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RoboCup 2014

RoboCup 2014
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  • Poeta Ronaldo Cunha Lima
  • João Pessoa - Paraíba
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  • RoboCup 2014 is an international Robotics Event meant to promote and stimulate robot technology worldwide.

    The main event will be the RoboCup Soccer competitions where teams from over 40 countries compete for the robot soccer championship.

    The original objective of RoboCup is to have a team of autonomous robots that will compete against the human world soccer champions by the year 2050. By no means is this meant to replace humans by robots at all. It is just a way to set a goal in order to stimulate the contestants.

    The thought behind these games is that the experience and technology developed during the robotics contest can be used for other technical applications that could benefit mankind. RoboCup games are, however, much more than just soccer games.

    Other competitions during RoboCup are RoboCup Rescue, where robots have to performing tasks in simulated disaster areas, RoboCup@Home, where robots have to perform in the set-up of a daily household and RoboCup Junior.

    This year RoboCup is held in Brazil, the host of the actual human FIFA Worldcup, from july 19 till 25 at the Convention Center “Poeta Ronaldo Cunha Lima” in João Pessoa, Brazil.

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