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Robo-Next 2015

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  • Padarth, IIT Bombay

  • India
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  • Robo-Next is a large-scale Indian robotics tournament as an Initiative of iSec Systems in association with Padarth, IIT-BombayAlthough the final date is not set yet, it is planned for March 2015.

    Robo-Next is a special designed program for the college students to provide a new dimension to their education other than theirs academics. Robo-Next provides an all-new National Level Competition Platform for the college students to show their potential in a very different module.


    Workshop Round

    Those who want to participate in the Zonal Competition round will have to first complete a robotics workshop. The workshop last for 2 days, 6 – 8 hours per day. Materials and instruction are provided by iSec Systems.  

    Zonal Competition Round

    After the workshop, teams of 4 – 6 participants compete in the Zonal Competition round. 30 of these events will be held at different universities, and the top 3 teams from each Zonal Competition make it to the Grand Finale round.

    Grand Finale Round

    Winners of the zonal competition round will gather at Padarth, IIT-Bombay. Each member of the top 3 teams of the Grand Finale round wins 100,000 rupees ($1,665 USD).


    As prizes, Robo-Next awards certificates of varying degrees of achievement:

    • Certificate of Association: Awarded to universities that participate in the Zonal Competition round.
    • Certificate of Appreciation: Awarded to coordinators and administrators of the competition.
    • Certificate of Participation: Awarded to all Robo-Next participants.
    • Certificate of Merit: Awarded to Zonal Competition round winners.
    • Certificate of Excellence: Awarded to Grand Finale round winners.


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