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RoboBusiness Europe 2015

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  • Atahotel Expo Fiera
  • Milan
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  • The 3rd Annual RoboBusiness Europe Event will be held in Milan, April 27-30, 2015

    Being Europe’s premier robotics business-to-business networking event, RoboBusiness Europe aims to connect robotics developers with their end-users, giving developers a chance to get feedback on the end-users needs and demonstrate any upcoming developments.

    Strategies for bringing robotics to market will be discussed covering topics like: how-to tactics, financing, building partnerships, marketplace strategies and commercialization.

    The event is directed specifically at the European robotics marketplace covering all the most vibrant sectors of the robotics industry.

    RoboBusiness Europe is composed of 5 programs:

    • Exhibition
    • Conference
    • RoboMatch
    • RoboTour
    • Startup


    The exhibition features displays of prototypes and products from robot companies big and small. RoboBusiness Europe is the perfect forum for such companies to unveil their latest innovations and grab the attention of other businesses, end-users, and the media covering the event.


    The conference offers the unprecedented opportunity to get the end-user perspective from a wide array of market segments creating valuable feedback. The general information sessions will provide key information, inspiration and strategies for running a successful robotics business and how to commercialize new creations.

    Topics include healthcare, education, energy, production, remote handling, telepresence, and investments.


    RoboMatch is the only robotics matchmaking event of its kind in Europe. This program consists of predetermined 30-minute meetings where businesses can find partnerships and research collaborations. Participating businesses are selected by based on their mutual interests, plans and goals.


    RoboTour takes RoboBusiness Europe attendees off-campus to explore manufacturers and end-users located in Italian cities who are highly progressive leaders in the fields of robotics design and innovation.

    Last year’s RoboTour took visitors to the LEGO and at Hans Christian Andersen Airport a drone show was organized to show just how far drone technology has come and what their capabilities could be in the future.


    The Start-Up program of RoboBusiness Europe encourages young innovators to share their insights to investors. This event offers start-up companies the opportunity to showcase their solutions and pitch their business concept to a panel of Venture Capitalist and Top Corporate judges.


    Disruptive Week

    RoboBusiness Europe will be part of a week of coordinated international and domestic events dedicated to “Disruptive and Emerging Technologies”, focused on M2M+Internet of Things, Robotics, Energy, Wearable and Wireless technology.

    A special conference session, the so called “Disruptive Talk”, will be held to attract a larger public and media attention, showing how innovative technologies are shaping our ever day life. In a roundtable with experts, top market players and technology gurus we will show how the latest technologies disrupt the status quo, transforming everyday life, business models and social landscape.


    For the viewers of Robotics Today who are interested in visiting the event, a discount code gives you a full conference pass at discounted prices: DKWTOD684

    - 2DAYS FULL PASS €400+VAT instead of €800+VAT

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    RoboBusiness Europe is organized by Blue Ocean Robotics, ClickutilityTeam, and Innovability. The event is part of Milan Disruptive Week, a weeklong series of conferences showcasing the latest developments in the robotics industry.

    This third edition of RoboBusiness Europe (www.robobusiness.eu), will take place in Milan, Italy on April 27-30, 2015 (Technical Visits on Apr, 27-28 / Conferences, Exhibition and Matchmaking on Apr, 29-30).

    Since RoboBusiness Europe will take place in the main Italian financial and fashion hub just the week before the WORLD EXPO 2015, it will provide the unprecedented opportunity to join both events, be in touch with the Italian robotics community and enjoy the real Italian life essence.

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