Lecturer: Claudia Marquis, Arts 1, Room 637, ext 87592. Caribbean Secondary Examination Council (CSEC) / CXC Syllabuses. A reading list is included in the syllabus to offer help to schools in choosing class texts to develop the ability to enjoy literature. Contact details: Office Hours, 3-4 p.m. Tuesday, or by arrangement. Christiane P. Makward and Judith G. Miller ... -Presentation of syllabus-Brief introduction to the Caribbean Universe This is why I’ve listed below Caribbean women authors who, I think, deserve more attention. Students have the opportunity to collaboratively create their own syllabus of literary and critical readings. In The Caribbean Discourse, Glissant situates the identity quest within the context defined by the … Learning losses during COVID-19 can hinder lifelong development Caribbean Literature (Francophone) 139 The emphasis on Caribbeanness also made important contributions to the growth of Francophone Caribbean literature. QUESTIONS IN AFRICAN LITERATURE Souleymane Bachir Diagne ... PANDEMICS IN FRANCOPHONE LITERATURE AND HISTORY ... Looks at the portrayal of women as unsettling figures in the Francophone Caribbean literary universe. ... Francophone Women: A Critical Anthology. 50:420:243.Francophone Literature in English Translation (3) This course may be taken as part of a major in African-American Studies. Drawing from literature, music, and film of the Hispanophone, Anglophone, and Francophone Caribbean nations, students will learn how the Caribbean is connected through projects of modernity and empire and at the same time unique and dissimilar. This is a course for students interested in contemporary Caribbean literature, as well as in the social, political, historical, and cultural characteristics of the Caribbean archipelago. Caribbean Literature. The syllabus provides ample time to work ahead on assignments so that they should not conflict with work in other courses. ENGLISH 346: African and Caribbean Literature (15 points) SEMESTER 2, 2018 Course Convenor: Claudia Marquis. Related items. When I was studying English and American literature, I was struck by the fact that not one black woman—American, English or Caribbean—was included on any of the syllabi. FREN 454: Topics in Caribbean Francophone Literature and Culture (3 Credits) Analyzes a selection of important literary texts (novel, short story, poetry, and/or theater) and authors in their historical and cultural contexts: the construction of identity through and … If you are unable to see me in my Office hours, you must make an appointment. Advanced French Literature (FRW) FRW 4770/5775 Introduction to Francophone Caribbean Culture - Dr. Martin Munro. A study of the Francophone literature of Africa, the Caribbean, and North America. Because of my revision policy (see below), it almost always makes more sense to hand in … novels, stories, poems and plays. The Francophone Caribbean consists primarily of the French Départments d'outre mer (DOMs) of Martinique, Guadeloupe, and Guyane, and the Republic of Haiti, independent since 1804. This course aims to provide students interested in humanitarianism, human rights, the Caribbean, cultural studies, and French and Francophone Studies an introduction to Haiti and Haitian culture throughout its history, including pre-and post-earthquake culture. The approach in this syllabus calls for emphasis on the exposure of students to literature, not to the learning of facts about literary theory. Teacher: Claudia Marquis. Course Objectives Identify and discuss important events, people, and places in the Caribbean It seemed as if such a category of writers did not exist.