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iArm Series : iArm

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  • The iARM (intelligent Assistant Robot Manipulator) is a product of Assistive Innovations that aims at helping people with physical disabilities. The robot is particularly useful for people with problems like muscle diseases, neurological conditions, spinal cord injuries or spasticity. In fact, it allows the users to have control over their daily life without depending on others for help.

    The iARM helps perform everyday tasks like drinking and eating, picking things from the ground and cooking. In addition to promoting independence and freedom, the iARM boosts the user's' self-esteem.

    Boasting a compact design, the iARM is fitted to the right or left side of a special electric wheelchair. The 80 cm reach of the iARM ensures that users have the same scope of reach as the average human arm. Users also have the option of folding the iARM away, when not in use. The iARM has many control options such as keyboard choice, a one-button control, a joystick and even an Android Phone. In fact, the control can be connected to the environment control. This allows the users to have access to all functionalities with a single control.

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