The extravagant animations, partnered with Jimmy Page's narration, go on to recount how Jimmy began customising the Tele, first with mirrors to catch stage lights, and then later by stripping it and putting his art school skills to good use, painting the vibrant dragon design, and adding a reflective pick guard. Jimmy Page brought a special magic to Led Zeppelin. Hirsute humbuckers modelled on the PAFs in Pearly Gates, the ZZ Top man’s legendary 1959 Les Paul, Billy Corgan and company return with escalation the name of the game, but despite the classic line-up, this is not 1995…. Page's custom shop "mirror" and "dragon" Telecaster models — a historic, hands-on collaboration between Fender Custom Shop master builder Paul Waller and Page himself — are modeled after Page's beloved 1959 Fender Telecaster. The October 2020 issue of Guitar Magazine is out now! Now, the brand has released a new video of Page talking at length about the special model. The Fender Custom Shop Jimmy Page Signature Telecaster gets an extra dash of authenticity with its 2-piece offset-seam ash body and nitrocellulose lacquer finish. In the video, which is part of Fender’s In Conversation series, Page provides a personal account of the Tele’s origins along with its evolving aesthetics. Here’s a Part 1 guide to the man jokingly dubbed Slowhand. One of the things they expressed interest in was his Dragon Tele [a 1959 model originally given to Page by Jeff Beck]. Nitro finishes — standard back in the day — are significantly thinner than today’s polyurethane finishes, … Credits: Story and Narration by Jimmy Page Produced by Nexus Studios Directed by Smith & Foulkes. This clip follows an animated short released in April, which briefly covered the fabled Tele’s journey. The story behind the Jimmy Page Dragon Telecaster . When Page came back from a tour in 1969, he found a friend stripped the body and painted over the dragon design. “In the `60s, you’d see mirrors appearing in fashion,” he added. “The story of the instrument is the whole journey of it – from Jeff having it, to passing it on to me with such good spirit,” Page said in a statement. The classic finish comes to Slash's collection of Les Pauls. This is what the Fender Custom Shop is all about – building dreams for our artists, as well as collectors and guitar players everywhere.”. The Led Zep man explained that he first received the guitar from Jeff Beck, who wanted to thank Page for recommending him to The Yardbirds. One of the most famous guitars in rock and roll history, the 'Dragon' Telecaster marked Jimmy's transition from the Yardbirds to Led Zeppelin. And read the history of Page’s Led Zeppelin guitars here. The Page les pauls story to me is more interesting. The Mystical Journey of Jimmy Page’s ’59 Telecaster is a spiritual and psychedelic story and has been released timed to the 50th anniversary of Led Zeppelin, on which Page played his Dragon Telecaster. Page practiced backwards masking, and Fender is paying it forward in the Jimmy Page Mirror Telecaster. Music Legend Jimmy Page Narrates Story of His ’59 Telecaster in Campaign for Fender By Harold Henry - Apr 12, 2019 A s part of their collaboration with legendary guitarist Jimmy Page, Fender has launched a new campaign spot narrated by Page himself that will surely resonate with musicians and with music fans alike. The latest guitar news, reviews and features delivered to your inbox. It was commissioned by Fender for the 50th anniversary of Led Zeppelin, which is seeing the release of two new, exacting replicas of Page’s original ’59 Telecaster. The story behind the 1959 Telecaster, which began life in its factory White Blonde lacquer finish, then became the mirror guitar before transforming into a one-of-a-kind, hand-painted dragon Tele @fender Beginning March 2019, only 50 units of each Fender Custom Shop model will be made available; they include Page’s personal touches, such as a handwritten signature on the headstock of the mirror model, as well as hand-painted flourishes on the guitar body’s dragon artwork and personally-signed Certificates of Authenticity for both models. Jimmy Page brought a special magic to Led Zeppelin. The Dragon Telecaster was Page’s main axe to grind Led Zeppelin into a band, which they became in October 1968, getting their name from Keith Moon from The Who, who believed that’s how the New Yardbirds would go down. The Fender Custom Shop Jimmy Page Dragon Telecaster (Image credit: Fender) The guitar became Page’s main axe during his late-period Yardbirds days - the first time the legend experimented with playing it with a violin bow on early live workouts of Dazed And Confused - and he took it with him when he, like Beck, left to find his way as an artist in his own right. Fender have released an animated video telling the story of Jimmy Page’s iconic 1959 Telecaster. Unlike the “exact” Fender Custom Shop reproductions, the production models include: a custom “Oval C”-shaped maple neck; ’50s Tele two-piece body; top-loader bridge for through-body or top-load stringing; custom single-coil pickups; lacquer finish; vintage tweed case with eight round mirrors (a tribute to the custom treatment Jimmy applied to the guitar); black coil cable; satin lacquer finish over a reproduction of Jimmy Page’s iconic artwork; a deluxe black case and red coil cable. As the Dragon is born, he moves in and Led Zeppelin is born as well. Jimmy Page, OBE, is widely considered to be one of the greatest and most influential guitarists of all time, and one of the most important record producers and songwriters in rock history. By checking the boxes you agree to receive the following from us via e-mail. The first sunburst one he got from Joe Walsh at "the fillmore" in the early spring of 1969, while the band was still recording Led Zep 2, and at some point during this period he got into Marshall amps. The Telecaster also made great inroads in the 1950s as a must-have studio session instrument. Details from the manufacturer for the guitar geek. Here is the quick history on Jimmy Page’s famous “ Dragon ” Fender Telecaster that he used with Led Zeppelin and the actual guitar used to play the solo on “ Stairway To Heaven .”. Now, it’s been restored back to its true beauty and we’ve actually been able to sort of clone it.”, When Page first got the guitar, it was undecorated in its factory White Blonde finish. In part two of our look at the chord shapes and sequences which define Paul Simon’s sound, we focus on his early years as a solo artist. The Telecaster would become the foundation of the “Bakersfield Sound” pioneered in the later 1950s and popularized in the 1960s by Owens and his band, the Buckaroos, Merle Haggard and the Strangers, and others. Fender Musical Instruments Corporation released details on the four Artist Signature guitars modeled after Page’s famous 1959 Fender Telecaster. But, as Jimmy Page explains in a newly revealed video segment, shot by Fender at their Custom Shop, in Corona, California, the guitar soon assumed a massive significance for him. Page salvaged the neck and put it on his brown string bender Tele, and has since re-stripped and restored the body in full. Very loud. Jimmy Page was born on January 9, 1944 in Heston, Middlesex, England as James Patrick Page. He had left the axe in the care of a ceramic artist friend while on tour with Led Zep during “1969 or 1970”. Or so it’s been charged. “A seamlessly fluid psychedelic musical journey, the film charts the famous guitar’s significance in Jimmy’s development as a visionary artist.”. “You know…especially in women’s clothes, on jackets and skirts. Jimmy Page. The instrument was the main guitar used on Led Zeppelin and was later used to record the iconic solo for “Stairway to Heaven." As part of Led Zeppelin’s 50th anniversary celebrations, Smith & Foulkes created animated short ‘The Mystical Journey of Jimmy Page’s ‘59 Telecaster’. His father was a personnel manager at a plastic-coatings plant and his mother, who was of Irish descent, was a doctor's secretary. Jimmy Page's custom mirrored & dragon guitar ⓒ Fender The film tells of how Jimmy was gifted the plain white Telecaster by Jeff Beck after Page had recommended him for … I tried applying mirrors to it so you could use it in an optical way with the lights and shine the mirrors on people while you were playing.”, Page added eight round mirrors to the body of the guitar to give it a kinetic element In February 1967. As the guitar evolved, so did Jimmy’s career. Produced for Fender. “It was incredible to see his shared passion for these guitars in action, as he touched each and every one. The “Dragon” model includes a custom hardshell flight case, white seatbelt-style strap, super-long white leather strap, red coiled cable, violin bow, rosin, Herco® guitar picks and Page-signed Certificate of Authenticity. Jimmy Page is using a violin bow on his ‘Mirror’ Telecaster, the subject of a recent Fender tribute model. Anthology gave me the opportunity to do the detail behind the detail of everything pertaining to my career, whether it was the guitars or the costumes or whatever. The most dangerous time of year for your wallets is here. Among the four Artist Signature models will be two highly collectible, limited edition Fender Custom Shop versions masterbuilt by Fender Custom Shop Master Builder veteran Paul Waller – one with mirrors and the other with the painted dragon. The Fender Jimmy Page Telecaster is a tribute to Jimmy Page's 1959 Telecaster, as played in the Yardbirds, Led Zeppelin, and beyond. Culture Editor Tony Sokol cut his teeth on the wire services and also wrote and produced New York City’s Vampyr Theatre and the rock opera AssassiNation: We Killed JFK. Additionally, two models will be made on Fender’s production lines, and released in Spring/Summer 2019. It’s a pivotal moment for the guitar and music.”. Page played it on stage and in the studio until 1969. Commemorating the band's win of the MoPOP Founders Award. In addition to personal touches from Page, the Fender Custom Shop models feature an off-center-seam, two-piece ash body; a pair of Fender Custom Shop Hand-Wound ‘58 single-coil pickups; a tinted maple “Oval C” neck matching the profile of Page’s original instrument; Clear and White Vinyl pickguards on the “Dragon” and mirror models, respectively. Fender will be releasing two high-priced models as an homage to that instrument in March and two other models in the summer. When legendary guitarist Jimmy met the Fender Telecaster, rock history was made. You can watch the short promotional film here: Few guitars are as important to the history of music culture as the “Dragon” Telecaster Page played for Led Zeppelin I, which came out on January 12, 1969. When he formed Led Zeppelin in 1968, the Dragon Telecaster became Page’s go-to instrument and he played it onstage and in the studio until 1969, wrote Brad Tolinski in Light & Shade: Conversations With Jimmy Page. “More than a year later, we’ve managed to bring this guitar and the evolution of Jimmy’s career back to life. But the biggest magic wand the former session man wielded was the mystical Telecaster guitar, vintage: 1959. For $25,000, the set will be available for local authorized showcase dealers to purchase and then sell together or separately to consumers. Originally, the guitar was given to Page by Jeff Beck, his fellow member of the Yardbirds. Modeled after the famous guitar Page plucked, strummed and bowed, Fender dropped the guitar as part of the Led Zeppelin 50th anniversary celebration. When the Yardbirds folded in 1968, Page decided to once again revamp the axe by stripping it of its mirrors and painting on a psychedelic dragon motif with poster paint. NAMM 2019: Back in October, it was announced that Fender had teamed up with former Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page to recreate the 1959 Telecaster that he used to record the band's self-titled debut in 1968. Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page posted a video on Instagram describing the making of his customized Fender guitar released in 2019 which modeled after his beloved 1959 Fender Telecaster and became emotional remembering the good old days.. This clip follows an animated short released in … It was featured on the Anderson Theatre show “Yardbirds 68.”. 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The December 2020 issue of Guitar Magazine is out now! All Jimmy Page models will be available throughout 2019 and will be available at local dealers. “It’s a lot of love in that gesture and the journey of it through The Yardbirds and how it was used on the first Led Zeppelin album…the journey all the way through here today. Culture Editor Tony Sokol is a writer, playwright and musician. In the tradition of blues legend Robert Johnson, this 1959 Fender Telecaster was given to him by Jeff Beck, who passed it on as he passed on his gig with The Yardbirds. Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox! We take a look back at Elephant – the duo’s heavy-hitting 2003 garage-rock masterpiece that unleashed rock’s last truly world-conquering riff. Nexus Studios’ Directors Smith and Foulkes, and their team of animators, shaped the film around Page’s “own testimony.” “Through animation, we struck an authentic balance between brand marketing and product storytelling to create a unique visual experience to launch the Mirror Telecaster,” Taylor said in a statement. 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Recreations of both the ‘Mirror’ and ‘Dragon’ versions of the instrument were announced in November last year – with the eye-catching video created by Nexus Studios launched to announce that both are now on sale.. Page studied the works of Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn founder Aleister Crowley as well as sacred geometry and the Sacred Book of Abramelin. In our final part of our look at the stylings of the legendary Three Kings, we tackle the searing style of Freddie King. Continuing our journey through the guitar styles of the legendary Three Kings, this time it’s the turn of Flying V-toting blue icon Albert. is the world’s leading authority and resource for all things guitar. In the video below, Jimmy Page shares the psychedelic story behind his famous Fender guitar. Fender released a second short film, telling the story of the transformation, which you can watch here: “Jimmy actually invited us to his house in London to spec the guitar out,” said Fender Custom Shop Master Builder Paul Waller, who Page worked closely with during Fender’s reissue process to makes sure every detail was accurately recreated.
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