The four Origins characters return once again, but this time their personalities are much more similar to their original selves from World at War, due to 115 exposure from The Giant. One of Richtofen's quotes on Der Eisendrache is "Remember Edward, tell them later, not now. Last updated: April 18, 2016. One of his quotes in Der Eisendrache states that he once put his hands in the Pack-a-Punch machine to enhance himself, which failed. Nikolai: I am not sure how much more there is to know about Richtofen. Such a goal could never be considered selfish. Random. However, when the match starts proper, the Robot is shown slumped against a mountain, with both its visor and arms fully intact. Quote from Keith regarding this piece: "Either that's a very quiet dragon or those dwarfs are deaf." It can also be upgraded to be able to kill any kind of Zombie (Panzersoldats included) in one strike but it only lasts for one minute and then the player has to upgrade it again. Featured Quizzes. Posts: 130 View My Profile. Profile Quizzes Subscribed Subscribe? Theory about Der Eisendrache and future DLC: Discussion. Der Eisendrache (German for The Iron Dragon) is a Zombies map that was released February 2, 2016 for the PlayStation 4, and March 3, 2016 for PC and Xbox One in the DLC map pack Awakening. It was released on April 5th, 2016 for PlayStation 3 and May 5th on Xbox 360. For now I must focus on Dempsey. Most Recent. Dempsey shoots the zombies down with his Dingo. Shoot the dragon symbol until it starts spinning around. Infection, Infected, Der Schatten Several posters in the Gondola Station still retain "Der Eisendrachen" on them. Character Richtofen also shoots several zombies with his MR6. Dempsey then steps back as Richtofen activates the Summoning Key over the capsule as it hovers above it, capturing and preserving Ultimis Dempsey's soul and dropping into Richtofen's hand. He now has an electric trap like attack which shoots out and stuns players instead of his claw. He now has an electric trap like attack which shoots out and stuns players instead of his claw. Pasos para el Easter Egg-Se puede hacer de 1 jugador-Si gustan les puedo ayudar con los Easter eggs solo Manden solicitud a Alexmendiger :) Award. German Soldier: Kampf mit den Feinden! Nominated Quizzes. After all, I'm one handsome devil. In Der Eisendrache, electrocute 121 zombies. Takeo: Richtofen told me he had spoken with the emperor, that he had a message for me. Richtofen: Sadly Takeo, now is not the right time for me to explain. Campaign level share. Storm Bow. I have long considered you a barbarian and a brute... Is there more to you than that Nikolai? The Electro-Shock Defenses return from The Giant as well as two new traps called the Death Ray and the Gate Trap, also make their debut. I regard you with the same contempt as the others! Zetsubou No Shima (timeline jump) German Soldier: Vorsicht! Rate: Nominate. A fractured portion of the map appears in Revelations. I know you have questions but you have to trust me Dempsey. Der Eisendrache hide. Do you know this Dr. Maxis of whom Richtofen speaks so fondly? It is possible to turn the Control Room into a Disco. Der Riese (alemán para El Gigante), es el cuarto y último mapa en el modo de juego Nazi Zombies en Call of Duty: World at War.Está situado en un centro secreto nazi de la Baja Silesia, cerca de Breslau, Alemania (ahora Wrocław en Polonia), y fue el debut de los teletransportadores y la Maquina de Pack-A-Punch, una máquina que para 5000 puntos permite a los jugadores actualizar su arma. Out of nowhere, a Riese chases after the truck. Date - All 9 SHIELD Part Locations!! In Der Eisendrache, Richtofen informs Dempsey that he will have to kill his other self, which angers Dempsey, who states he never should have trusted him. Category:Zombies Mode Quotes - The Call of Duty Wiki - Black Ops: Cold War, Modern Warfare, Black Ops 4, and more! 5 replies; 1,134 views; NaBrZHunter; May 13, 2016; Looking for clan members By ZaZa_hoe420, May 12, 2016 clans zombies; 1 reply; 609 views; InfestLithium; May 12, 2016; Bahamut or Shoeshiner 100? Favorited. Takeo: When will you speak of the Emperor's message if not now?! After shooting the teleporter lights and finding the sparking objects we teleporter and came back. Quote: Originally Posted by trophyhunter50. Richtofen: You should trust me Dempsey. Quizzes by Tag. Quizzes by Tag.