R5 is a poor choice for video creators like myself.There are plenty of great cameras out there; we are spoilt for choice. Canon's EOS R5 is … If you get a gfx100 you would probably be further mind blown. ), I'm not a Canon shooter but this seems to be a great camera :). I think Canon’s marketing dept will be very happy as the feature - 8K - gave them massive coverage and, it seems, plenty sales... @aquartaHere you are AGAIN trying to bring attention onto the 8K heating non issue - with the same lack of success.........time to find another hobby...... My other permament camera systems are Fuji X-T3 &T1. I have had a lot of Canon gear earlier, I added gear list. The top LCD seems quite dim. Then there are the fabulous RF lenses which are other reason to own the system. A photo taken at native iso +6 is usable on Sony, but not on Canon because it looks horrible with loss of color and contrast. Try selling an R5 on eBay.One store says they slashed their body only "List price:$5,443.99" down to $4600. I have sent my R5 back to Canon for a warranty evaluation as a result of this issue. I use the auto min/max iso/shutter/aperture function all the time and it is really irritating Canon cant give us 1/3 stop options. In this buying guide we’ve rounded up all the current interchangeable lens cameras costing around $2000 and recommended the best. I came back to Canon for the R6 and I can easily say, I won’t be going back to Sony. In terms of photo quality, check out a bunch of examples on my samples page. Canon EOS R5 Review (8K video, 45MP, overheating issues), Canon EOS R5 and EOS R6: 8 things you may have missed. Canon guys will not take you serious cause you have no experience with Canon. Above: Both the EOS R5 and R6 learned from the mistake of the R and now offer twin card slots. The Canon EOS R5 is the most advanced Canon mirrorless camera on the market. I've used grips before, but having the better features of the larger "brick" style bodies is something that you take for granted until you use the smaller bodies, which I must add, have become very, very competent/excellent bodies in their own right over the years. And https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/image-comparison/fullscreen?attr18=lowlight&attr13_0=canon_eosr5&attr13_1=sony_a7riii&attr13_2=nikon_z7&attr13_3=sony_a7riv&attr15_0=raw&attr15_1=raw&attr15_2=raw&attr15_3=raw&attr16_0=25600&attr16_1=25600&attr16_2=25600&attr16_3=25600&attr126_0=1&attr126_1=1&attr126_2=1&attr126_3=1&attr171_0=1&attr171_1=1&attr171_2=1&attr171_3=1&normalization=compare&widget=775&x=0.7045648634453782&y=-0.7526379736569924, Looks this...https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/image-comparison/fullscreen?attr144_0=canon_eosr5&attr144_1=sony_a7riii&attr144_2=nikon_z7&attr144_3=panasonic_dcs1r&attr146_0=100_6&attr146_1=100_6&attr146_2=100_6&attr146_3=100_6&attr177_0=efc&attr177_1=efc&attr177_2=efc&attr177_3=efc&normalization=compare&widget=784&x=-0.13932938521834154&y=0.6475426341245454. Nikon definitely wins the looks but it's missing things as a class leading hybrid. You are stuck with Sony and that’s fine. I've done better, sold all Sony gear for the Canon EOS RP. BCN says Canon now makes up 34% of FF mirrorless sales while Sony has fallen to 43%.The R5 and R6 despite their higher prices are really making an impact. You cannot get Fuji look with Canon and you cannot get Canon colors with Fuji :). It’s insane. And while the flip-screen may appeal more to video shooters at first glance, I enjoyed using it to comfortably frame still photos in the portrait orientation at high or low angles. Sensor: 45MP full-frame CMOS 36 x 24mm They can however give you another vacation on this month old account, and a few of your others. Probably because A9II was compared with 1DXIII while R5 was compared with A7R3 and A7R4.You can also say the Canon R5 is of better value than 1DXIII. That makes a total of 4. Considering 12fps*45MP with mechanical shutter being 540MP/s I would say it is not a slow sensor readout. Above: New to the R5 is Portrait Lighting, allowing you to adjust the lighting on a face after the event. Yongnuo, makers of lenses, cameras and other photo accessories, has filed a patent for a modular mirrorless camera system. Yet it has a lower value mark than the Sony a9II which is priced $4.5K. AF is easy, fast and accurate; again, no fiddling with settings. I think it looks hella sexy. It only became a thing after launch (despite being in the Canon hand book) as there was nothing else for the brand fools to latch onto. There’s also silent shooting with an electronic shutter up to 20fps with autofocus, although I can’t comment on rolling shutter yet. I love DPR reviews. We put it to the test for both stills and video and also address the overheating issues you may have heard about. Design and ergonomics are very good, I have the R6 so I can tell one or two things about those cameras. You could get a Canon 1dx III or Nikon D6 if that is very important to you. I cannot believe it knows what i think and IQ is just stellar; in bright and low light. All hybrids are going the FA route. @Kandid - Yes, indeed that would be a nice idea. This again takes two batteries, provides portrait controls, but also adds much improved Wifi transmission with 802.11ac 2×2 MIMO support and a Gigabit ethernet port for wired connectivity. Check out our gallery of real-world samples to take a closer look. YES. Sony is seeing a steady decline. User manual are available for download for the EOS R5 and the EOS R6. It’s brilliant to finally have IBIS on Canon EOS cameras. Chris and Jordan take a look at the new Sigma 35mm F2 and 65mm F2. Canon did a decent job with it with the R5 but to be honest while I enjoy the camera for itself I find it pretty clumsy heavily relaying on touch screen which is not ideal for photographers needing direct access to functions. This has to do with a rather unique feature set, clever marketing in relation to the part of the market this camera is aimed at. Place your order and we’ll email you when we have an estimated delivery date. Everyone’s experience differs with IS, but while my own results fell several stops below Canon’s ambitious quotes, IBIS on the R5 and R6 was still extremely valuable, giving me five stops of compensation with native IS lenses and four with everything else. There aren't a ton of settings you need to fiddle with on the EOS R5 to get the most of its AF system...but you should check out one or two of them right here. Technical Editor Richard Butler's pick was the unusual lens that gave him the opportunity to try something new. At the time of launch, the D850 was easily the best, most well rounded camera ever made. Above: Moving on, the R5 and R6 become Canon’s first EOS cameras with built-in sensor-shift stabilisation which, in theory, should reduce shake on any lens you attach, new and old. Like all recent Canon cameras, the R5 can effectively tag images with location information via a smartphone that’s linked by Bluetooth and the Canon app running in the background. As a fact buttons onthe A7RIV have a better feel than on my R5 (especially the AF-ON which is a must for me). @entoman – Canons let you select the "Initial Servo AF point for Face + Tracking" and you can set it to the behavior you describe ("small AF box over the part of the subject you want to track"), you can use the touchscreen to select the object to track or you can let the camera figure it out on its own. I set the frame rate high and used the 8K settings. @Thoughts R Us - "it can substitute for both the Sony a7R4 and the a9II". This is a camera that can pretty much do it all in terms of still photography and compared to the competition only lacks a pixel shift mode to further boost detail. The ergonomics are superb. Well Done Canon (Sleeping Giant) waking up and delivering superb Gen 2 FF ML. All I see is you spreading your hate and making it hard for people to have conversations. Yes, Sony cameras have more functionality and accessibility, but I think their ergonomics in general are way behind Canon, Nikon and Panasonic, in terms of comfort and tactile feedback. I’d worry more about some of the Sony cameras that were shown to get a lot hotter while shooting video, or that were r shown to lack sealing in critical areas and could have internal moisture slowly corroding electronics. Indeed it’s the speed and confidence of the R5 and R6 which will be most apparent to existing EOS R owners and arguably one of the biggest reasons to upgrade. why do other companies spend more on bsi? Not one second of video please. And the R5 has near double the pixels for significantly greater resolution. And Canon ergos are always the best. I am keeping the EF 70-200 F2.8 lens I've used over the years.The R5 feels great in my hands. I find the Canon EOS R5 to be an interesting camera. We’ve put in our request to get hands-on with this camera system so we’ll be completing our review soon. And a camera that sits in the 5-series as the mirrorless counterpart to the 5D Mark IV. But going back to value, I don't see the A9II being better at that than the r5 and by a good bit. NO.IF a single body is unable to work without overheating, would I accept one that feeds the video processing via cable to a gizmo with/without a screen that I can stick in my pocket? Just wait some months and the price will go down, as usual. lol. Disclaimer: The following review of the Canon EOS R5 mirrorless camera and Canon EOS RF 100-500mm F4.5-7.1 telephoto lens is not a technical review, it is a hands-on “here’s how it feels, shoots and performs” kind of review with lots of sample images. American English speakers seem to be the only folk who say "Zee". Would I buy a camera that overheats? Gtoledo Good luck with your understanding,but i cannot agree with you since i have played alot with those Raw files from a7r3,a7r4 and d850,and i have different opinion,and experience than yours.If you just played with Exposure Latitude online tool by Dpreview,i understand you...because they always cheat..every cameras has different iso standart..and for example at iso100 Sony and Canon and Nikon will have different exposure,and Dpreview Exposure Latitude makes automaticaly those files looking the same by adjusting the brigtness values,which leads to more noise.So if you download by yourself those raw files and compare them into Photoshop,you wil see diffence in the final results. The R5 does not exists? Good job, and probably it's more trendy (looks like iPhone). Try selling any Fuji GFX camera and you will get a nasty surprise... Oh yeah? 36 people participated in the survey you link to and the results you list. I’ve cropped the same section of the flowers with Final Cut scaling them to the height of the frame, so higher resolution bodies should reveal greater detail at lower ISOs but may suffer at higher sensitivities. As the first mirrorless camera to be capable of recording 8K video, Canon’s EOS R5 was the outstanding candidate for our Camera Innovation award this year. Nikon has used 1/3 stop increments for years also. As you push the lighting around using the touchscreen you can see the position of the digital light in the upper left corner and a live preview on the actual image. The Sigma 65mm F2 DG DN is for the photographer who wants a focal length that falls squarely between 50mm and 85mm. I took the EOS R5 and simulated a very simple documentary filming day. I found the R5 was actually pretty well-behaved for rolling shutter, and noticeably superior to the R6 for skewing. Canon does not let you fully customize the buttons too, a really bad tradition I never understood. I read many factories are switch from 4K to 8K panels for anything over 65 inches. Those cannot be straightly fully compared because at least I use those to different purposes and feelings. They are the right mix of technical vs just your gut feel and opinion (based on a lot of experience with a lot of cameras). If you were a war correspondent, I could understand this. The Canon R5 is in a league of its own when it comes to comparing it with … Note that once you see 4K/120 is really hard to go back to 4K/30 only. Sony also has awful ergonomics. I like canon menus (very important). So pour a tall cold one and get ready to treat yourself, 2020 style. That alone is a dealbreaker for my style as hybrid shooter. And no doubt that will improve with FW updates. Stacked sensor is more often a problem. The lack of compatibility with phone carriers outside the US is a different problemDoesn't stop me from using the R5 as its ability to lock onto the bird's eyes/ace is a game changer - I can live with the other shortcomings like GPS. @GtoledoI worked with a lot of 7R models. Better then both a7r4 and a9 mark 2 and those are 2 different cameas Wittch makes the r5 even more impressive. If you are using your EF 400mm 2.8 handheld then I understand why you'd find the control ring on the adaptor difficult to use, but on a gimbal I don't see it posing a problem. More Canon EOS R5 vs EOS R6 comparison reviews are listed here.. The Laowa 15mm F4.5 Zero-D Shift lens lets you shift perspective without moving the camera, correct for converging lines and more. Then in playback you’ll find DPRAW processing which exploits the data gathered by dual pixel AF to perform portrait relighting or clarity adjustments. Please don't underestimate Fujifilm crop-cameras, those are very capable. The R5 sometimes 'freezes'. Unfortunately for me it seems that Canon has relegated their high resolution bodies to the smaller form factors which I've never been a fan of holding. Now, for photos, the cost and compatibility of lenses in my opinion is A7rIII. For years now, Canon’s rested on their laurels and has continually played it safe with each release. Both Canon and Nikon are missing a forth dial and that puts them both behind Sony in terms of ergonomics. There’s actually surprisingly few gotchas. Do you have a login? @dpreview I am just not understanding the "Value" mark. The outcome was unreliable and you cannot use the 20fps because of rolling shutter. Your argument about better lens lineup is debatable, EF lens lineup just seems to work wonders and Canon is working pretty hard in the RF lineup too. The R6 is an excellent upgrade from a 6Dm2 and maybe a 7Dm2. The reason why this camera is so great is because it more useful than other cameras and is the best or near the best for almost everything. It's the most flexible exposure mode of any camera. Above: Here’s another example, this time grabbed from 4k 120p footage, where the resolution is reduced to 8 Megapixels, but you’re capturing 120 frames per second.