Custom Quota Jobs do not need to be run manually, they are run automatically each time the customer Eyeglass configuration replication Job is run. For Pool Failover, the Failover Log Summary displays the Client Redirection step as not having run: Workaround: Check this section in the Failover Log to determine the status of the Client Redirection steps: INFO *************** Networking updates during failover Job STARTED ***************. For the case where a SyncIQ Policy path contains a special character and the SyncIQ Policy source and target path are different, configuration replication fails for the associated Eyeglass job with the AEC code AEC_NOT_FOUND. Email notification also only sent on initial occurence of the alarm. When source cluster is not reachable uncontrolled failover should be used. Not Required on lower releases than below but note the bug is present and does not affect Eyeglass, OneFS (Fixed does not require change below), OneFS (Fixed does not require change below), Elevate to root user by using command below and entering admin password, true, false, Overlapping Access Zone with System (/ifs), Overlapping Access Zone - non System Zones, No (only cluster pairs with no common cluster). More information is available here. The igls app report command may report below error and not start. OneFS or later Install the latest drive support package using the non-disruptive (NDFU) instructions in this document. The change in NFS client list is not replicated to the target cluster. Resolution: NFS mount issue no longer blocks backup. This export configuration is not supported for DR as it would not allow per policy failover and is an unsupported configuration for Eyeglass. The LiveOptics Isilon collector generates an excel output that includes the following Isilon information. AD SPN Validation steps will not be retried for 20 s (default) until they succeed or fail. For more information about Isilon for vCenter, see the following documents: Isilon for vCenter Release Notes. For Robot Job which is disabled - Run Now not blocked, Job is initiated and then fails. The validation that checks whether this configuration is in place incorrectly indicates OK when the "ignore" is not configured. If a higher number of concurrent failovers is required please contact for assistance. Using the isi alarm settings set command to customize settings for SCA0080 or SCA0081 alarms results in "Invalid alarm code" error. Under certain conditions the Log View may not be able to Fetch logs. But it’s important to note that these lists aren’t all inclusive. Procedure is described in the document. In this case, what should have happened is that template setting is ignored if there is already an existing user quota with a higher limit. The release notes serve as the primary source for information about fixed issues, new features, enhancements, previously released patches, and known issues that affect the release. Resolution: If cluster is unreachable when Access Zone Readiness job starts no attempt is made to retrieve information from unreachable cluster to reduce time for the job to complete. Workaround: Manually delete and create the SPN for the Smartconnect Zones that were moved from AD ADSI Edit interface. After restoring Eyeglass backup , the Eyeglass log files location is not properly set. without displaying results for reachable cluster or may provide results for reachable clusters without providing the error. Default is no delay. Release Notes. In some environments the daily Eyeglass backup may not run as per schedule. For example: cluster A Smartconnect Zone Mapping Hint = igls-pool, cluster B Smartconnect Zone Mapping Hint = igls-pool1. Zone Replication Readiness always has warning status and alarm is raised for failed audit on zone job. Workaround: Login to the Eyeglass GUI and open the DR Dashboard to review readiness. If DNS is Bluecat, Bind or Infoblox recommendation is to use option provided to disable recursive lookup. For the case where a SyncIQ Policy source path corresponds to a non-System Access Zone path (path is at or below the Access Zone path) but there is a share protected by that policy in the System Access Zone, the SyncIQ Policy incorrectly is evaluated for Zone Readiness in the System Access Zone. When activating ensure that you are activating in the correct mode: AUTO, DFS or AUTOSKIPCONFIG. If Configuration Replication option is selected for Make Target Writeable, the DR Test mode job itself is not included and any changes to SMB shares or NFS exports that had not been previously synced will not be present on shares / exports used for the DR Test. Workaround: Manual process required to create these SPNs. Workaround: Review readiness from the DR Dashboard directly. When a SyncIQ Job Report is generated from the Reports on Demand window, the Troubleshooting section may not be populated. The error is cleared on the next Eyeglass Configuration Replication Job where the Audit task correctly does not try to audit the deleted object. For the cases where an Access Zone is configured for Pool Failover and there are policies which are not mapped to pools the Un-Mapped Policy SmartConnect/IP Pool Status alarm and email incorrectly indicate that this is a Warning level issue. When you have an unreachable cluster, Configuration Replication may take a long time. In this case you are able to see the SyncIQ Job Reports related to failover at the bottom of the Failover Log. What’s New! When doing concurrent Access Zone or Pool Failover where the Access Zone or Pool have associated jobs in Eyeglass DFS mode the share renaming step may happen in parallel and depending on the OneFS release an PowerScale OneFS API defect may incorrectly handle the request causing the share rename to be in error. For the case where Inventory does not run because another instance of the Inventory Task was already running, the alarm that is raised does not provide this additional information. Resolution: UserGroupQuotas and ShareExportUsage reports have been deprecated. If PowerScale does not identify any missing SPNs Eyeglass Configuration Replication will not insert custom SPNs. Workaround: None required - the commands executed do not result in any changes on the PowerScale cluster. Archive is still created and available for download on completion. May affect other releases as well. Check for Access Zone exists on target cluster for Directory migration fails is case sensitive and will fail if Access Zone exists with same name but different case. Supported releases are for Isilon OneFS 8.x . T2046  Access Zone Replication limitation when all user mapping rules are deleted, T2241  Incorrect missing SPN alarm issued when PowerScale cluster joined to multiple Domains, T2779 - Eyeglass Configuration Replication “Full Sync Mode” always updates when Default Settings on Source and Target cluster are not the same, T2780  Same host moved to different NFS Export Client list not updated on target. The Eyeglass Fingerprint file which holds Eyeglass Configuration Replication Job Mode and State for recovery does not link the original Job name with the new name and can therefore not be used to recover these properties for the new Eyeglass Job. Workaround: Ensure that any Access zone failover scripts also apply to pool failover if both are configured. It is not supported to apply an igls-ignore flag on a subnet pool that has been failed over and failed back such that the SmartConnect Zone has an igls-original prefix due to the fact that on a subsequent failover the igls-original prefix will not be removed and will leave the Access Zone in a state where both directions are failed over. When a filename/path contains special characters, Unlock My Files is unable to break the lock. In Release 2.5.6 overlapping Access Zones cannot be failed over. When multiple DR Test Jobs are selected in the DR Assistant to enable or disable DR Test mode, the Running Jobs window only shows 1 Job even though action is being applied to all selected Jobs. Article 483840, ETA 483840: Isilon OneFS: Isilon OneFS: Non-UTF-8 encoded files or directories may be inaccessible to NFSv3 and NFSv4 clients after upgrading OneFS clusters from version 7.1.x or earlier to or later We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Adding user s or groups with any case is now supported. Starting with OneFS 8.1.0 and Gen6 models, Isilon again offers Ethernet back … For OneFS 7.2 - 8 replication, Zone Replication Readiness always has warning status and alarm is raised for failed audit on zone job. Workaround: Source and destination paths must be entered without the trailing / - for example /ifs/data/test. Role Based Access Control now validates AD groups and users when saving the role and blocks save if cannot be resolved. To fix this, we removed some information that can be accessed in other product documents, such as the upgrade instructions. Workaround: Provision Smartconnect Zone Mapping according to requirements documented here. In some cases the Unlock My Files will successfully unlock a file but the GUI presents the message "Error unlocking file!". T5972  No Error Message for Duplicate NFS Export on OneFS 7.2 Configuration Replication Failed, T14936 Short SPN not created during Configuration Replication, T2350:  Quota Self Serve Portal: Local Group Quotas not displayed when logged in with Local Group User, T1962: Default Role incorrectly shows Delete option, T7980: Cluster Storage Monitor AD Group Template Quota Creation does not created group quota for nested AD Groups, T15139 Data Config Migration Concurrent Jobs Limitation, T2289  Backup Archive Job is not always displayed in the Running Jobs window, T2908  Renamed SyncIQ Policy does not link to RPO Reports from original SyncIQ Policy Name, T3170 Pending Quota Requests are not preserved on failover, T4579 Upgrade from 1.5.4 to 1.9 and greater Failover History retrieves Failover Log for SyncIQ Job Reports, T6300 After an Eyeglass restore with the -anyrelease option the print screen functionality for SyncIQ Job Reports and Eyeglass backups may be in error. Workaround: None required - display issue only. The Failover Readiness Domain Mark Validation returns an error for SyncIQ policy source path that has a space or contains special characters. Resolution:  None, export is created correctly after config sync job completes. Next schedule Configuration Replication job will rectify and after that point the DFS and SyncIQ failover mode will not be available for policies configured for Pool Failover. Please run configuration replication.” even though Configuration Replication has run. After renaming a Snapshot Schedule, the next Configuration Replication cycle creates the new Snapshot schedule on the target but does not remove the Snapshot schedule with the original name such that on the target they both exist. When using OneFS 8.2 if the SyncIQ policy target host is set to use SSIP of target cluster Eyeglass will be unable to create the related Configuration Replication job. Alarms other than the “Replication job failed to run “ are not cleared automatically once the error condition has been resolved. Workaround: Use Release 2.5.5 to failover overlapping access zones. Resolution: Config Only Migration job now only creates/updates/deletes based on the source access zone. Description: Inventory View is not auto-refreshed and if open when a change occurs does not reflect the change. This survey should take only a few minutes to complete, and your answers are completely anonymous.To submit additional feedback, send an email to OneFS integrates with VMware vCenter through the Isilon for vCenter plug-in. Default is no delay. If an Eyeglass Configuration Replication Job contains more than one Export with the same path, this may result in an AUDITFAILED state or configuration replication error  for the associated Eyeglass Configuration Replication Job in the DR Dashboard or a configuration replication error. When you delete an Access Zone in OneFS, the following issues occur in Eyeglass: corresponding Eyeglass Zone Configuration Replication Job is not deleted. Note it is best practise to ensure unique hints by using a naming format that uses cluster name - for example: igls-ignore-. Workaround: Do not provision email recipients or Email Server user with email address that has special characters. SPN Readiness validation warning cannot be disabled and after manual verification that correct SPNs are present can be ignored. Workaround: Close the DR Assistant window and open the DR Dashboard window and confirm that indeed failover status has no Warning states. When a SyncIQ Policy is renamed, Eyeglass considers it to be a new SyncIQ Policy and therefore creates a new Eyeglass Configuration Replication Job with the new name. The "failovertarget" field must be "zone id" even though description indicates "ID of the access zone OR syncIQ policy to failover".
2020 isilon onefs 9 release notes