Don’t think of units as just curriculum artifacts. I also shared a resource collection of lesson and unit planning with 10 templates. Unit Description: This unit explores beginning improvisational dance technique. All rights reserved. Instructional Unit (Word or PDF)     Unit Storyboard. Bronx; Brooklyn; Manhattan; Queens; Staten Island; UFT Programs. Across the unit students will learn basic elements of loco motor skills, incorporate the concepts of space, time, and energy; experiment with floor patterns, while collaborating in small groups to create a dance that links improvised movements to a choreographic structure. The focus of the unit will be exploration and play of human expression and emotion. (Unit Plan) (Unit spans multiple grades) PS1: 9: … The unit culminates with students participating in a wilderness experience designed and led by them cultivating individual physical, mental, and social strengths that lead to strong group dynamics. New Teacher's Companion. The ultimate goal of the unit is to have one student work selected to be performed on a masterworks bill by the Artistic Director (teacher). The ability to analyze a text is another important aspect of this unit and will be assessed through critiques of a peer’s personal narrative. The concept of normal distributions provides the foundation for making inferences about a population from sample means and standard deviations. It is designed so as to be utilized in and relevant for multiple settings (i.e., band, choir, orchestra, guitar, keyboard, technology, etc.). Previous Next. Colorado Dept. Students explore credit cards, loans and savings accounts. They identify efficient forms of energy used to do work and recognize that the transformations involved conserve instead of “lose” energy. Denver, CO 80203 Unit Description: This unit focuses on mental/emotional wellness with an emphasis on advocacy. 6,253 Followers. Find below a selection of Unit Plan Templates for use in your K-12 classroom. Having a yearly lesson plan will allow the teacher to forecast future events without cramming the students. Finally, students investigate simulation the use of simulations to test the validity of statistical conclusions and hypotheses. In addition, the students explore continuously compounded interest and discover one of the most important numbers in mathematics, e. Unit Description: This unit focuses on inferring conclusions about a population from samples. Students also explore the attributes of classes of functions including their inverses, which introduce the concept of a logarithm. Skip to Main Content. Here's a selection of +70 school projects with their drawings to inspire your proposals for learning campuses. Technology Integrated Unit Plan Word Format Free Download. The transformation work of this unit leads students to develop formal proofs about congruency, parallel lines, triangle relationships, and parallelograms. The unit describes Newton’s Laws of Motion, gravity, friction, momentum, and force. Unit Description: In this unit students will investigate the process of selection, preparation and performing music of various cultures and genres and how it influences our personal musical growth. Teachers may use formal and academic argument texts as well as speeches, advertisements, propaganda, visuals, etc. A unit consists of many lessons and takes a longer time period. This is the unit plan template from the UFT. The unit culminates with students adopting the role of members on a newspaper editorial board and critiquing the effectiveness and quality of two arguments on a topic of student choice under the broader topic of “social justice.”, Unit Description: In this 4-6 week unit, students will read an extended anchor text (e.g. Unit Description: This unit focuses on energy resources and energy production at state, national, and global levels and considers the policies and implications of both non-renewable and sustainable forms of energy. Log In. This unit culminates with a presentation to the President of the United States recommending if and/or how the United States should intervene in an international conflict. Reading the plans of others gives us the opportunity to learn new ideas for great lessons. The unit begins with the Spanish-American War and leads students through post 9/11 America. Unit Description: In this unit students will explore the ways that art can reveal individual and cultural values and beliefs, as well as challenge those values and beliefs. Kindergarten Physical Education Lesson Plan Template - PDF. The unit culminates in students preparing a dance recital of basic choreographic patterns including reflection on the creative process used to develop the choreography. Lesson Plans and Unit Plans: The Basis for Instruction. The unit will culminate in a written film critique in which students identify the numerous styles of filmmaking while considering the context of social, political, historical, and/or environmental factors that are addressed in the work. Title IX. Mon - Fri 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 201 East Colfax Ave. BACKWARD DESIGN/DOWNWARD DESIGN CROSS-CURRICULAR PLANNING MODEL . by Gini Cunningham. Students will have to articulate choreographic components both in observation of the masterworks and evaluation of their own work. Once the inquiry question is established, students will work in small groups to strengthen their question, begin the research process to find evidence to support their belief, and to receive feedback throughout the writing process. Then students examine the differences in the growth rates of linear, exponential, and polynomial functions leading to a formal proof of how linear functions grow by constant differences and exponential functions grow by common factors.
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