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  • The Steketee IC is an automatic hoeing machine developed by Steketee Machine Factory from The Netherlands.

    The Steketee IC uses camera images to calculate the positions of cultivated crops, enabling it to hoe around them accurately and quickly. Since the IC detects the plants using its color, its default color detection is set to green.

    For other crops with other colors, such as red lettuce, extension programs are available. 


    All automatic systems of the Steketee IC are controlled by powerful software. Its basis, which contains the image processing part, was developed in cooperation with Wageningen University Research (WUR).

    The crop’s position is determined based on color, size and expected position of the crop. The software is configured in such a way, that it is easy to add extension programs. This can also be done remotely, by means of the log-on module.

    Operation of the machine is controlled via a touch-screen with large, clearly visible buttons and symbols. It is also possible to operate the complete machine with a tablet or smartphone.




    For the purpose of service, the complete control can be taken over remotely, by means of a GSM module.

    Modular conceptThe Steketee IC has a modular design. This allows work widths from 1.5 to 6 meters and any driving distance. The overall weight of the machine provides very low pressure at the tractor wheels with minimum soil compaction.


    At the rear of the machine is a folding safety bracket. This should prevent by-standers from reaching the blades while the machine is working. It also functions as a bumper during transport on the road. Each IC is provided with LED rear lights.


    The cameras are mounted under the front hood where plants are monitored using high power LED lighting to ensure that that there is no effect from sunlight or shadows The images provided by the cameras ensures the machine is positioned in the correct place for accurate cultivation.






    In order to provide accurate quality inter-row and inter-plant cultivations a wide variety of extensions are available. Options that can be used besides the Universal unit are Protection Shields, Cultivating Tines, Torsion Weeders, Finger Weeders and Harrow Weeders.

    In addition, it is possible to apply row spraying or even crop specific spraying. Various versions and configurations of the hoeing elements are available.

    As an added benefit the digital recordings made during hoeing can be utilized to count the crops, measure the green surface of the crops or establish the discoloration of the crops.




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