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ABU Robocon 2016

ABU Robocon
  • -
  • Indoor Stadium Huamark
  • Bangkok
  • Competition
  • The sources of fossil energy are harder to explore. The existing fossil energy will last not too long. In order to solve this problem, we have to efficiently utilize the existing energy and at the same time explore and utilize alternative sustainable energy which should be clean and renewable in order to compensate the energy from fossil.

    The game of ABU Robocon 2016 is designed in order to create the awareness of efficient energy consumption and clean and renewable energy utilization.

    ABU Robocon stands for Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union Robot Contest where robots have to compete to complete a specific task within a limited period of time.

    Each team has to build two robots; Eco Robot and Hybrid Robot. Eco Robot doesn’t have an actuator to drive. It receives the driving energy from Hybrid Robot. Eco Robot has to use only one steering actuator to control its direction, to track the path containing Slopes and Hills, River, and Down Hill.

    Besides providing driving energy to Eco Robot, Hybrid Robot has to take Wind Turbine Propeller from Eco Robot and climb up Wind Turbine Pole in order to assemble Wind Turbine.

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