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ISARC 2015

ISARC 2015
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  • University of Oulu
  • Oulu
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  • The 32nd annual International Symposium on Automatics and Robotics in Construction and Mining, also known as ISARC, will be held in Oulu, June 15-18, 2015.

    The purpose of each ISARC event is to address the global concerns and needs of every construction industry, ranging from civil engineering to environmental sustainability.

    This year’s symposium will focus on one main theme: Connected to the Future. Participants were able to submit papers within this theme, and the wide variety of subtopics includes dredging automation, remote mining and advanced computing.

    There will seven sections for ISARC 2015 attendees to experience:

    • Symposium Papers/Educational Tracts
    • Exhibition
    • Technical Excursions
    • Lab Demonstrations
    • Keynote Speakers
    • Social Program
    • Workshop

    Symposium Papers/Educational Tracts

    Approved papers will be presented as part of the daily educational tracts, including Information Technology Applications in Construction parts one through nine and the two hour Robotics and Automation in Mining session on June 16.


    ISARC 2015 will feature an exhibition area from June 15-17.

    Technical Excursions

    There will be four technical excursions that attendees can learn from: Siilinjarvi Apatite Mine, Kemi Mine, Shopping Center Valkea and the Kokkola-Ylivieska Dual Rail Construction Project.

    Lab Demonstrations

    Attendees can observe two lab demonstrations held at nearby locations: Mini-Pilot Plant at the Oulu Mining School and the PrintoCent Industrial Cluster.

    Keynote Speakers

    There will be four keynote speakers on hand during ISARC 2015: Thomas Brock, Ilkka Romo, Stephen J. Fraser and Koshy Varghese.

    Social Program

    Three social networking opportunities will be held during ISARC 2015. Each portion of the social program is scheduled during the evening. Participants can attend a get-together event, a reception and a dinner.


    On June 17, there will be a two hour special ICT and Robotics Construction Industrial Workshop.


    ISARC 2015 is being organized by the University of Oulu, RIL and I.A.A.R.C., along with the International Scientific Committee.

    This is the 32nd time that the ISARC event has been held, and it will be at the University of Oulu in Finland from June 15-18, 2015. 

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