Brown Garden Snail, Cornu aspersum* (Müller, 1774). The southern flatcoil is native to the eastern United States, but has since been exported to many other locations around the globe ranging from Hawaii to the United Arab Emirates, likely via the international horticulture trade.It has also made its way to southern California.The specimens for this study were obtained in Oceanside, California in San Diego County. Description. Loading... Unsubscribe from Chin Frank? Id like to find some living ones and keep them! shiny glass snail (Zonitoides nitidus) shiny hive (Euconulus alderi) six-whorl vertigo (Vertigo morsei) slippery moss snail (Cochlicopa lubrica) small spot (Punctum minutissimum) smooth grass snail (Vallonia pulchella) southern flatcoil (Polygyra cereolus) spindle lymnaea (Acella haldemani) striped whitelip (Webbhelix multilineata) Hey guys! Appearance The shell is small, light-to-dark brown in color, glossy, and with a high spire. Confirmed Location(s): Harris County Habitat: gardens, broad-leafs, decks Description: The globular shell is brown or tawny with dark bands with light flecks. Southern Flatcoil snails: Introduced Urban gardens because of horticultural trade. I though they were very very CUTE! Southern Flatcoil: Florida Flatcoil: Golden Zachrysia: Zachrysia provisoria (L. Pfeiffer, 1858) Gastrocopta pellucida (L. Pfeiffer, 1841) Zonitoides arboreus (Say, 1817) Garden Zachrysia: Slim Snaggletooth: Quick Gloss: Mesomphix globosus (MacMillan, 1940) Hawaiia minuscula (A. Binney, 1841) Mesodon thyroidus (Say, 1817) Globose Button: Minute Gem There is considerable variation in the shell size of Polygyra cereolus. Add an Observation. Origin: Southeastern Europe, Turkey Distribution: North America. The following mollusks are documented in the park. ... Glyphyalinia indentata (Say, 1822) Carved Glyph Snail - … The height ranges from 3.5-4.6 mm and the diameter ranges from 11.5-18.2 mm. I found some small snail shells that i identified as Southern Flat Coil. Flamingo tongue snails can often be found feeding in coral reefs. Transverse Range Shoulderband Snail (Helminthoglypta petricola) Last seen on November 25, 2017 in Los Angeles County, US-CA, US ... Southern Flatcoil (Polygyra cereolus) Last seen on December 07, 2019 in Palm Springs | 0 comments. fl flat coil Slippery Moss Snail Cochlicopa lubrica, native This small snail is a synanthrope: a species that lives close to human dwellings. Southern flatcone snail. Study Species. x11 Zachrysia provisoria x13 Asian tramp snail x4 fl leatherleaf x1 Limacus Flavus x? PDF Article Authors Reviews Info Abstract The reproductive behaviors of … Polygyra cereolus (Mühlfeld, 1816) Southern Flatcoil Chin Frank. S ize: 25-38 mm in diameter (shell). Shell length = 11 - 18 mm. NPS image by Kara Wall. the southern flatcoil snail (Polygyra cereolus). The number of whorls for this species also varies from 7-9. Nature Garden, first record in Los Angeles, 2012. After death the shell may become Land gastropods (snails & slugs) of LA County ew-s-d-h-s-d-s-es-y Thanks! Anyone have experience with them? The table below is not exhaustive. Sightings of species not on this list may be submitted to the webmaster.
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