91 comments. But by then, if the buyer of this car were a typical customer, he or she (and there are plenty of female Ferrari buyers) would have changed cars. The first example is a 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO. The ones with great road ability are not the best value for money. And your family. So, scratch that group road trip idea. He didn't recommend buying one of the '60s cars that has appreciated a zillion percent and may be vulnerable to a crash in classic car values -- he's talking mostly about more recent Ferraris with values that have largely leveled off, so 1) they're more attainable than people may realize, 2) the depreciation is either likely to have ended or be minimal (he made no promises), and 3) the car might (again, he made no promise) even appreciate over time. Unlike other supercar brands, it IS possible to find a used Ferrari. If you like the practicality of a front-engined V12 two-plus-two he’ll point you at a 456 or 456M (1993-2003) at £60,000 to £80,000, depending on mileage, age and whether it’s an auto or not (six-speed manuals are rare and sought-after). If things go wrong, you’re still protected by your various guardians: the warranty, the owners’ club and the internet. If you’re a normal mortal, you probably reckon your one chance of laying hands on a Ferrari involves waiting for someone to die. Recent spend is also important – if the last owner hasn’t spent money on the car, then it is likely you will have to. For the sake of argument, we’re going to assume that for your first Ferrari you aren’t going in all guns blazing and purchase a 250 GTO, so let’s take a look at cars under the £100,000 price bracket. Get all the best car news, reviews and opinion direct to your inbox. Musings on my life thus far . Whether you are looking at a 400i , a 599 or a 456 be aware that running costs can be high and realistically these cars aren’t an ideal first Ferrari in our opinion. Established specialists will stock the best cars, prepare them correctly and they should be sensibly priced. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. He pointed our that there is a lot of information available, so no one should be stunned after the fact that the cars -- surprise -- aren't cheap to maintain. Unless it’s a terrific example, he’ll probably talk you out of an F355, because the type became over-valued earlier in its life so keenly priced cars can be hard to find, and the early  F1 paddle shift gearboxes in most cars are crude by modern standards. “The thing about savings not earning interest is well known and has been for years. The 355 was close to the 360 in terms of power (375hp), was the first Ferrari to have the new F1 gearbox and also featured adjustable dampers but the overall experience feels much more old-school – it’s still great to drive, though. Within the first 4-5 months I had already made my money back on the store. In the end I decided to buy something more practical until a friend pointed out, quite forcibly, the size of the opportunity I was ditching. Magic Moments: Autocar's highlights of 2020. You can have your car for the weekend. But the California would pave the way with being the first of it’s kind in many ways. Are you as passionate about cars as we are? Do you think I should buy an Aston Martin V8 Vantage, a Ferrari 360 Modena, an Audi R8 or a Lamborghini Gallardo? Ilkley Road, This means you can only carry one person with you. More of a collector’s Ferrari than a first-time Ferrari, prices can vary wildly depending on the specification and provenance. The mid-2000s F430 is another good option (prices start around £80k) and there are plenty of them about, although again, he says, six-speed manuals are rare. Discussion. Not by much maybe, but you should consider that this will be the most likely outcome. 61 months. A Ferrari sport car is mostly two-seated. A rich relative kicks the bucket, you inherit a tidy capital sum, you ignore conventional stuff like house repairs and round-the-world trips and blow the lot on the car you’ve always wanted, possibly red in colour. If you’re not sure who to speak to, just ask one of our team or have a look at any of the relevant forums such as Pistonheads or FerrariChat for recommendations. Both have their place. If you’re Wheeler’s customer, you’ll have a wide choice, but he’s likely to guide you to models he knows work well. There were only 39 in production. Since the cars do come with a community, seeing someone buying a Ferrari for the first time is a rarity. The lower the better, but remember that you may be better buying a higher mileage car with a great service history than a low mileage car with little supporting paperwork. Thom especially rates Ferrari’s dual-clutch transmission (DCT) models; the California is the first of these and benefits from the consequent refinement and ease of use. If it’s a mid-engined V8 you prefer, Wheeler will probably point you at a 360 Modena coupé (with its newat-the-time aluminium spaceframe chassis) although the 360 Spider at £70k-plus looks good, too. Magnitude Finance is a trading style of DSG Financial Services Ltd. DSG Financial Services Ltd is a company registered in England & Wales with a company number 02313903. It can look appealing, and may be fine for experts, but so much of a Ferrari’s value reposes in its provenance and service history that the first-time buyer is undoubtedly better dealing with someone who knows the cars and how to investigate their histories. Older and less expensive cars (308, 328, 348) may have gaps in their service history, but newer and more expensive vehicles should have a really good service history, preferably with a franchised or specialist dealer. BUYING MY FIRST FERRARI A lot of Ferrari owners will tell you how their first car was pre-owned. Plus, it is not equipped with big trunks for you to carry other stuff around. Miles away from more modern cars in terms of performance, some will relish the simplicity of the older engineering and they are certainly entertaining cars to drive. The Testarossa symbolises the appeal of a modern 12-cylinder Ferrari. People have been using it as motivation to buy cars for a long time – and interest rates aren’t going anywhere in the short term.”. She’s not the newest or fastest but she’s mine. Non-franchised dealers have a more practical approach. Reputation is all important for these dealers and they won’t compromise them by … Cars have firmly established themselves as decent places to put your money, but new customers tend to need their hands holding. Running costs can vary considerably between cars, so speak to a specialist about potential costs and don’t skimp on maintenance – scheduled or otherwise – as this will have a detrimental effect on the car and it’s residual value. Ferrari manufactures about 7600 cars per year with an average price of $350,000 each. These cookies do not store any personal information. Brimming with the sort of modern driver aids that you would expect in a contemporary supercar, it’s 483 bhp falls well short of the 660 bhp of the new 488 but it still feels very quick. 4 5 Next Reply Author. If you are keen to purchase a Ferrari but don’t want to have to ‘jump through hoops’ in order to be approved to purchase the model you are after, then you might want to consider going down the used vehicle route. The first store that I purchased last year was for $4,000. It’s Ferrari’s most versatile model, and is ideal as a first Ferrari. Ferrari residual values have tended to be stronger than competitors such as McLaren and Lamborghini, but this is largely model dependent. Ferrari Approved is a pre-owned certification program designed to help provide maximum security and peace of mind to owners purchasing Ferraris registered within the last 14 years. Over at HR Owen, Thom will probably point you at an entry level, low-miles 2009 California at around £100k (or £109k for a 2011, or £115k for a 2012). Forget about buying groceries or shopping with it. We will use your information to ensure you receive messages that are relevant to you. She’s not the newest or fastest but she’s mine. According to Thom, even customers who could pay outright tend to use the finance facilities because many operate their own businesses and cash is king. We have the answer to suit your needs. Magnitude Finance are an official partner of the British Racing Driver’s Club as a patron of the BRDC Young Driver Programme. surprise!Thanks to SeatGeek for sponsoring the video. After the time frame you also get the option to buy the car. On UK roads, visibility is undoubtedly compromised in a LHD car which can be frustrating in a high-performance sports car. Reminds me of Joe P. Kennedy's story about his shoeshine boy giving him some hot stock market tips in 1929 - just before the Wall Street Crash. Wow, that's a lot of venom! Any approved used car they supply carries an automatic two-year warranty very similar to their newcar cover, and an owner can extend that to cars up to 12 years old. Should i get a Ferrari or a Porsche? The strength of the Ferrari brand and the limited number of cars they produce mean that pre-owned Ferraris are generally speaking in a league of their own in terms of holding their value when compared to the competition – more on this later. So you are set on acquiring your first Ferrari – which one should you buy? I'm happy to see it go. Finally got to cross off a bucket list item of buying my first Ferrari. This may sound believable but it’s wrong in one vital detail. Me too! To learn more about how we use the information you provide to us please see our. I'm 26 and i plan on buying my first Ferrari in 4 years, yes I'm the type of guy that puts most of his money on cars, i don't plan on having kinds plus my work takes 90% of my time, why do i tell you this ? Wharfebank Mills, Always take the car you are looking at for a drive. Hercules Park, Both of our dealers say the same thing: choose someone you think you’ll be able to get on with – this may be a long relationship – but also listen to the opinions of others who’ve done the same kind of business. Whatever you’ve come to see, we’ll try to put you into a used car, maybe a used California at around £100k, because it’s a great all-rounder, it’s affordable and you won’t need to go through the ordering process. For this story we consulted two long-experienced Ferrari dealers. Even though he can't drive. Apart from buying a used Ferrari car you can also go for another alternative option. You’ll never regret it. Only you can answer that question for yourself. However, there are a few reasons besides the obvious allure of owning a sports car created by one of the worlds most intoxicating brands – residuals for a start. Let me pass on my friend’s favour: if you’re in a position to leap into the Ferrari market and are hesitating, take this as my (and his) encouragement to make the leap. I finally bought the ferrari!! We would love to send you our monthly newsletter covering the latest insider news from the supercar world & keep you informed of our latest offers by email. The 360 offers what must be close to the perfect driving experience for the first time supercar owner – it’s 395 bhp feels very quick (but not too quick), it’s beautifully balanced and the sound…. For the first time buyer, the V8 cars are the sensible option so anything from a F430 backwards. Old Ferraris are great, but they’re indisputably less capable than more recent cars. If you are looking for My First R/C Ferrari best for the people you appreciate. Ferrari Brokerage also known as SOR (Sale Or Return) is a simple fee based system where we agree a percentage fee to sell your Ferrari & you receive the rest of the money less any costs. According to Autocar, the majority of Ferrari owners are repeat customers simply due to the community effect owning one of these cars has. Official and non-franchised dealers rub along pretty well. Ferrari 308. Click to see where were. However, Ferrari no longer manufactures a manual gearbox, so expect manual cars to become more sought after. Hire purchase deals are available on non-franchised Ferraris, but with the money market as it is, the popular method seems to be to extend a house mortgage at ultra-low interest rates, draw funds from a pension or simply invest one’s life’s savings. 10 years ago. Ferrari at 70: touring Britain in a 488 Spider and a 166, A used Ferrari sounds a daunting prospect but, as we've found out, the right dealers can guide you to a worry-free purchase, Haymarket Media Group, publishers of Autocar takes your privacy seriously. Our VAT registration number is 511678843. This is why most Ferrari owners ended up letting the car sit all day in the garage. Thirty years ago I had the money to buy a Ferrari, and considered it for a long time. Buy something a blacksmith can fix! Advanced Search. Reply Prev 1 2. of 5. A 17-year-old anything is bound to go wrong at some stage. It was an amazing day, one that I will never forget! For most people, money is portrayed as the major hurdle to Ferrari ownership, but that’s less true than at any time in living memory. “For many of our buyers, a Ferrari has been a long-held dream,” he says. Classics, in particular, have been flying recently, but even entry-level moderns like five or six-year-old Californias have been very firm of late. Ferrari 458s are now available from around £120,000 (at the time of writing), but these will have higher mileage so may not be ideal for the first time Ferrari purchaser. Buy from a reputable specialist or franchised dealer. You can try our finance calculator, call us on 01943 660703 or request a call back. Location and Language Settings Please select a location. Ferrari ownership is arguably more accessible than it has ever been, with Ferrari producing more cars than ever and a selection of ways to pay but before you rush out there are some things you may want to consider. He shares his buying experience, enthusiasm for the brand and his new car – we’ll share our first time Ferrari buyer’s tips…. Stockport SK3 0UX. The good news is that the 430’s F1 gearbox really was a major step up from its predecessor and good F1 cars are available in our budget. What’s more, prices have risen so rapidly over the past four years that it’s doubtful they’ll continue at the same rate. Established specialists will stock the best cars, prepare them correctly and they should be sensibly priced. The notion that you’re ‘blowing’ your money on a Ferrari has never been more incorrect. I finally decided on a Porsche because it is better for driving around. The Ferrari 308 Buyer's and Owner's Guide is a book for anyone considering owning a Ferrari 308, or any new owner of a Ferrari 308.. New: Read the book review at VeloceToday.com.. If you've followed along for the last year, you've probably realized that life with my 2004 Ferrari 360 Modena hasn't always been easy. I still remember the day like yesterday. If you would like to know how we handle complaints, please ask for a copy of our complaints handling procedure, or click here. Buy pretty much any Ferrari and the likelihood is that it will depreciate in the short term. You will spend money. In the end I took his advice and owned a Ferrari for a constantly enjoyable two and a half years. buying my first Ferrari - a 458 - tips. As an authorised credit broker, Magnitude Finance can introduce you to a selected group of lenders who may be able to help you finance your purchase. So if buying a Ferrari is on your bucket-list – and it is definitely on plenty – this may be your moment. How to buy your first Ferrari February 27, 2017 trump. Cars like the 456 have known faults: window sealing is one. Shawn Thom, of HR Owen’s official Ferrari dealership in London’s South Kensington, came to the marque from Porsche seven or eight years ago and has never regretted the move. This, you may think, is very much the way the other half lives, but its key virtue is that it allows well-heeled people to drive, and frequently change, Ferraris, without ever buying them outright. Well yes, maybe until the first repair bill arrives, or until the first time it rains and your investment starts dissolving (in the case of older models). New or old, Ferrari values have been doing well – and there seems no good reason why this shouldn’t continue. Today I took delivery of my FIRST supercar! Fit-looking Ferraris start in the £30,000s in the PistonHeads classifieds – and plenty of people drive Fords and Peugeots costing more. “We used to give insurance warranties,” says Wheeler, “but we found we were paying much more in premiums than we received in claims.”, Wheeler, who has specialised in Ferrari 456s from the 1990s and early 2000s, has a robust attitude to the reliability of older cars, however. It was hard to find the right car, and tough to get it insured. “It was once an extravagance, but now they see it isn’t. What about skulduggery? 4,121 posts. A combination of Pistonheads, AutoTrader and Classic Driver should bring up most of the cars available on the market. For me Ferrari is more than a brand and in my family the best they had is a Honda accord. Still, I'd buy one today if I could afford it! There’s simply no substitute for such expertise. What's so wrong about offering them some advice, and some hope for people who are still striving to get there? How do you choose a decent person to do business with? This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. “One day I’ll own a Ferrari….” –  a phrase that has crossed the lips of generations of car lovers,  it’s an automotive rite of passage. Buying my 1st Supercar: Lamborghini Gallardo, Audi R8, Ferrari 360 or Aston Martin Vantage? There’s a network of 12 official dealers who sell cars at the pricier end, plus a larger group of expert, non-franchised dealers that covers the country. Otley, Approved Ferraris can be financed from £60k-£70k in bitesized chunks. If you would like us to contact you, please tick the box below. This gives buyers plenty of scope dependent on how fast or how analogue/ old school they want their cars to be. If you like a convertible, the 360 spider was the first Ferrari to have a fully automated folding roof. These two are firmly in classic car territory. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. You’ll find yourself being invited to gatherings and events you’d never otherwise get to and you’ll find yourself talking with other owners – and with us – about your next Ferrari. But I'm not. Business consists of staying in touch with a community of about 500 people, who do occasional repeat business. . You can unsubscribe at any time using the unsubscribe mechanism on any email you receive from us. Better still, take someone with you who has driven one before. The official outlets’ secret weapon is their warranty: new UK cars carry a four-year cover, and a new car’s first seven years’ routine servicing is free, a handsome deal by any standard. He didn't say you'll get rich if you do. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Now get out there and get looking! The cost of consumables such as clutches, brakes (particularly carbon-ceramic) and even oil can all mount up, so make sure you are willing & prepared to spend a four-figure sum on your Ferrari annually. Dream really do come true! Sure, the numbers sound big, and most people have other priorities, but the opportunity is nevertheless available to many more than take it. Hello people, so I’m about to embark on buying my first Ferrari having wanted one (a 328 GTS) aged 6. Answer Save. Ferrari is known for it’s tremendous line of powerful race cars that can also cruise the streets. Many Ferraris have had corrective paintwork or cosmetic touch-ups (Rosso Corsa chips easily and the undercoat is white), so don’t necessarily expect all paintwork to be original. You’re definitely safer in the Ferrari market than you used to be. Reputation is all important for these dealers and they won’t compromise them by offering low-quality stock. Anonymous. You can also find information about referring a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) at www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk. Supply is still good, so the opportunity to successfully speculate on Ferraris in this price bracket is limited. The past history of the car will give you crucial clues as to how the car has been looked after in the past, whether it is worth what is being asked for it now and what it will be worth in the future. I’ve broken the market into six segments, ranging from “You’re better off buying a Honda S2000 (i.e. To cap it all, Ferrari offers free roadside assistance to any car it has ever made, plus recovery to the nearest official dealer; that part works even if you’ve bought your car away from the official network. Our passion for the brand, our commitment to quality, and our enthusiasm for our vehicles are evident in the unparalleled car-buying experience that we offer our clients every day. Read More. To put it in perspective, early Ferrari 430s are available from around £80,000 – not bad for a car that listed at around £120,000 12 years ago…. The 348 was for a while the bargain buy of the mid-engined Ferrari V8s, but prices have slowly crept up, partly because so few UK, RHD cars were delivered. Our pick of the bunch is the 360 coupe manual – pretty much the perfect choice for a first Ferrari as Sam will attest. Have you heard of leasing or renting a car?
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