If they produce a sentence or answer a question, the team can claim that square. The Presentation When I began posting about my creativity exercises and games I also started developing the presentation I use in class to introduce them. Poll Everywhere has the perfect activity for this scenario. Ask one student from the first team to nominate a section of the board. I hope they work well for you! Free Chess Game PowerPoint Template. Engage – reinforce your key points at the end with 3-5 quiz questions. Between talks, the audience selects their favorite speaker using their mobile devices, and the results appear in an animated chart in real time. If you contact me via my Facebook page, I will keep you updated as to when a guide/tutorial has been published. Ask everyone who voted for one option to raise their hands. Trick or treat was a Halloween themed game inspired by games such as Typhoon and BAAM. Again, thank you for getting back to me- I truly love the activities- I just want to be able to reuse them and ultimately introduce your website to even more of my colleagues. Each team choose a numbered square to reveal. The reason for this rule is to ensure that as much English is spoken as possible. 01.01.20 • 7 min read • #Fun #Game #PowerPoint #Presentation Contents 1. ; Give an opportunity to play fun games related to the lesson. For a game as simple as tic tac toe, all you need is a dry erase board. Great music and sound effects. . Game playing is not its primary function. Two Truths and a Lie 6. The audience(s): If there are a large number of audiences, break them down into meaningful groups. Here’s how it works: create a Poll Everywhere competition. This presentation game for 10 or more players helps the audience get to know each other. 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Select the checkmarks next to the two truths to do a big reveal after voting ends. You can even play football. Despite the fact that you started the chain by whispering, “Company XYZ used content marketing to engage prospects,” you’re sure to end up with something quite ridiculous by the end. They know what to focus on and pay special attention to. However, there are no questions and answers in this template, it is just a way of keep track of points. https://tekhnologic.wordpress.com/2016/02/20/5-activities-to-make-your-powerpoint-more-engaging/. Music can set the mood and get attendees energized before your session and during breaks. A hidden picture is placed under several squares. It happened to me too! Games To Play During Presentation . To create your own class quiz, copy the slides you need into a new PowerPoint and write your own questions and answers. Game Number 8: Jeopardy. All it takes is adding your own content with the simple placeholders. All Time Show: Recommended. Trivia questions are fun. T. You are wonderful! You can use PowerPoint on your smartphone as a remote control to run your presentation and view your speaker notes. There is a paper-based version available to download from the original post. Pro tip: keep your audience on the edge of their seats by letting them know up front there’ll be a quiz in your presentation, and offer a small prize for the winner! Download the Jeopardy 2016 PowerPoint. You can reward the student or the student’s team with several points if they sink the ship. If the student guesses incorrectly, ask the next group to choose a square. Most of my games fall in two broad categories--Creativity games and Critical Thinking games. For your inspiration, here are our two favorite quizzes that we like to run during our meetings: You’ll find a few some new games as well as some old favorites. This game provides valuable insights into your audience members, while also giving them a chance to stretch their legs. Thank you! By sharing commonly used file types such as PDF, PowerPoint, Word, or Excel, your audience will be laser-focused as … “Welcome to Panel Island, one of my favorite sessions of all time. When I try to show the powerpoint the squares are black. When you open the template, you will see nine numbered squares. However, it limits each poll to 25 responses.Using Poll Everywhere, you can solicit real-time respon… And this explains the importance of audience activities during presentation. Online Cook Club. The animation triggers for the cover tiles are fixed. The tiles disappear when you click on them, but the coin needs to have its animation trigger set to the new cover tile (if it has moved). This means that stronger students won’t dominate the game. Ready-to-Play PowerPoint, PDF, Excel and HTML Games Games in this group were prepared with questions and answers input by others. You can gamify this exercise ever-so-slightly by entering everyone who completed the worksheet before the end of your presentation into a raffle. I created a board of 20 squares and under each square there are hidden coins. By hiding the results and revealing them after everyone has voted, you prevent participants from submitting whatever seems like the most popular answer.