one of the most successful farmers in Nigeria. Some even consider agriculture in Nigeria to be an occupation for the poor and uneducated. Control key farm expenses - consider other suppliers and alternative inputs. Some of the challenges of vegetable farming in Nigeria and many parts of Africa include: Inadequate Irrigation ; Inadequate water supply or irrigation is one of the major challenges affecting vegetable farming in Nigeria. Nigeria is a broad market, no matter your location, niche, and product, you can make it. There are also other Agric profitable business ideas like starting a plantain plantation, cucumber farms, pineapple farms, orange farm, vegetable farm, cotton farm, rabbit farms, groundnut farms, and timber harvesting, etc.