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The Hamlyn Symposium on Medical Robots

The Hamlyn Symposium
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  • The Royal Geographical Society
  • London
    United Kingdom
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  • The 2015 Hamlyn Symposium will be held at the Royal Geographical Society in London from June 20-23, 2015.

    The focus of this symposium will be placed on medical robotics. Participants are invited to submit papers within this field. Selected authors will be given the opportunity to have their work peer reviewed and considered for publication in the Journal of Medical Robotics Research.

    Hamlyn Symposium 2015 will include four main sections:

    • Symposium programming
    • Workshops
    • Exhibition
    • Surgical Robot Challenge

    Symposium Programming

    Paper authors, delegates from top institutions and keynote speakers will address more than 15 topics throughout the symposium’s programming. Topics will include Medical Robotics for NOTES, Flexible Robotics and Neurosurgery.


    There will be six workshops held on June 20, on topics ranging from Cognitive Surgical Robotics to Surgical Imaging. Seven additional workshops will be held on June 23, including Brain Robot Interactions for Healthcare and MR-Compatible Robotics and Interventions.


    Exhibitors will be available throughout the event for participants to meet with.

    Surgical Robot Challenge

    Hamlyn Symposium 2015 will include the inaugural Surgical Robot Challenge. This challenge has three categories, and the purpose is to get people involved in the robotic surgery field to collaborate, share resources and combine forces to solve some of the unmet clinical and technical challenges that are still facing this industry.


    Hamlyn Symposium 2015 has been organized by the Hamlyn Centre from the Imperial College of London.

    This year’s event will be held in London at the Royal Geographical Society from June 20-23, 2015.

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