This action cannot be reversed. Whether you are shooting in a competition or plinking targets for leisure time the AR-15’s modular nature will offer you an incredible array of options for customization for an intended shooting activity. On the flipside, these rugged and good-looking lowers are inherently weaker than forged receivers are. With better mechanical properties, the 7075-T6 aluminum alloy is the option for anyone looking for superior strength and durability. Actually, 7075 has almost double the strength of 6061, but its hardness makes it more difficult to machine and typically it costs 2x as much as well. Small Parts . Billet receivers feature an integrated trigger guard and offer finer finish compared to the forged lowers. Details. Armalite, Colt Manufacturing. Example: Historical reenactments and the increased interest of collectors for Vietnam War spawned offerings of the early AR-15 and M16A1 rifles as well as the parts kits for builders. There are two types of aluminum alloys of the T6 temper variety used in making AR-15/M16 receivers: 6061-T6 and 7075-T6. Change the options below to customize the model for downloading. Unfortunately, this black finished lower cannot be modified for full-auto mode, so the fake non-selectable "Burst" position is just for that swag. M16 Retro Lower Receiver XM16E1 dull gray anodized finish, stripped Correct Lower for Replicas of Early U.S. Army M16 Rifles, made from Nodak forging. Besides the standard anodizing (Type II) and hard-coat anodized (Type III) finishes requested by military specifications, there are few proprietary coatings providing a number of benefits including superior abrasion resistance and an extremely durable finish available in different colors. The BRN-16A1 Lower Receiver precisely mirrors the original form and dimensions with a proper M16A1 front take-down lug profile. The mil-spec AR and M16 use forged 7075-T6 receivers. Configuring model for download. LOWER RECIEVERS and LOWER KITS . The M4 carbine is a shorter and lighter version of the M16A2 rifle which offers distinct advantages in portability and maneuverability. Add to Cart. Unlike complete, a stripped lower will give you an excellent price-performance ratio and tons of different styles, added ergonomic features, or ambidextrous compatibility. 39.625 inches. The Brownells blemished stripped lowers under manufacturer number 078-000-450WB are also often cheaper than regular ones because of small aesthetics imperfections such as discoloration and some anodizing flaws. You may not need NICS check or an FFL to build a weapon, but you will need additional tools, like a drill press or lathe and technical skills to assemble a 100% receiver. The forging process makes the strongest aluminum form, which is very suitable for a heavy-duty M16 that you plan to use often. Some gun owners also pay great attention to aesthetics and finish. Whether you plan to convert your rifle to full-auto legally or you belong to those who want the novelty of the full-auto selector icon this M4 lower boasts the selector markings in the form of bullet pictograms. You can also hold the lower in a vise using the driver side and passenger side pads. The Brownells is a well-known supplier for retro AR-15/M16, particularly for the AR-15/M16 A1 with manufacturer number BRN16A1. Manufacturers. Solid billet lowers milled in CNC machine typically cost more than forged because of the extra machining time. Download the model according to the specified sizing parameters in either 3D or 2D format. The forged lowers are lighter than their billet counterparts and are the most economic chassis for an M16 rifle. 3.3.1 Upper receiver and lower receiver qroups. From an aesthetic point of view the lower engraved with distinctive Aero insignia doesn't take away from the authenticity of your build rifle, but some owners complain that they got poorly executed roll marks as it is pretty light, actually much lighter than on the Aero M4A1 lowers. It may be an arguable statement, but the most important things that an average AR builder wants from his lower receiver are the good fit, ergonomics, and finish. Check with a square or dial indicator. The blemish units may come in varying finishes ranging from shiny green to dark grey. Weight (without magazine and sling) 6.35 pounds. Includes Semi-Auto Hammer, Trigger and your choice of Pistol Grip. Subsequently, it was the main reason why the military switched from 6061-T6 to 7075-T6 aluminum and not because the 7075-T6 receivers are "stronger", as many believe. The M4-style adjustable buttstock and standard black pistol grip are molded from reinforced polymer to help reduce the weight, but this basic furniture isn't that great, and most AR owners change them out anyway. Only the following html tags are allowed:

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