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Maritime RobotX Challenge (RobotX)

Maritime RobotX Challenge (RobotX)
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  • Marina Bay
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  • The Maritime RobotX Challenge is the newest AUVSI robotics challenge and will take place in the Marina Bay of Singapore, October 20-26, 2014.

    In this challenge, 15 teams of students are given a standard maritime platform that they have to equip with sensors, computers and software. The vehicles will then be required to complete a course based on a variety of maritime surface vehicle missions.

    The vessel being used is the 16' WAM-V® (Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel), USVx and has specifically been developed for the Maritime RobotX Challenge. The WAM-V is built by Marine Advanced Research, Inc. and has been derived from the WAM-V® technology.  

    The Maritime RobotX Challenge contest is sponsored by the U.S. Office of Naval Research and run by AUVSI.

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