Only thing is you have to stir them constantly for the first couple minutes otherwise they stick together. This was delicious! It was perfect with the cooler weather we are getting in NC. Added about 2 tablespoons of tomato paste and added fresh basil and oregano to the soup. Feb 8, 2019 - Lasagna Soup has everything you love about lasagna – all in one bowl of soup! I’m making this for dinner tonight, with garlic knots. It's easy, filling, hearty and perfect for a cold winter night. This is excellent- I crave it for days after, it’s delicious! I use 4 cups of broth vs 3 which reduces the amount of water needed. In fact, we thought iit was better the second night since the flavors had a chance to meld together more. Divide the Skinnytaste lasagna soup between 6 bowls and top each with 2 tbsp ricotta cheese mixture, mozzarella, fresh cracked pepper and fresh basil on top. I did have a difficult time trying to find sweet Italian chicken sausage so decided to go with a ground pork substitute. Just made this for dinner and my daughter and I loved it! It was so, so good! It’s delicious! I am excited to try this! Easy and delicious , OK, so my son HATES soup – the only soup he's ever actually liked is Hamburger Soup. Just an FYI. This extra deep lasagna has 5 layers of noodles (I used no … Until the final steps with the noodles and cheese, it did seem watery . Pingback: The Weekly Menu Nov 6 #glutenfree #menuplanning #recipes - The Weekly Menu, Can you use diced tomatoes in place of marinara sauce. Use the natural or the quick release method, then open the pot. I cooked mine in the Instant Pot, 10 minutes, quick release and then simmered the lasagna pieces, delish! I would like to double this recipe. Set aside. Add the chopped onion and crushed garlic and cook 2 to 3 minutes. Love it so much we made 2 batches in one week. My child is allergic to poultry. We had friends over for dinner and I thought this would be great to make. Is it still watery even with the cheeses stirred in? This is now my family’s favorite way to have lasagne, we still Love Moms Pan Lasagna but this is Awesome too. After the sauce simmer d for twenty minutes, it’s no longer boiling. Made this yesterday – Delish! Thanks! I can't wait for him to get home and try it. It says according to the package directions, but do you boil the soup and cook the noodles that way? I add 2 cups of baby spinach when adding the broken lasagna noodles. Super delicious and filling. I’ve made this several times and it’s delicious! Jan 23, 2015 - Lasagna Soup has everything you love about lasagna – all in one bowl of soup! I'd love to try this, but am a bit confused… are the noodles cooked separately from the rest of the soup, then added the end? Family favorite. The dollop of ricotta on top really makes it. Made this saturday and it was amazing! My grocery store only had spicy chicken sausage . Between the sausage and marinara sauce (I used canned), it was a lot of salt. I used Barilla rotini both time’s I’ve made it. I made this today using your slow cooker instructions from the book. Pingback: Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins | My Bizzy Kitchen. It find the sweet Italian Chicken Sausage in my area. Do you I have to add more broth? More thick like a marinara? I love how it makes for such an easy lunch for me for the rest of the week! Everyone scarfed this stuff! "This doesn't even taste healthy!" Thanks Gina for the great recipes! I guessed and added 12 oven ready noodles (2 per person). Stir in half-and half. Divide between 6 bowls and top each with 2 tbsp ricotta cheese mixture, mozzarella, fresh cracked pepper and fresh basil on top. 1/2 onion, chopped I did make some minor changes. Press saute on the Instant Pot and spray with oil. Thank you for you help. Oh. It was delicious! Used whole wheat lasagna noodles so it had to cook longer and it wasn’t really soupy. YUM! I always use flat leaf, but won't matter. It was beyond words delicious!!! Thanks for all your fabulous recipes! I’ve included stove top, Instant Pot and Slow Cooker directions. 8 Freestyle Points • 292 Calories Worth all the weight watchers points, it doesn’t disappoint. I think it would still taste great, maybe more salt and Italian seasoning. Did you use the soup option when using your instant pot? Would you add any additional spices with this swap? Pingback: Friday Favorites-Lots of Food Edition. Only thing to mention is the spinach wasn’t in the ingredients list here or on the shopping list so we won’t have spinach in ours unfortunately. I'm so glad to have leftovers:). I made this soup this weekend and it was delicious! I know it won't be as lucious, but when you're on a low fat, low carb, low sodium diet it's challenging to find tasty food. Thanks for all the great recipes. Next time I might consider using just a combo of tomato sauce + fire roasted diced tomatoes to cut back on the sodium. This may be my favorite recipe yet! I have a large mixing bowl that looks exactly like them but it was from my grandmother. Any idea if this would work in a crock pot? It’s so delicious!!!!! I’m wondering how long it will stay good in the fridge? Made this tonight and all my kids loved it! I set it for 30 minutes and let it go. Get recipes & exclusive content via email: You can unsubscribe anytime by clicking the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of emails you receive. Lasagna Soup is sooooo good!! You've done it again! I would assume that it would be fine in the crockpot. Perfect for a snow day. Thanks for all you do! Great recipe. This is tagged as a weight watvhersd recipe. We just love this soup! We love traditional lasagna, lasagna rolls ups, and now, soup! Can this be made in crockpot? . Thanks for offering instructions using all three methods. Hi GINA!! This meal plan has revolutionized our dining experience, and completely changed my relationship with food, diet, and health. LOVED this soup!!!! I didn’t see it on the ingredients list but it is mentioned at the end of the recipe so I didn’t buy it at the store! Add the broken pasta and cook uncovered according to package directions. We didn't have any fresh herbs at home but wanted to try it anyway–tasted great, even with dried parsley. This was so good , i made it with italian flavored ground turkey. Then, I cooked the pasta for about 20 min using the slow cooker mode and glass lid. that Gina gives us to enjoy flavor without calories. Makes about 8 cups. My husband declared this the "best thing I've ever made in my life" LOL. Only could find no-boil noodles so I just broke them up and threw them in during that 30 minutes of simmering- turned out perfect. I did everything exactly as you said. Get new free recipes and exclusive content delivered right to your inbox: Your email address will not be published. It looked prettier. Would this work, not cooking the chicken sausage and just chopping up some meatballs, but doing the rest as directed? Can I use yellow onion? Which would compiment the dish better? This is simple and very favorable! I’m planning on taking this for my work lunches but I’m pairing it with spaghetti squash to lower the points! You can use any cut of pasta in place of broken lasagna noodles. Tonight, I made it with the following adaptions and it was wonderful!! Looks amazing! The soup is essentially done before you add the noodles, so you just have to put them in when it says and just cook them in the broth until they're done as per the time on the noodle box. Your email address will not be published. I could definitely see it working with ground turkey for lower points…will try it that way next time! The pasta may soak up some of the liquid, you can adjust by adding more broth. In a medium bowl combine the ricotta, parmesan, and 2 tbsp parsley and mix. This will definitely go on regular rotation for the fall/winter months! This was FABULOUS. I just printed the recipe so I can make it for my family! Quick tip: the Lasagne noodles really swell up nicely so don’t be afraid to break them into smaller pieces. Absolutely delicious! The topping works out to be 2 pts. It may have been a little too spicy for my son and husband, but I thought it was fantastic. Also, nice to have a recipe that did not need a large amount of meat. In the directions part, for slow cooker, you say to add the spinach, but in the ingredient list, I can’t see how much spinach to add? Gina, I have really been wanting to make this but I can. Used trader joes marinara and a cheese medley with the ricotta. I gave my husband a taste and he ended up eating the whole serving right away. My husband, who doesn’t really like food prepared in the slow cooker had seconds and raved that it “doesn’t have that ‘slow cooker’ taste. Thanks for sharing this recipe Gina!! If you want to make this low sodium, I would use one link, and replace the rest with ground turkey! A few examples of this: my Stuffed Pepper Soup, Baked Potato Soup, Chicken Pot Pie Soup, Slow Cooker Chicken Enchilada Soup, and in my cookbook my yummy stuffed cabbage soup. What should the consistency be? Thanks! Love this soup. I wanted to make this sometime this week in the crock pot when I have a busy day. This was excellent. This is a fabulous solution, and one the Waist Watchers can enjoy too! I’m not sure what variety of parsley you used. This is what Google is for. Fresh basil chopped up like little confetti. I've lost 60 lbs with WW, and your recipes have been a bit reason I've been able to stay the course. Loaded with chicken sausage, lasagna noodles, marinara and cheese. I sure would try the mushroom ragu and aubergine! Thank you so much for all your hard work and your book! We also topped it with a bit of shredded mozz since we aren't counting points right now. Nov 15, 2015 - Lasagna Soup has everything you love about lasagna – all in one bowl of soup! Lasagna Soup has all the deliciousness of lasagna, only you eat this with a spoon! How many noodles make up 6 oz? This is yummy , served to my book club. Thank you!! This lasagna soup recipe is really an amazing recipe. Just not enough. We  also add fresh spinach. I am 1 and knowing the serving would be a lot easier. Whatever flavors you’re craving, I have an awesome soup for you. My husband said don't lose this recipe! Loaded with chicken sausage, lasagna noodles, marinara and cheese. She basically uses a lb of ground turkey breast and cooks it with sausage seasonings and it tastes the same imo. Loaded with chicken sausage, lasagna noodles, marinara and cheese. My sister in-law stopped by with her three very picky eaters and they slurped it up! Added a ton of baby spinach and subbed sage leaves for basil. the recipe was pretty quick and easy…WAY easier than regular lasagna. I love the idea of the noodles in a separate container. I made this soup last week and it was great! My family loved it. Put together the soup in the slow cooker, sans noodles. Did anyone else die a little inside when mixing the delicious quick marinara with water??? We then had to leave and come back over an hour later. Thank you! WORD! ... Hi, I’m Gina Homolka, a busy mom of two girls, author and recipe developer here at What brand do you use. 2 crushed cloves garlic In the future, I wouldn’t use this type of noodle with the Instant Pot method. Very hearty soup. This will become a staple of our recipe rotation! Every Thursday during the winter, my boss’s wife makes lunch for our office and this was on the menu today. It’s an easy recipe with great flavors! I use the Catelli brand lasagna noodles, they hold up pretty well! ), My smiley face came out like question marks. does it matter if you use the no boil lasagna noodles? Now that’s a recipe for dinner success! This was seriously one of the greatest soups ever. Hi Gina! We’ve made this a few times and it’s a hit with us and the kids. Beef or vegetable? Can you use whole wheat “no bake” lasagna noodles? It was sooo good! Probably go with vegetable stock. Delish! The family kept asking for seconds. Definitely worth trying if you haven't yet. . Soooo I only have no boil lasagna, totally thought I had regular! I used flat-leaf parsley, and it worked beautifully. Hi Morgan, I freeze this in individual containers to take for lunch and the other teachers have all asked for the recipe. This recipe is SO good! I’m still confused. So flavorful and satisfying. I took a chance and made this in my Insta-pot last night and it came out wonderfully. Question.. when I put your nutritional info you provide into the weight watchers calculator it says 10pts per serving in blue. Cindy. I use a tbsp and freeze individual toppings. Any advice on freezing this? Mine looks kind of watery. Delicious soup though! I ended up throwing the basil in the soup while it simmered. We even had a 7 year old guest who asked for the recipe link for her mom!! Then I cooked them on low for about 30-45 min (until the tomatoes become soft and fall apart). I had to do the Italian turkey because my grocery store didn’t have the Italian chicken, but it was still delicious! You’re wonderful!!???? I have been working my way through your website (and books). The addition of the cheese mixture offers the rich cheese umami that we all love about lasagna. Where do you buy your chicken sausage? The slow cooker version references adding spinach but this ingredient does not appear in the ingredient list. Thank you! Thanks! My hubby says that your soups ALWAYS blow him away. I used Rao’s marinara (24 ounces) and some pizza pork sausage (16 ounces). I absolutely love basil so the more flavor it gives, the better for me! What is the sausage seasoning? Is there a slow cooker version of this recipe? I made this soup in the Instant Pot tonight and both my husband and I really enjoyed it. I threw mine in the crockpot tonight (after cooking the sausage). The only adaptations I made were using Italian turkey sausage ( instead of chicken sausage), adding additional fresh garlic and additional chicken broth rather than the water the recipe called. It's what I have pantry right now. Do you add the lasagna noodles after it simmered for 20 minutes but then the package directions say to add the noodles to boiling water. I also added some carrots and chopped spinach as one of the above commenters suggested. Nancy. I love this take on lasagna! I just recently got an instant pot for Christmas. Fresh or frozen? We both said yummy left overs for lunch tomorrow. I did leave out the ricotta just because we honestly forgot and it was still great. I added some red pepper flakes to this because my husband loves spicy marinara. We love this soup. Can this be made in the instant pot? This will be going into regular rotation.
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