Keeping this in mind, it is worth the effort to consider transplanting trees should a relocation be necessary. The best time to transplant evergreens is in the spring, after the ground has thawed but before new growth appears. High humidity and rainfall will help your new tree establish itself. Even younger trees may have a smaller crop or reduced growth the year following a transplant. Renovation may be an alternative. But, it’s best to not try to tackle this project on your own. This is perfect for root establishment which is just what you want. Fruit trees don’t like to be moved so it is important to get the location right first time. Spread the roots out in the planting hole to prevent girdling. Sign Up for Free Tree & Landscaping Tips! What Time of Year Do You Plant Fruit Trees? Almost all fruit trees need to be planted in full sun. Trees have countless benefits for people and the Earth as a whole. Dig up established trees with care to avoid severing important roots. Fall is often considered the best time of year to plant new trees. When Is a Good Time to Transplant a Fruit Tree? Although spring and summer are cited as a good transplanting time, trees planted at this time require additional care. Older fruit trees are much more likely to suffer from transplant shock, and they may not survive the planting process. Avoid sites with compacted soil, as well as areas close to power lines, driveways, fences, buildings and other structures. By continuing to use this site, you accept our use of cookies. Trim off any damaged or kinked roots, then lower the tree into its new location slowly. Early Spring. Almost all fruit trees need to be planted in full sun. The best time of the year to transplant trees and plants is autumn. Shoot for early fall. Another bonus to planting this time of year is that you can normally find some good deals at Labor Day sales. Summer is the best time to plant your fruit trees. Generally, late August, September and October are the best months. Avoid... Moving Existing Trees. You want to have your root stock and collect your scion before the sap rises and buds begin to emerge. Make sure your sapling is no more than 2-inches thick to give it the best chance of taking to its new environment. Many Thanks. Keep in mind that the larger the mature tree to be transplanted, the larger and heavier the root ball will be. Summer is the best time to plant your fruit trees. For best results and to avoid transplant shock, begin by preparing the soil in the new location. Late Winter. Before transplanting any tree, select a long-term site a suitable distance from other trees. This is because of cool temperatures and warm moist soil. Transplant and move fruit trees in the spring as the trees are emerging from the winter dormancy period. Prune back the foliage of evergreens by 30-50% before moving. Now, and until the ground freezes (which may be never in new Jersey), is a great time to plant. Fall is a fine time for planting and transplanting all shrubs and trees except for tropicals. For example, evergreen and pine trees do best in early fall, oak trees in early spring, maple trees in late fall, and fruit trees in early spring, right before growth season. Davey uses cookies to make your experience a great one by providing us analytics so we can offer you the most relevant content. I believe that many people think that citrus grafting is more difficult than it really is because they graft at the wrong time and the scions dry out and die before the graft heals. What time of year is best to do so, and When young trees are dug from a nursery, they typically retain only 10-20% of their root system. All Rights Reserved. Fruit trees thrive in full sun and nutrient-rich, well-drained soil. Proper planting depends very much on the subsequent evolution of the tree, so it is good to keep in mind some aspects and avoid planting randomly. The best time for transplanting container-grown or balled-and-burlapped conifers is during the spring, summer or early fall, recommends the University of Wisconsin Extension. What S The Best Time … Winter is an ideal time to move mature fruit trees. Inspect both seedlings and established fruit trees thoroughly before planting. Subscribe to the "The Sapling" on the Davey Blog for the latest tips to keep your outdoor space in tip-top shape throughout the year. Where to Plant. Where to Plant a Fruit Tree. Measure the approximate canopy spread of the fruit tree. Because most fruit trees are hard to grow from seed, every tree will need to be transplanted from its original pot to its final growing location. How do you repot? Water until the soil is damp in a 120-cm (4-foot) diameter circle and water has penetrated 60 cm (2 feet) deep around the root system. Step 2 – Prune. They are no longer focusing on above ground growth. Sunset Magazine has determined the average dates of this occurrence to assist gardeners when to plant frost tender plants, such as young fruit trees. Arborists will have the right tools and experience to safely get your tree from point A to point B. Roots are active during these periods, and weather is less demanding. Raintree Nursery has put together this video to help you plant, prune, and grow your new fruit tree. This is when they are in their dormant state, so they are more able to cope with the trauma of having their roots chopped. Apple trees will fare best for transplant … © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. PUBLISHED: PUBLISHED: 00:01, Sat, Oct 31, 2015. If you live in an area with a warmer climate the best time to transplant your Lemon Lime tree is in early spring. How To Replant A Small Tree. We think the best time to start pruning branches is in the early spring. When is the best time. When you plant your trees carefully and have established the continuum, roots may still not grow. The Best Time to Transplant Trees and Shrubs Your best times are either going to be in fall, or very, very early spring – before the growing season starts. Best Time of Year to Plant Trees Like Pines, Maples, Fruit Trees and More Generally, when is the best time of year to plant trees? If you are going to be moving evergreens in the fall, be sure to give yourself enough time so that your tree will be able to spend at least three weeks in its new home before winter starts. Step 3 - … Plants also require less energy as they begin enter the early stages of dormancy. Learn the best time of year to plant all different types of trees below! Established trees and shrubs should be only moved if necessary as even with the best care the tree or shrub may fail to thrive or even die. The Best Time of Year to Plant Trees. The idea is to transplant a tree while it’s dormant. Now, follow these steps to transplant a small tree: Transplanting a large tree is pretty similar to the procedure for a small one. Here’s how much tree transplanting services cost for big and small trees. This is because of cool temperatures and warm moist soil. Plan to transplant in early spring. If you must move a tree, do so when it is relatively small. If you want to transplant in the fall, prune the roots in the spring before the leaf and flower buds begin to swell. Article Headline Shrubs Outdoor Gardens Landscape Care. But if they have some, go ahead and plant! G.D. Palmer is a freelance writer and illustrator living in Milwaukee, Wis. She has been producing print and Web content for various organizations since 1998 and has been freelancing full-time since 2007. Choose a new container that is 2 sizes wider and deeper than the current pot you are using for your citrus tree to give the roots room to grow. Fruit trees don’t like to be moved so it is important to get the location right first time. Solved! Oak trees? I live in a cold area, frosts etc. The best time to shift deciduous fruit trees like pome and stone fruit is winter. 0 Link copied. Dig a hole slightly larger than the root ball of the tree you wish to transplant. By ordering now you are assured of the availability of your requirements and you will receive the best trees at the best time. There may come a time when a tree needs to relocate to a more suitable spot in your yard. Even moving a tree small distances such as from one end of your property to the other can still be risky despite following the necessary precautions and giving plenty of TLC. We are taking advance orders for Autumn delivery as this is the best time to transplant and transport fruit trees. First, let’s talk about what counts as a small tree. I also have fruit tree I would like to transplant, a small young mandarin and a lemon tree. If the soil is dry, fill the hole with water the day before transplanting to prevent the tree from drying out. Moving a tree comes with risks, but when you take your time and follow a tree transplanting checklist to a tee, there’s a much better chance your tree will have a smooth transition. If you plan to transplant in the spring, prune the roots in the fall, after the leaves drop. Use a sharp spade to cut minor roots cleanly. Good root activity at the time of transplanting is critical because roots provide the food and water essential to successful establishment and growth. Fruit trees will grow best when you plant them in spring, after your final frost. Palmer holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in writing and studio art from Beloit College in Beloit, Wis. How Much Should You Water a Green Giant Arborvitae? As a general rule, do not expect the tree to grow or fruit in the year after planting, as it will take at least a year or more for it to recover and settle into its new location. The Best Time To Transplant Trees.