Selling Flowers in Your Community Market as a New Grower. You don’t want leaves dirtying up the water. The stems stay strong enough through the second and third cuts — they are workhorses. ", Carly starts some of her seeds in cell trays to coordinate her succession plantings in prepared rows. When someone asks, 'What is this flower?' They’re used for their seeds, oil or as cut flowers. "I feel like anyone who is buying amaranth for a cut should check out the seeds that Johnny's has in bulk," she insisted. ", Rita Williams also categorizes dill as a "purposeful filler," especially successful as an early-season crop. Read on — and remember take notes as you create your 2019 seed lists! "We start seed in the greenhouse, and if there's no forecast for freezing weather, we'll start transplanting around February 15th," she explains. By clicking ALLOW or clicking on any other content, you agree that cookies can be placed. ", Rita Anders grows three types of basil for foliage: African blue basil, a sterile hybrid of two other basil cultivars, is grown from cuttings, while lemon and 'Cinnamon' basil are seed-grown. Growing for Market is Information Central for Cut Flowers. When asked to name her go-to variety of black-eyed Susan, Rita Williams says she couldn't live without Rudbeckia triloba. Cut-and-come-again flowers are the kind that you can snip off and the remaining stem will grow a new flower in the same season, so you can have continuous blooms. ", Like Rita Anders, the Williamses grow lemon and 'Cinnamon' basil varieties as cuts. With the above criteria in mind, here are the flowers that I like best for selling at the farmer’s market. "The one thing we hear over and over from customers is, 'Your bouquets are so natural-looking; so organic.' 17 Evergreen Ground Cover Options for Year-Round Color in the Garden, How to Deal and Get Rid of Skunks in Your Garden Humanely, Growing Cabbage: How to Plant, Grow, and Harvest Cabbage Successfully, 18 Delicious Vegetables to Grow on the Winter and How to Grow Them, Growing Figs: Best Varieties, Planting Guides, Care, Problems and Harvest, The Difference Between Peas and Beans and Why it Matters, Growing Lemongrass: Best Varieties, Planting Guide, Care, Problems, and Harvest, How to Create Sustainable Lasagna Gardening in Only 6 Simple Steps, Erba Stella: Everything to Know About Growing This Unique Salad Green, Coco Coir: What Is It, Benefits, and How to Use It in Hydroponics or Soil. Put plants together to see how they look best. Rita grows the Benary's Giant Series and Queen Series, and pairs them with the Oklahoma Series, which produce smaller flowers. While that may seem like a lot of labor, Carly says the method works for her. I also bought seeds of a vintage white variety from a woman in Ireland. Some may discount it as a filler flower, but at WilMor Farms, the branching structure enhances the floral design process. Cuts of Color's fields lie in USDA Zone 8b, with relatively mild winters (average minimum temperature 15 to 20°F/ -9 to -7°C), making it possible to start seeds quite early. Use rubber bands or string to hold the stems together. Attractive bouquets and arrangements combine strong structural elements with fillers and foliage to bulk out and meld the dominant ingredients. Because frost rarely arrives until after Thanksgiving, WilMor Farms does a final planting of its best summer annuals around September 15th. These dance atop tall, well-branched stalks of fernlike foliage that also makes a fine green bouquet filler. When snaps are shipped in a box, they are so smashed and compressed. Though the scarlet variety of this upright annual is best known, poppies come in over 70 varieties and a range of colors including white, pink, and mauve. She avoids growing and selling color mixes, preferring to bunch zinnias by bloom color for Central Market's floral customers. Carly previously worked at SWGM so she draws from that experience, with insights into the preferences of area designers and florists. Take a look at any flower stall, market or wholesaler and you will find familiar border flowers at almost any time of the year. Through centuries of hybridizing and selection, dahlias have become tremendously diversified, available in numerous flower types and flower sizes (from … "We try to start some each month so we continually have a fresh (crop) of basil. "I don't pinch; I just let the plants be huge and cool. ", Carly has found that harvesting cosmos when the flower has a tight center ensures the longest-lasting cut flower. According to seasoned flower growing pros, the best flower choices to insure profits include: 1. Carly Cavalier rents land in Washington's Skagit Valley where she grows about a half-acre of cut flowers as Cairn Farm and sells them primarily through the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market (SWGM), a farmer-to-florist wholesale hub. The bowl-shaped blooms can measure up to 4 … Sunflowers were one of the best sellers at the farmer’s market for me. These Benary's Giant zinnias are one of the easiest and longest-lasting cut flowers to grow. "At the end of summer, I bring it back to the market as dried strawflowers, when customers are looking for materials to make fall wreaths. (Incidentally, this article features two flower farmers named Rita and two named Carly — totally unplanned, of course! "It was the perfect amount," Rita Williams recalls. Meet More Great Entry-Level Cuts: Dependable Dozen 4 • Celosia. "Enough for us to get a taste of what flower farming would be like." I've processed them for florists for whom I've freelanced. I grew Johnny's 'Vintage White', 'Silvery Rose', and 'Apricot/Peach Mix' strawflower seeds. Add some filler to put in any holes or thin areas. There are lots of different lily species that you can grow as a cut flower, but oriental Lilies are the most popular for their fragrance and glamorous trumpet shaped blooms. Scabiosa. Best flowers for your cutting garden. "We start our bouquets with stems of the Rudbeckia triloba and then add focal flowers between the branches," Rita Williams explains. Here she is with, The Rocket Series and Potomac Series (our custom. "They are prolific; they will bloom all summer long — producing lots and lots of blooms," she acknowledges. This spacing is perfect for sweet … This site uses cookies to personalize your experience, measure site performance, and show you relevant offers and advertisements. For now, feel free to continue reading. … Upright, sturdy stems produce tight clusters of flowers in purple, pink, blue, and white. They have found that following Rita Anders's advice has been essential, since their Zones are technically the same and their Georgia climate generally similar to what her Texas farm experiences. Aster. "These feathered varieties are so pretty. "Ageratum has such beautiful leaves on it.". For anyone interested in starting a cut-flower business, attending a regional event such as this can be a valuable immersive learning experience. Add some smaller stems and flowers around the focal point. Please Note:  At this time orders may require 2 business days to process. This euphorbia has a nice long vase life if hydrated rapidly after harvest. I've found that more than anything, people associate smell with memory. Dill??? "You get such a great deal and you should plant it all. The Flower Farmer: An Organic Grower's Guide to Raising and Selling Cut Flowers. Interested in growing flowers? Omena Cut Flowers, north of Suttons Bay, Michigan, reflects the growing popularity of you-pick flower farms in the Midwest.Carolyn Faught started the farm to spread a little of the joy she's gained from tending her plants daily. This was indeed the case at the recent Southern Flower Symposium in Charleston, South Carolina, hosted by an emerging force in the region, Lowcountry Flower Growers. Demand for locally-grown cut flowers is growing, and the local cut flower industry is growing right alongside it. Sunflowers are super easy to grow and there are so many varieties to experiment with. Phlox, asters, and delphinium make great cut flowers. With its long-lasting blooms, ammi makes an outstanding cut-flower filler. This is a crowd favorite at WilMor Farms' market stalls, Rita Williams says. The following season, in 2016, they dove right in. When the two Ritas get together, as they did recently at the Southern Flower Symposium, they jokingly call themselves "Dos Ritas.". 17 Cut Flowers that Last the Longest in a Vase (and 6 to Buy with Caution) Juliana LaBianca Updated: Aug. 15, 2016 All you need to know to buy a bouquet that will last all week. "I count out 60 days to Thanksgiving harvest," Rita says. And much like the true Amaranthus species described above, globe amaranth are relatively undemanding in their culture, and tolerant of hot, dry summer weather. I didn't realize that about flowers when we started farming, but flowers bring back so many memories for our customers — and they want to talk about them.". "I like 'Cinnamon' because it is licorice-y smelling and quite tough in the summer. The Williams do not direct-sow their celosia seeds due to a regular problem with field mice. "There was one variety that didn't have a great germination rate on the packet, so I seeded two or three seeds per block and it seemed to work out fine."