Requires strict binding: no Experimentation with about:config did not bring satisfactory results. Configuring Lock Action Virtual Machine: no Why not a new Compositor? libQt5WaylandCompositor5-5.7.1-1.1.x86_64 kwin_core: Creating the OpenGL rendering failed: “Required extension GL_OES_EGL_image not found, disabling compositing” Upgrading the driver to 364 gave a (slightly) better result: $ export $(dbus-launch) The whole desktop is now a folderview, and another right-click on the desktop will allow you to select FolderView Settings. OpenGL shading language version string: 1.40 NVIDIA via Cg compiler This does not only allow us to run KWin on OpenGL ES powered devices (I am particular looking forward to see KWin on Tegra 2 devices), but also gives us a much better compositing experience on the desktop systems. (this one was also tested with git versions of Qt, frameworks and plasma), One cannot start konsole with the exit with session argument. My device is what you might indeed consider “weird”. Just tell me what to do. Right-click on your desktop - select Desktop Settings (or Appearance Settings, in some distros). query_only: QVariant(qlonglong, 0) kwayland-integration-5.7.1-1.mga6 file:///usr/lib/qt/qml/QtQuick/Controls/Button.qml:100: TypeError: Cannot read property of null Customising the behaviour of the KWin effects means opening the All effects tab, and choosing the plugins you want to use. Texture NPOT support: yes file:///usr/share/plasma/look-and-feel/org.kde.breeze.desktop/contents/components/InfoPane.qml:54:22: Unable to assign [undefined] to int There is a tutorial on defining your own rules for the behaviour of specific windows on the KWin Rules pages. works fine and reports wayland windowing system. GLSL shaders: yes kwin_core: We are going to quit KWin now as it is broken. Well, nobody knows, I’ve read out of curiosity the discussion, and even though I don’t know the terminology well, but one thing I saw: everything which they want with Streams could either be done with GBM, or can not with either. You can for example use the Present Windows as the effect for window switching. Thanks! kwin_core: The used windowing system requires compositing Mesa version: 12.0.1 Thank you so much for writing this. To be clear above refers to SkyLake platform: If your X server already supports compositing, switching it on is as easy as opening System Settings, opening the Worskpace Appearance and Behaviour module, choosing Desktop Effects and enabling the checkbox Enable desktop effects at startup. That go for all the command Except for the "pwd" and "echo" no idea why its doing that? Please activate all KWin related debug categories, run it again and report a bug against KWin – ideally for the platform you used. _XSERVTransSocketUNIXCreateListener: …SocketCreateListener() failed Please get in contact with your distribution on how to get the logind DBus interface installed (this does neither require using systemd nor logind). OpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI Intel(R) Sandybridge Mobile Download and install gtk-chtheme from this website. Requires strict binding: no GPU class: Unknown In case you're not familiar, it's easy to bind command to hotkeys in KDE -- just right-click the application launcher, go to "Edit Applications", add a new item, enter the shell command in the "Command" box, and then set the shortcut key in the "Advanced" tab. I don’t even know what the quainter based compositor is or how to install/enable it. Maybe it’s caused by having color correction enabled, maybe because of using OpenGL core profile (though one of your debug outputs doesn’t show it). KCrash: Application Name = kwin_wayland path = /usr/bin pid = 16789 export $(dbus-launch) This will work with Firefox as well as any gtk applications that you use. – Option 2 works fine (there is no window to resize, after all, – Running startplasmacompositor from a VT did show the splash, but then I just got a black screen with a cursor. That would already be a huge step. Log in to a tty and setup similar to nested setup – I recommend the exit-with-session command line option to have a nice defined setup to exit again: export $(dbus-launch) No backend specified through command line argument, trying auto resolution KWin supports multiple platforms and distributions put them in multiple packages. journal_mode: QVariant(QString, “wal”) Driver version: 364.19 I tested it on a bit older platform that previously (check my earlier post in this forum). Apache Sling and Jackrabbit PMC member. KWin (pronounced "kay-win") is the window manager for the KDE Plasma Desktop. Here the experience differs and I myself don’t know exactly what is supported on which hardware and in which setting combination. As the comment section may not be appropriate/efficient for a ‘debugging’ session, I’ve changed my email address to one I actually check on a regular basis. This page was last edited on 23 May 2020, at 12:53. lib64qt5waylandclient5-5.6.1-2.mga6, Full output is following: Depends on how recent your system is. You can move maximized windows between Xinerama screens and the addition of external screens is handled correctly. Please get in contact with your distribution, they need to fix the packaging . It’s something which will be resolved once all distros have fixed their packaging. KWin works fine in the nested setup: awesome. Obviously posted this before realizing I have a ‘weird’ system. Please note that only a subset of the plugins works with XRender-based compositing. Maybe was caused by plasmashell crashed. Before installing Plasma, make sure you have a working Xorg installation on your system.Install the plasma-meta meta-package or the plasma group. Linux kernel version: 4.6.4 Anyway I observed another issue. This means that KWin failed to create the Wayland server socket. _XSERVTransMakeAllCOTSServerListeners: server already running Reinstalling the application may fix this problem. FATAL ERROR: could not create Wayland server. X-Server started on display :1 x11-server-xwayland-1.18.3-15.mga6 0. “` In systemsetting window, when I move mouse cursor over the icons they flicker. Pressing this key nothing changed, still I wasn’t able unlock session. GPU class: Unknown Mesa version: 12.0.1 All was OK. After that I moved window and I did the same. Module ‘org.kde.kwin.decoration’ does not contain a module identifier directive – it cannot be protected from external registrations. Driver: NVIDIA Error message: unable to lock lockfile /run/user/[uid]/wayland-0.lock, maybe another compositor is running For X11 you need e.g. Texture NPOT support: yes > The session is not registered: “PID 29080 does not belong to any known session” Don’t have another wayland compositor running on the same user name. If you want to try Wayland please always first try the nested setup. You may find that you have other icons available to you. $ kwin_wayland –xwayland Hitting Alt-Tab keys quickly will show you the next window in the queue, just like it used to. Human beings operate a Computer with the help of commands. kwin_wayland –xwayland –exit-with-session=kate OpenGL version: 3.3 Also possibly relevant is that I’m using plasma 5.6 as not all 5.7 packages have been uploaded to sid, but I could upgrade the following packages to 5.7 if that would help: bluedevil breeze breeze-cursor-theme kde-cli-tools kde-cli-tools-data kde-config-gtk-style kde-config-screenlocker kde-config-sddm kde-style-breeze kde-style-breeze-qt4 kde-style-oxygen-qt5 kgamma5 khotkeys khotkeys-data kinfocenter kscreen ksysguard ksysguard-data ksysguardd kwayland-integration kwin-common kwin-data kwin-style-breeze kwin-wayland kwin-wayland-backend-x11 kwin-x11 kwrited libkdecorations2-5v5 libkdecorations2private5v5 libkf5libkdepim-data libkf5libkdepim-plugins libkf5libkdepim5 libkf5sysguard-bin libkf5sysguard-data libkscreenlocker5 libksgrd7 libksignalplotter7 libkwin4-effect-builtins1 libkwineffects8 libkwinglutils8 libkwinxrenderutils8 liboxygenstyle5-5 liboxygenstyleconfig5-5 libprocesscore7 libprocessui7 milou oxygen-sounds plasma-integration plasma-pa qml-module-qtquick-controls-styles-breeze systemsettings user-manager. kwin_wayland --xwayland, This should create a black window. > The Wayland connection broke. I was looking for info like this for some time as Ive never managed to start KDE with wayland even though I have been trying for some time. $ kwin_wayland –xwayland Works fine for me on Fedora 24. kwin_core: Creating egl surface failed Still digging: I was not sure if kwin_x11 was not starting at all, or if it was crashing just before i could even see window decoration. If your program shows command not found an error, then it means that the computer is unable to find the program by that name. kwin_core: The used windowing system requires compositing kwin_core: We are going to quit KWin now as it is broken. Using Wayland-EGL, After launching kwrite, I can terminate it correctly by pressing Ctrl+Q in the window, Testing Mageia 6, I experienced the same problem. libwayland-egl1-12.0.1-141.1.x86_64 X-Server started on display :1 lib64kf5wayland5-5.24.0-1.mga6 Just use the Alt-Tab keysequence and keep the Alt key pressed. Day 1. > file:///usr/share/kwin/virtualkeyboard/main.qml:21:1: module “QtQuick.VirtualKeyboard” is not installed kwin_core: Egl Initialize succeeded X-Server started on display :1 on Debian based systems the package kwin-wayland-backend-x11. Actually, I just found that D-Bus was failing to start elogind. OpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI Intel(R) Sandybridge Mobile OpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 (Skylake GT2) X-Server started on display :0 Requires strict binding: no > X-Server started on display :1 To me wayland does not even start with Plasma 5.7.1 and KF 5.24. wayland-errors gives: file:///usr/share/kwin/virtualkeyboard/main.qml:21:1: module “QtQuick.VirtualKeyboard” is not installed u/Yummychickenblue. “it is not supported”…ok…by the driver? Creating directory: “/home/piotrm/.local/share/kactivitymanagerd/resources/” Will test again when Frameworks 5.24 and Plasma 5.7 hit the Manjaro repos. But a fix (in org.freedesktop.login1.service conf) for it was discussed in elogind issues trackes. After executing the command, restart the terminal for the new $PATH value to take effect. Requires strict binding: no I was able to interact with kwrite without any problems – I wrote some word in this editor. With it I now get GLSL shaders: yes file:///usr/share/kwin/virtualkeyboard/main.qml:21:1: module “QtQuick.VirtualKeyboard” is not installed This will open a settings window, with appropriate entries already made. X-Server started on display :1 wal_autocheckpoint: QVariant(qlonglong, 100) We set the runtime dependency. It clearly says Could you enable more debug output? The Gallery holds many screenshots of past and present desktops and effects. before running KCrash: crashing… crashRecursionCounter = 2 journal_mode: QVariant(QString, “wal”) QObject::connect: invalid null parameter export QT_QPA_PLATFORM=wayland kwayland-5.21.0git.20160803T114525~2617265-9.1.x86_64 No backend specified through command line argument, trying auto resolution /bin/bash: yarn: command not found - using circleci/ruby:2.5.0-node-browsers. Could you clarify? Tested with Plasma 5.7.1 and KF 5.24. libkwinglutils: Update of color profiles failed Setting the name of 0x1341450 to “org.kde.ActivityManager.ActivityTemplates” Hmm not sure whether we really need it or whether there could be a replacement. No backend specified through command line argument, trying auto resolution Best get in contact with us to check what works and if you are interested: please help in adding support for it. libQt5WaylandClient5-5.7.1-1.1.x86_64 GLSL shaders: yes On many netbooks the screen is very clear, so that reading fonts much smaller than you expect is feasible. fails but freezes the screen on all ttys until gdm is restarted (which probably is a bug in gdm, but I’m not sure). OpenGL renderer string: GeForce GT 430/PCIe/SSE2 KWin starts fine but the application doesn’t show because of an error message like: This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin “wayland”in “”. This can make window management smoother, easier, more efficient and more natural. libkwalletbackend5-5-5.25.0git.20160724T133134~8cf7300-2.2.x86_64, unfortunately, gnupg still doesn’t have a wayland pinentry client (as far as I understand, the Qt-version uses the Xcb plugin in order to place the window properly and take the focus). kwin has 59 repositories available. Session path: “/org/freedesktop/login1/session/c2” More advanced compositing settings (such as Use VSync, Scale method, Compositing type) are available through the Advanced dialog. Do this instead. More than 50 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 100 million projects. Instead of showing you icons or very small previews of your applications, it arranges them in a grid so you can quickly choose the right one. kwin_core: Forcing EGL native interface for Wayland mode See this article and the linked ones, “Running KWin on the weird systems….. NVIDIA based systems….”, Also for those who didn’t notice: there was a fair amount on humor put into that part by causing it weird. Show your love for KDE! OpenGL version: 3.0 Open the Command Palette via (⇧⌘P) and type shell command to find the Shell Command: > Install 'code' command in PATH** command. Turned out, GTK3 for whatever reason caches existing IMs, and ignores everything not mentioned in cache. Setting the name of 0x262cb90 to “org.kde.ActivityManager.Resources.Scoring” import QtQuick.Enterprise.VirtualKeyboard 2.0 EDIT / Note. Elaborate checks have been build in to ensure users with low-end hardware are not presented with an unusable setup. kwayland-5.24.0-1.mga6 Session path: “/org/freedesktop/login1/session/c2”, lock called After starting kwrite I clicked in its main menu and moved mouse cursor through all menus. org/freedesktop/login1/session/ does NOT have .Session in it, On different note, while Here is the tutorial to learn how to uninstall kwin with apt-get command. You can now use tab to switch through the windows or just activate the right one using the mouse. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. GPU class: GF100 Once you have the file open, find a line that looks like this: . bash: bashtop: command not found. … or the current kwin code does not support whatever stuff done in a wired way by nvidia? file:///usr/share/kwin/virtualkeyboard/main-enterprise.qml:21:1: module “QtQuick.Enterprise.VirtualKeyboard” is not installed When I back to Wayland sessions I got locked screen (sddm like). If that all works you are ready to run startplasmacompositor. From time to time I get contacted because kwin_wayland or startplasmacompositor doesn’t work. GLSL version: 1.40 The code suggested for Weston is still not merged. Driver: NVIDIA Simply means "current directory" Different were only Qt in version 5.7.0 and used older Mesa version (11.2.2). I’ve been fond of Fedora myself, but also have been tinkering with Arch Linux lately and love it even more. Linux kernel version: 4.7 This is very difficult to say without the hardware in question to properly investigate. Please get in contact with your distribution. By the way its a "SunOS" I don't have choice in the matter, as its … $ kwin_wayland –xwayland Linux kernel version: 4.7 _XSERVTransMakeAllCOTSServerListeners: server already running, kwin_wayland doesn’t exit though, it just keeps the terminal occupied. To make windows run inside this nested kwin_wayland one needs to GLSL version: 3.30 OpenGL version: 4.3 It also handles placing of windows and switching between them. Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services. OpenGL version string: 3.1.0 NVIDIA 364.19 export QT_QPA_PLATFORM=wayland Concerning elogind: sorry, no idea best ask your distribution. Here’s the stderr of a clean attempt to launch kwin_wayland as per above, but without starting an extra kwrite (“QSocketNotifier” and later lines appear after the kill): OpenGL shading language version string: 3.30 I think it wouldn’t help much as we don’t have the hardware to properly investigate. For differences between plasma-meta and plasma reference Package group. OpenGL shading language version string: 1.40 NVIDIA via Cg compiler That’s distros job in my opinion. This most likely means that KWin tries to interact with logind DBus API, but your system does not provide this DBus interface. Using Wayland-EGL Using kwin in LXQt.
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