It’s a 10ft. This is a garbage product. It was installed by the contractor who built our house and they put the boards too close together in many places. Somehow he installed the fasteners so we don’t experience the whistle. Not a pop out on grade. If anyone would like to discuss problems with trex decking (including mold, splitting, crumbling, discoloration, etc...), please contact me at: I have decided to build my deck with Super Pro Dek (Vinyl!!!). By then, Trex no longer made that color anymore and it would have looked ridiculous, not matching. Wooden Decking Market, By Type, 2014-2025 (USD Million) After 5 years the boards are badly faded and the surface is disintegrating. My children have been confronting me to do something about it. Very unhappy with this expensive decking and not sure how to correct this problem. Any ideas on how to get them to reconsider my claim with "proper documentation"? To make a claim online for all concerns under the Trex Limited Warranty, click the Start Claim Process button below to start your claim. HELPFUL75 people found this review helpful, Jared of Springfield, OR Verified ReviewerOriginal review: Sept. 15, 2015. Mold is going to be The problem until the industry can, somehow eliminate this terrible problem. It will not be long before we have to replace the TREX decking as it is turning to sawdust. It is not safe to walk on. Trex customer service has not been helpful at all. Sad and their ego will define their future. I am stuck with TREX because that is what the warranty provides. We were told to sand and seal it. We thought we were buying a product that would last. I am hugely disappointed in this product. We order $70 worth of samples, choose our colors, and we pay postage to return the samples. The contractor starts on Monday. Trex composite decking also does some things that wood can’t. I became very disturbed and continued to research through out the night. Top 52 Complaints and Reviews about Trex Composite Decking One fifth of the steps are crumbling like sawdust (Not every step and some of the .. There is actually a LIFETIME warranty on this and to clean?...wash off! The Trex company has a problem. You need to soak the deck with it and let it sit for a while then hose it off. We had benches put around the edges of the deck and they have all tilted outward. Please review the details of your warranty coverage by clicking on the View Warranties link to the left of this information. I tried to contact company and I got a recording and found out there was a class action lawsuit regarding this and case was closed in 2014. 30 Sep 2007 We decided to go with fake wood -- composite or whatever it's called Nothing to do with decking>>> GM has made a 200,000 mile car/truck,with normal fender 1950's Power Wagon hey, it even has 'decking' in the bed. Trex fasteners go in between deck boards, keeping the walking surface smooth and unblemished. It also sags between traces as much as half an inch. They continued to worsen and the TREX rep came after 1.5 years and told us it was the support structure that was warping not the TREX boards even though we showed them the pictures of the warped boards prior to install. alice_ck. Trex® has revolutionized the cornhole industry with this new and innovative cornhole board set! I cannot believe this deck material is sold in the U.S. If you want an objective opinion feel free to reach out to our office. Thank you They boast of a 25 year warranty. One more reason to NOT put in Trex. Does Trex really think that the contractor would give me a copy showing the actual cost they paid for the Trex? Do you like curves? How do we fix this without replacing the entire thing? Avoid like the plague. i had Epoch Evergrain decking installed in February 2007. The only product I have found that removes the mold is Kaboom mold and mildew cleaner. When a storm system dipped down from the north it did not stop whistling for 3 days! The error appeared to point to a water issues of improper drainage, but we were able to provide pictures of the before and after to show that there was not a drainage issue, and the matter was quickly resolved to our satisfaction. The crumbling Trex looks somewhat precarious. It’s a waste of money. The 2×6 planks are not as bad, but they show decay as well. TT-COC-003944.229 | PEFC Certification No. Trex has no business ethic towards the “right” way to treat a potential customer. The only problem I’ve had is it’s slippery when it gets frost on it. Some of the prominent players in wooden decking market are Sundek Interio, United Construction Products, AZEK Building Products, Metsa Wood, Humboldt Redwood Company, DuraLife, Kebony, Universal Forest Products, Deck Solutions, Koppers, Trex Company, Alfresco Floors, Thermory AS, etc. Trex refuses to credit. Now it seems more people are becoming dissatisfied with the longevity and quality of Trex products. I am looking into the class action claims now. ago and the 2X2 vertical posts are decomposing into flakey crumbly faded material. We installed a large Trex deck in approximately 2 and half years ago and it began to bubble and decompose within the first year in spots, The process continued to spread to other boards. Trex support handled our situation in a very professional manner. 4.Composite Decking (at this point in time): :thumbdown: Just imagine spending $14,000 on a new deck only to begin seeing dark spots and possibly flacking and/or corrosion in a few weeks/months or just a year or two or maybe three... Bottom line for me: I'm sticking to WOOD! 10-21-2013, 08:58 AM Pelican Parts ... in effect, bondo the upper surface. But who would put themselves this through. One fifth of the steps are crumbling like sawdust (Not every step and some of the lower deck). is perfect ware and no fade. It was sold as maintenance free and a lifetime materials warranty. ... Our 2nd story TREX deck started disintegrating after the first year and by the 3d year disintegrated to the point that it was to dangerous to walk on. So, 18 years later and my Trex looks like it did when it was new. 18 months ago we installed 1,200 sq ft of Saddle Accent. My sister and her husband are spending over $80,000 on additions to their Greensboro, N.C. home. Sold by Monaghan Lumber in Peterborough, Ontario in 2008. It took a couple of months and several letters back and forth but Trex has now agreed to replace the product. It was one of the reasons we bought the home. Hire the Best Composite Deck Contractors in Fairport, NY on HomeAdvisor. You can scrape the top layers off with your fingernail. Come join the discussion about tools, projects, builds, styles, scales, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! I wanted to install Trex at our beach house but the historic preservation committee vetoed our use of anything synthetic. The dealer does not have records back that far. It is so loud it wakes up everyone in the household at night and all our bedrooms are located on the other side of the house.VIEW MORE HELPFUL77 people found this review helpful PREVIOUSNEXT, Trex Composite Decking Company Information, Company Name:Trex Composite, Nat Enterprises LtdUnit BLadfordfields Ind EstSeighford,StaffordST18 9QEUnited Kingdom, Timber Focus is Registered in England and Wales as a Private Company Limited No. HELPFUL77 people found this review helpful, Tess of El Dorado Hills, CA Verified ReviewerOriginal review: June 9, 2016, We purchased Trex for our front porch when the deck redone $7000 and some change later – mainly for the lack of maint since my husband is a disabled veteran and we need to cut down on the around the house work to what I can handle on my own. We have just had our deck finished with gravel path for the outside of the deck called picture frame, and saddle for the spine and middle of deck. Call 1 … HELPFUL54 people found this review helpful, shawn of Redding, CA Verified ReviewerOriginal review: April 2, 2015, We purchased some Trex decking from Trinity Lumber in Weaverville Ca. BMT-PEFC-1119.229, Composite Decking Problems and Complaints, is Registered in England and Wales as a Private Company Limited No. It didn’t work. He claimed only a very few boards were an issue and offered to give us a very small monetary amount to replace them. They are TERRIBLE to deal with. Please do not install this crap on your deck…. The more info I researched, the more shocking it was. The Trex has not stained, but has faded in color slightly and evenly. 13 years ago. I was told to use dish soap and scrub them and then rinse off. It is still very beautiful. HELPFUL43 people found this review helpful, Carol of Troy, NYOriginal review: May 24, 2016. We are going to remove the TREX material and throw it out…. No showroom in the area. C24 Construction timber joists and decking supports, C24 Construction Timber Joist and Supports, Are you this business?Learn more about ConsumerAffairs for Brands. Don’t believe their warranty. HELPFUL59 people found this review helpful, Ronald of Santa Barbara, CA Verified ReviewerOriginal review: Oct. 13, 2015. It’s now almost 8 years. The product name. HELPFUL92 people found this review helpful, Patrick of North Vancouver, BC Verified ReviewerOriginal review: May 11, 2015, We installed TREX decking 3 years ago on our floating deck (it’s above torch on). Ipe looks nice but apparently is very hard and difficult to work with. Because they are so close together, dirt, helicopter seeds from trees become stuck and are difficult to remove. MY final analysis is this::thumbdown: 2. But if I had another $12,000 to spend on another new deck it surely would not be TREX. Trex actually just came out with one called Escapes, it's priced way too high though. All we're selling here is PVC. See photo. First winter, the planks warped into U-shape and hold water in poodles on its surface. I called the manufacturer and he wanted me to check on the boards for the number/code and told him “I can’t check every board for a white sticker with a number” and told him “I have the receipt which shows Lowe’s delivered the material (over $5,000. Product looked ‘cloudy’, not at all like photos. It’s been a nightmare for us. Comments (3) Sorry if it wasnt the exact answer you were looking for. They suggested I go to Trex Decking… HELPFUL45 people found this review helpful, karen of Bensalem, PA Verified Reviewer Verified BuyerOriginal review: April 10, 2016, After having a house fire in 2006 my husband decided he wanted to redo our porch with Trex. I have read the other reviews about mold and warping, but no stains? If you are up for enjoying the misery of others, here's a trex blog site about the woes of other owners like me - Trex Decking Review: A new Trex Class Action Lawsuit. HELPFUL115 people found this review helpful, Beverly of Holts Summit, MO Verified ReviewerOriginal review: May 11, 2015, We have had our Trex Decking for 2 years. The company however stepped up and made good on their warranty. Over a couple of years the boards swelled and eventually came together creating large amounts of pooling on the deck – at the wrap around corner – it’s actually pushed the banding out creating gaps in the railing system that will need to be addressed. Do not buy TREX composite decking. Trex decking disintegrating - anyone have experience with this ... Veranda is HD only product, ... Trex is the world’s #1 decking brand and the inventor of wood-alternative composite decking. After two years the decking was flaking and fading even in the mild climate of central coast California. We had replaced the painted tongue and groove pine flooring on this porch twice before. But, what we did experience is 4, 20″ potted tomato plants & our grill blown completely off the deck. Sick Puppy Labs- what we lack in manpower, we make up for with physics and blind stubbornness. HELPFUL69 people found this review helpful, Jeff of Bluffton, SC Verified ReviewerOriginal review: Oct. 29, 2015, Trex Spice Rum decking – Bought/installed Trex on 3 porches. HELPFUL51 people found this review helpful, Dawn of Longmont, CO Verified ReviewerOriginal review: Oct. 25, 2015, I had my deck built in 1997. No more asking "Can I … Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. We are in the process of having a new deck built. What a waste. I expected more from my $15k. She should of used different screws than the ones trex recommended. Upon closer inspection I started seeing just a few black spots on one of the boards used on the railing. Stay away! So I washed the deck and this year, it’s worse. HELPFUL58 people found this review helpful, Sharon of Ruskin, FLOriginal review: Aug. 4, 2015, We built our house in 2003-2004. Trex decking resists termites, won't rot, warp, or splinter-and never needs staining or painting.
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