Training. I’m a completionist and I love to catalog things. All rights reserved. The following guide details the process of Breeding Horses, an aspect of the Training lifeskill in Black Desert Online. As you might have noticed, i'm not taking the 50% xp offered by ingame night time in consideration, simply because it would have been too complicated for me, as all i did was quite basic maths, so sorry about that! Let's see the difference between theses training methods : Considering theses results, lets say you want to train somes T3 horses to lvl 20 : It would take 29 hours & a half to lvl up 2 T3 horses to lvl 20 by training them solo, one after the other. If you don’t have a horse, you can buy one from the Horse Market, which is found at the Stable Keeper. To do this, you will need a horse or donkey. - Two-seater - Doom is the only Dream Horse that can learn the skill Two-seater. So let me repeat it to u - There r 2 types of horses - "wagon horses" and "riding horses". Return to Map Famme's BDO Tools Horse Calculator leveling 4 horses in wagon is almost 2 times faster than leveling 1 at a time, heres an old thread about that, oh my well that sucks :( i wish training were useful to level up, why have it in the game if it does nothing but stare us in the face and mock us >.<. (Theses results haven't been tested and comes from a theory based on what /u/XsNR told me on a another post, explaining that broken wagon runs at 75% speed, and wich results on xp ticks occuring every 26 secs with my setup used for the other tests). Alchemy Cooking Processing Production Material Nodes. Four horse wagons are merchant wagons or noble wagons, so depending on how much money you want to spend, you can get one based on your preference. Farm wagon brings you 25.78% more xp compared to solo training, Merchant wagon brings you 107.2% more xp compared to solo training, Broken merchant wagon brings you 67.2% more xp compared to solo training, Now taking in consideration stuff like wagon wheel, cash shop costume and silver embroided trainer's cloth enchant, you can go way over 400xp / tick with merchant wagon (think i'm at 437 or so currently), and so get a lot more xp. It is better to level each horse solo unless you want to level 4 horses all at once. To make it easier to identify horses, I’ve combined the icons you see in stables and in online guides with BDO horse screenshots in this catalog. you have. 0 ... First-Grade Wagon Horse. Sorry about my english, its not my first language and i did my best on this, i hope its not too confusing. You will need one final material to awaken the horse: Krogdalo’s Origin Stone – Use simple alchemy to combine: Swaying Wind Fragment x25 – (exchange Shiny Golden Seal – [Imperial Training] OR Horse Race Seal x2) That's it, thanks for reading & i hope it helped somes of you. I have also been wondering exactly the amount of experience each horse gets when training them on a wagon compared to singley. In order to get a Dream Horse, you will need to train a Level 30 T8 Courser. Some bad audio desync which I failed to fix sorry. Each wagon can take up … Heyo, I have been searching and searching for some newer updated info on horse training experience and the difference that the Training level gives you when training your horses. Alchemy Cooking Processing Production Material Nodes. (wich is still true in any of theses cases, but anyways wagons are worth, either 2 or 4 slots. ), It would take 28 hours & a half lvling FOUR T3 horses to lvl 20 with a merchant wagon, It would take 35 hours lvling FOUR T3 horses to lvl 20 with a broken merchant wagon, take 58 hours by training them one by one, take 46 hours by training them with farm wagon, take 28 hours by training them with merchant wagon, take 35 hours by training them with broken merchant wagon. Awakening the horse. it's rng, i've had this happend plenty of times with wagon and with solo riding. Wagons, Weight Limit and Transportation Cost. When doing this, you need a wagon. You can obtain these through questing naturally as a beginner, by obtaining the horse emblem, or you can also buy a horse at a town for a relatively small amount of silver (10,000). Black Desert Online horse breeding calculator. Leveling from 1 to 56. DAE. On the other hand, a merchant wagon will level your horses more slowly, but it will train 4 of them at a time. To disconnect a horse select the horse in the stable list and click "disconnect". Theses tests have been done under theses conditions : Solo training a T3 horse using NPC gear & +0 Silver Embroidered Trainer's Clothes on autoloop. Wagon Workshop : Craft a wagon for use in trading or horse training: Wagon Part Workshop : Wagon equipment Furniture Workshop : Furniture you can place in residences Jeweler : All kinds of accessories Horse Gear Workshop : Horse, donkey and miniature elephant equipment Ship … Tier 6 Female from a Tier 5/4 Horse Combo; Tier 6 Male from Two Tier 4 Level 25 Horses! On merchant wagon, each horses gets 51.8% of the normal xp.On broken merchant wagon, each horses gets 41.8% of the normal xp.So, Farm wagon brings you 25.78% more xp compared to solo training.Merchant wagon brings you 107.2% more xp compared to solo training.Broken merchant wagon brings you 67.2% more xp compared to solo training Training Multiple Horses. Heyo, I have been searching and searching for some newer updated info on horse training experience and the difference that the Training level gives you when training your horses. Just a quick tips and tricks video to help with leveling those pesky horse skills. DAE. sometimes a horse gain 2 skills when going 1-25 and sometimes they gain 7 skills. Be Level 202. x. It would take 23 hours & a half lvling them together to lvl 20 with a farm agon. The riding crop can be used by equipping it … Also, the effects are only applicable to horses. By using our Services, you agree to our use of cookies.Learn More. When you already have your own horse, you can train it to lvl 30. You could also use a peridot wagon if you feel like spending half a year to make a wagon that gives the exact same xp/h as a merchant wagon. I recommend the Merchant Wagon. Horses can wear costumes and having a 4 set costume gives increased chance to learn skills, but this is not applied when leveling horses with a wagon. ) Training Riding and leveling your mount increases training skill. A riding crop Izaro made for those who love to train horses. Tier 5 Male from a Tier 2 and 3 Horse Breeding; Amazing Breeding Results (at least for me) My New Tier 5 Female; Connect Nodes to Link Epheria Port to Calpheon; Top 30 Rankings List - Training; Connect Nodes to Farm Birch and Tin Near Calpheon Other BDO Guides: How to Start Your Work Empire. Hey, recently i got my White horse * and im 2 lazy to level it up SOOOOOO Do you have any creative ideas that do not include riding em cuz it takes to much time p.s English is not my native language so forgive me on my broken english Does not affect XP, The T7 I'm currently leveling is level 18 and has a naked speed of 130.7. At first glance, you might believe the the speed of a horse will determine the winner, but there are many more factors to consider when vying for the title of champion. If you don’t want to spend money on it, you can tame a horse as well. On merchant wagon, each horses gets 51.8% of the normal xp. The test is not really reliable since T3 horses do have relatively slow speed. Read a more detailed guide about training in our Training Guide. If you have vehicle with horse(s) connected the number of stable slots occupied is number of horses + 1 for the cart or wagon/cart - so make sure you have the cart at a stable with sufficient slots for your horses. When u just say "horse", like u did in yr first post, u sound confusing. BDO. 1. You need Beginner 5 Training Skill to capture a horse in the wild. At the moment you can only have 5 wagons to transport your goods from town to town. I'll show you what's exactly going on while using wagons ! Table of Contents1 Horse Training Guide2 Stable Keeper3 How To Get a Horse3.1 Material For Catching Horses3.2 Where To Find The Best Wild Horses3.3 How To Catch a Horse4 Horse Gear5 Horse Skills Horse Training Guide One of the things you can do in Black Desert Online is to own a horse and train it. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. The entire skill revolves around catching, training, and breeding horses, and it ends up being a whole lot of fun.It can be active or AFK, and there’s money to be had in it, albeit not as much as other skills would offer. Ultimate Enhancing Guide. Higher level horses usually have more skills and can run faster. On farm wagon, each horses gets 62.89% of the normal xp. To train your horse (either solo or on a wagon) just find a path and auto loop back and forth. Horse Taming a fun activity in Black Desert Online that not only allow you to get additional horses for your trade wagons but also allow you to breed horses together into higher tiers. Once your horse has a total of 200% exp or higher in training, it can be awakened. The benefit of riding a horse solo is that you can level it extremely quickly. How to Get More Carry Weight. Fishing When I first started BDO, AFK fishing over night was … sold by Stable Keepers for 100,000 or produced in Level 1 Wagon Workshop. Table of Contents 1. Training Beginner Level 5 (Press P and look under Profession)If you are not yet Beginner Level 5, just ride the donkey you get from Velia around until you get to lev… ( Farm wagon won't last 23hr tho, from what i read its around 16hr. Since distance pretty much sums up your xp gains and higher breed T5+ tends to have higher base speed. ), No idea if it has any impact, but i was apprentice during theses tests, from 1/2 to 8 or 9. To buy a wagon, go to the central market place and type in wagon. On the other hand, a merchant wagon will level your horses more slowly, but it will train 4 of them at a time. If you don’t want to walk across the whole map on foot, you can ride a horse and save a lot of time with it.
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