La Paz Village, 11 November 2015. If my understanding is wrong, I will appreciate your comments. As is Nikon’s preference of certain customer groups as wedding Photographers. The chances of something like that ever being properly executed are nil – the closest you’re likely to get is a CFV back on either the FlexBody or V series; the only problem there is the crop factor and the designed-for-square camera. Hi Ming, you also run into something which is central to much of photography: how much of the response to an image is due to the subject of the photo (an attractive and/or famous woman for example) /stunning tourist-y vista at magic hour vs the skill, talent of the shooter OR the brand/type of camera. 2) Still 1/2x-1/3x. This counts for every ting we undertake and thus also bears down to the article you recently published about what to take with you. Better AF acquisition and tracking – only one of my lenses required fine tuning, and even then it was by a 1/20 amount at one end. Nope, sorry. I have tried the 645Z and really liked it although the lens offering isn’t strong enough, yet, compared to the Canon for my type of use in the prime under 50mm lenses. There is a difference in color rendition between N and C – whether it is an issue or not depends what you shoot. This lens is a total fail in my opinion cause instead of sharpness Nikon opted to maximize bokeh! A high quality light means not a huge contrast, not harsh highlights and deep shadows, as we experience in a bright summer day at noon, right? It obviously depends on what you shoot and what your personal threshold of acceptability is – fair weather vacation snaps are going to have a far higher hit rate than cinematic still in low light. I am always shooting manually, using spot metering, bracket and/or test the exposure, since shooting digital allows all these. You can’t swap the front and rear dial functions either, but you get used to that fairly quickly. I placed the camera on a tripod in the dead of night, pointed it at a famous hotel in Dubai and took the shot with the timer (this camera is notorious for all sorts of image-blur problems though I am not entirely sold on the “shutter shock” theory that has made its way around the net (equally, I am not denying that there is a problem – perhaps the latest version has solved it???). Everyone knows the Canon EOS 5Ds R is known for its huge megapixel count, but what else does the Canon 5Ds R have for a new, more tech-savvy audience? In this review, learn all about its specs and capabilities. No, because if you have enough light/shutter speed for a D810, you’ll have enough for the 5DSR. Maybe the general level of technology service in Australia is better? Once they go into the system, kiss color goodbye. Be careful Ming. It also comes with two DIGIC 6 processors for faster image processing. Their corporate culture represents the ‘old guard’ in every way. Here is a different take on the subject … On the tail of your latest “rethink” article, it always seemed to me that the Canon was a bit like a mistress during a midlife crisis. i would be scared to guess the ratio of cameras (including the ever more capable camera phones) sold per year as vs high res fine art prints. Canon, Canon EOS 5D review - long term test permalink Recent Posts Sigma 105mm f2.8 DG DN Macro Art review Nikon Z TC-1.4x TC-2.0x teleconverter review Nikon Z 14-24mm f2.8 S review … With these family portrait tips, you'll learn a few strategies for taking much-improved Thanksgiving family portraits. If the review is in the ballpark, that tells me the 7D mk ii is good but not worth doing handstands over. I decide for the D810, the D 750 and the D7200. Great review and detailed explanation. As this is one of, if not the main potential issue with the 5DSR, certainly compared with the 5DS and the Nikons I think perhaps a bit more work and testing would have been useful. In buddhism there is a concept that explains that in life, not moving forward means that you not simply stay still, but in reality you are slowing falling back…, Well, it is interesting that speaking of corporation malpractice you used the term “APPLE for it”… You, dear Sir, understand very well the game! Your last comment on the Pentax 645Z is interesting. In the first photo… Stars Trees Line Up, the highlights in the sky seem somewhat over exposed. As for the dynamic range, I definitely don’t have your work span and experience in lots of different and challenging situations, so I will only take note of your findings. The Sony a9 II is a feature-rich full frame camera with superb image quality and video performance. I have seen 7R2 RAWs that were even worse. Lenses not in the Nikon system at all – the 17TSE, 70-300/4-5.6 L, all of that vintage Contax Zeiss goodness that isn’t F-mountable because of flange distances. Encounters at the train station is such a terrific image! The weather-sealing is incredible, so you’ll never need to worry about shooting in dust or snow. If you enjoyed the content, please consider, All images and content copyright Ming Thein 2014+. I personally thought the camera felt a bit more solid, and there was no popup flash to accidentally deploy and break. Now that Apple is using its own silicon, the question is, are their M1 laptops any good? But the 5DSR does not have a removed AA filter. I can’t speak more highly of them. Although it’s a different focal length, I personally recommend the Contax 85/2.8 if you can find one. It’s just like a JPEG in some ways, but larger: you have 14 bits of information to stuff into an 11 or 8 bit container; some of it is going to overlap. In the field, if you’re using flash, you’ll get pretty close. Ok. (cause their max. I can’t ignore the financial aspect but I am also conscious that I would like to get the best quality files to my clients and also that unfortunately sometimes client paying you a good advertising rate expect to see an expensive camera on set. And it only makes sense to shift it now whilst depreciation will be at a minimum. Wide open there is some variance in performance especially at close distances, though this appears to be a focusing issue rather than an optical one. Increasing the ISO. Decision making can be tough at times. optimal exposure/ISO/tripod etc. -Again, use the Custom Controls to swap the function of the top Main Dial and the rear Quick Control Dial for shooting in Manual Mode. A long-term review in 2017 perhaps. The E-M5II has the most accurate color, but the poorest acuity, slowest capture time and worst dynamic range. Even amongst this reader pool, undoubtedly representing a more serious bunch – I suspect the number of printers is perhaps less than 10%. Excellent write up Ming. I’ve been looking for insurance in this part of the world for the last 10-odd years – nothing that doesn’t require a 25% premium, which is crazy. Personally I much prefer the Zeiss approach…, Ming – “No amount of money can buy honesty. , Right, that pretty much summarizes it, as you’ve said it already in the beginning: none of the two systems can claim overall superiority. (BTW I don’t lke Sony, so no fanboy here). I actually liked it a lot but in square mode; it reminded me a lot of the Hasselblad V/80mm combo…. maybe only the trade between makro planar 50/2 for the Milvis 50 1.4 will make sense. The 2/28 Distagon shows significant CA, fringing and all sorts of optical gremlins until f8 – after which we hit diffraction limits because of the camera’s pixel pitch anyway. I still have reservations for critical work where cross-frame consistency is required; but for cinematic photography like Hanoi, very little of the frame is actually in focus, so it isn’t a problem . K7 – we’re still looking for a used printer to sacrifice. Well… it is listed on the recommended gear list as added on 13 August 2015 under “current equipment”, so I suspect some thoughts will be shared down the road. The third image from the top puzzles me a bit. The A99 was to me a better camera in every way, so I kept my Nikons and left it at that . Sometimes refresh is all that’s needed…, I also have problems with your Flickr links quite often. Probably meanst the 5DS, 5Dmk iv or EOS R would … “Encounter” and “Wormhole” are great. I also use Nikon lenses on some of my enlargers without any issues. Files are larger but with no more perceived detail or clarity. Great review Ming, thanks a lot! It’s far more likely to be ‘we have no budget to hire a photographer. I prefer the Nikon for product and architecture, because it seems to be more accurate under controlled light circumstances; the Canon does much better with landscapes. I’d like to join you, Wayne, but the wallet simply does not allow. How do you think they will perform on the 50MP sensor fo the 5ds/r ? It is also in a nutshell why those two companies will be left behind in the innovation race. Thanks for clearing that up. Would sport a high end EVF to ensure better focus ability in low light and have super precise AF. The 5D Mark IV is barely more than a year old, and considering that it debuted more than four years after the 5D Mark III, Canon fans may have a long … Ming Thein's long-term 5DSR review Started Aug 20, 2015 | Discussions thread Forum Parent First Previous Next Flat view PhotoKhan • Forum Pro • Posts: 10,909 Re: Ming Thein's long-term 5DSR review … Custom shooting settings on the mode dial, easily accessible. We all thought the DF was going to be a proper digital F2/3…instead it turned out to be a retro-geek exercise with bad function and poor form. If you are on mirrorless, the Contax G fit 90/2.8 is also reasonably priced and sharp. Canon lacks Nikon’s new f1.8G primes, but Nikon lacks all of the special purpose stuff and some of the zooms – there is no 17 TSE, for starters. Note that I said pleasing not necessarily accurate. It is a great point toward your thesis that no taking risks is a path that ultimately leads to stagnation, then loss. As you said, Nikon has no 17TSE, and I wonder if their 24TSE-equivalent is as flexible. This is our long-term real world review of the Canon 5d Mark IV. Did you ever find this to be an issue? Canon EOS R Long Term Review The Canon EOS R was launched about two years ago (September 2018).I have been using a Canon EOS R now … It either calls for a significant financial commitment to field a complete Canon system (i.e. i’ve heard plenty of this…and marketing certainly does happen in all scenarios. How does this camera perform in this regard? A little bit out of context: since you talked about the Contax Zeiss glass, have you ever used the 135mm f/2.8? Firstly, here is the list of cameras I have experience with: The Canon … A camera remote, often called a remote trigger or wireless shutter release, is a device you typically use when you want to avoid camera shake during a long … Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Review | Photographer Dustin Abbott shares his long term review of the Canon 5D Mark IV after using it extensively for two … Again, the Canon 5Ds R is on the heavier side and is a bit larger than other cameras of similar quality, so it may not be the best option for someone with smaller hands. Only if I can go by car straight to the location I’ll take more. Sadly, what you want doesn’t exist. Maintaining an additional system for vanishingly small returns – and carrying it on assignment or during travel – is another challenge entirely. Then you can set the buttons to be consistent for two modes. Where’s my wallet?!”. Showing off the talent/skill of a given photographer does not really make a casual shooter/camera consumer buy a camera. They say on DXO that a difference of half of stop is not really noticeable. No amount of money can buy honesty. I give up something at the extremes of the performance envelope, but under those conditions I can probably stitch to close the gap. And it’s expensive. You can’t push the shadows that much without noise – that I agree with. I had one such problem with the 2.8/35 PC: it sang on the 50MP 5DSR, but was very soft on the A7RII – almost as though I was getting free tilt in addition to […], […] pro or the reasonably affluent amateur. At the pixel level, I’d stop at ISO 3200 with some NR afterwards – beyond that, it isn’t so much the noise but loss of acuity and color accuracy that become an issue. It weakens a bit above 200mm, but not that much. Still need to try out my 500L or TS-E 17 on it. From everything I could gather on the net, the only advantage of Nikon (and Sony) over Canon would be the (Sony) excellent sensor and its wide dynamic range. In USA it will be “…and FULL house…” I don’t know, just saying… . I have suffered a bit of ‘grass is greener’ syndrom lately, I shoot interiors and still life commercially and architecture and landscape personally. I saw some sample images for this camera months ago on Canon’s Japanese website and must say that I was not impressed with the level of detail. Sooner or later. Try a something like short tele at 1/100th of a second and mid distances…. BTW, Excellent review and analysis. I buy, use and evaluate cameras based on results: images. Something in the processing of the 5DSR means that as you go up one stop in sensitivity, you don’t lose one stop in dynamic range – it’s more. Combined with superb customer service and fast shipping, this makes MPB a great choice for buying (and selling!) Well thought out and explained. The only reason for you to get involved to review it as an alternative to the various Leica digital M’s for the use of M-Mount lenses. The K7 inks and QuadToneRIP lay down 45% more ink in the highlights and thus should hold better detail there. Excellent unbiased report. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and join the reader Flickr group! What I am seeing is that if you’re heavily invested one way or another, there still aren’t really any compelling reasons to switch unless there are very specific things you need (5DSR: resolution under controlled lighting, ergonomics, landscape color, some specific lenses, AF performance; D810: dynamic range, wider shooting envelope, some specific lenses, flash system, metering reliability, and I suppose also arguably ergonomics).