There was a student discount, and we were "stronglly advised" to join from our professor. To learn more about this program, please visit our Advance Service page. If you have questions at any time regarding your membership or how to make the most of it, contact the ANA between the hours of 9 am – 5 pm (ET) at 856-380-6892 or The Only membership allows a member to be a full voting member of the American Nurse Association and offers discounts and benefits. If you do not hold any of the cards above: Diamond Service Members Already A Member? From advocacy and leadership to certifications and education, your membership gives you the tools and resources to create the change you want to see - personally and professionally. When making reservations or inquiries by phone, please follow the voice guidance prompt and enter your 10-digit ANA Mileage Club Number and 4-digit AMC PIN. The American Nurses Association offers two membership options: the Only and ANA & State membership. Get a seat at the table. ANA – Japan’s star alliance member airlines’ mileage membership information. With the litany of threats to charitable fundraising, our presence as an industry voice has never been more imperative. Last time I was a member of ANA was when I was in nursing school back in the 1970s. Benefit from a 50% accrual rate when you board ANA Group operated flights. Our representatives can help you make reservations on ANA Group operated flights as well as answer mileage program and Premium Member Services questions. Members of the ANA receive complimentary and discounted benefits: The more you fly with us, the better it gets! Benefits of ANA Mileage Club (AMC) Membership. The ANA offers a variety of membership options for every collector. The ANA welcomes members at every career level and offers benefits tailored to … AANN membership includes a complimentary American Nurses Association (ANA) digital membership. Your membership gives you access to benefits from both national ANA and ANA\California. Discounts and Offers. [ANA Official Website] Join today, enjoy more. At ANA, we even have Advance Service that grants frequent flyers faster access to Premium Member Services. The Association of National Advertisers Nonprofit Federation (NF) works tirelessly on behalf of the nonprofit fundraising community, aggressively and effectively advocating on postal, regulatory, legislative, and accountability issues at every level of government. Learn about all the amazing benefits the ANA has to offer, and how you can become a member. The ANA & State membership offers a membership to the ANA and your local state’s nurse association. Membership Categories. As an AANN member, you receive access to free continuing education and receive digital communications with a free ANA digital membership. If you cancel your ANA Gold Card or ANA Card Premium, the 5% increase in flight bonus miles will not be credited to flights boarded after the card cancellation. On this page, you’ll find information around all the benefits of being a Premium Member—from lounge access to upgrade details and more. What are the benefits of ANA Digital Membership as a neuroscience nurse? ANA Card Premium Cardholders. Marketing Solutions Provider Membership Benefits Thank you in advance for your interest in learning about the ANA’s Marketing Solutions Provider (MSP) membership. Membership with the ANA connects you with your marketing peers, global thought leaders, training, advocacy and proprietary content. We’re pleased to offer our ANA Mileage Club members exclusive discounts and offers at participating ANA partner shops, restaurants, spas and more.
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