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Hannover Messe

Hannover Messe
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  • Hannover Messe is the worlds leading event for the technology industry worldwide and attracts more than 220.000 visitors from more than 90 countries each year. 

    Apart form organizing events, Hannover Messe is also the initiator of important investments in the technology and automation industry where global trends like sustainability, mobility, urbanisation and the lack of resources are on the top of their agenda.

    Each year a partner country is chosen to share the venue and this time it is The Netherlands since it is one of Germany’s major trading partners. Apart form this, The Netherlands is also a driving force behind innovation in mechanical engineering, plant engineering and the energy sector.

    One of the features of this event is the presentation of the fourth Robotics Award. The Robotics Award is the prize for applied robotics solutions under the patronage of the Lower Saxony State Minister for Economics, Labor and Transportation.

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