Anonymous. For the best answers, search on this site If you’ve seen this movie before, you know the exact scene that I’m talking about. The song "Not Falling" by Mudvayne appears twice in the film, once in the beginning when Santos it blasting it on the bridge. I got hooked on special effects making-of's after seeing the making of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'. It also serves as a tension builder. Website Bloody Disgusting listed Ghost Ship's opening massacre as #13 in their list of "The Top 13 Kills in Horror Movie History". Source(s): understand ghost ship: Another confession. Talk about blowing your load too early. Guy #1: We can't afford Manson. As a matter of reference, the opening scene of Ghost Ship is so much better than the rest of the movie that the movie even knew it, flashing back to that scene in its entirety in the final act. Some guy working on Ghost Ship: Ok so we have this long scene where lots of people die and it really hammers in how greed and selfishness can corrupt and destroy the very essence of the human soul. It was jaw-dropping indeed, but then after it, I think watching some Sea Monkeys have sex would have been much more entertaining. The vicious opening sequence is professional horror a scene that grabs you by the throat and demands your complete attention and curiosity for the rest of the movie. I remember the first time I saw it and I was in definite “Holy Shit!” mode after seeing the opening scene. The Mary Celeste. The high quality level is held up a little while longer but unfortunately it loses his grip during the second half. And with that, 'Ghost Ship' committed to film a ghastly and haunting opening sequence that is so spectacular that the rest of the movie just can't recover from it. Head inside for his take on Ghost Ship! With Julianna Margulies, Gabriel Byrne, Ron Eldard, Desmond Harrington. In addition to the House Of Wax remake from last week’s article, I’ve never seen the Ghost Ship either. Ghost Ship opens with a delightfully gruesome prologue in which the passengers of a luxury ocean liner circa 1962 are bisected in a fantastic, Final Destination-esque fashion. Edit. Directed by Steve Beck. The ship scenes are as good as Nick says; more amazing build-up as MacGyver tries to appear nonchalant as he walks around but the bloody hand prints and the smelly fur ratchet up the tension until the brilliant moment when MacGyver picks up the coffee cup and all hell breaks loose. By the 1980s the ship was essentially left for dead in the New York harbor. I only saw Ghost Ship on cable once, but the one scene which stuck with me aside from the opening scene was when the little girl ghost is showing Julianna Margulies how she died. The scene on the foredeck where the Captain and the passengers were dancing, and the scene in the ballroom, was a common tradition at the time near the end of a trans-Atlantic voyage. While critical response to Ghost Ship was varied upon its theatrical release, many contemporary critics and film fans alike praised its elaborate opening murder sequence. The film has since garnered somewhat of a cult following, with many fans especially praising the soundtrack and the flashback scene which depicts how … Ghost Ship is directed by Steve Beck from a script penned by Mark Hanlon; the film stars Julianna Margulies, Gabriel Byrne, and Ron Eldard.. Trivia: The scene … 2002’s Ghost Ship did just that. Another 2000s horror that banks on a stellar opening scene is Ghost Ship. I can almost guarantee you’ll watch it three times, minimum. The lone survivor is the young Katie Harwood (Emily Browning, Sucker Punch), who was spared by virtue of her diminutive stature. [Good Scenes In Bad Movies] The ‘Ghost Ship’ Edition!!! However, after the first frame, it was a let-down. If it weren't for the highly memorable opening sequence, Ghost Ship might have been lost at sea forever. The song appears in the opening scene, and it a fan favorite but wasn't released with the album. All posts tagged "ghost ship opening scene" Editorials 8 years ago [Good Scenes In Bad Movies] The ‘Ghost Ship’ Edition!!! A salvage crew discovers a long-lost 1962 passenger ship floating lifeless in a remote region of the Bering Sea, and soon notices that its long-dead inhabitants may still be on board. Stuff like this is why I love horror, too. The introduction, though, is brilliant. GHOST SHIP had the potential to be a great movie with inventive gore, tricky twists, and engaging scenery. People try to reunite their severed halves. Just the contrast between how scared and alive she was then, and how blank and resigned she is at watching her own death for the umpteenth time. Albeit, there was not any confirmed spotting in 1998, this famous ghost ship continues to be a legend. I watched it a ton when I was a kid. But it still became a bit of a celebrity when it was featured in the opening scenes of Madonna’s music video of the song, “Papa Don’t Preach.” ... Cube is a cult classic and uses its opening scene as an important part exposition by showing and not telling the audience the intricacies of the Cube and the game that the rest of the film is predicated on. 5 years ago. Be that as it may, you will struggle to remember anything after the beginning of this maritime haunter. It starts by showing sixties style love boat credits, and immediately shifts to a brutal calamity that slices dozens of people in half. A lot of people have been wondering what the enduing of this film meant. We need music for that scene. Intestines spill. Ghost Ship is a 2002 supernatural horror film that is now available to watch on Netflix. Amazing opening scene, unfortunately it isn’t plausible. Get used to the pancake batter blood in Death Ship’s soft core gore, and then graduate to the corn syrup blood scenes of Ghost Ship. I love Ghost Ship and think it's a perfect example of a fun scary movie that doesn't try to be anything more than that. Ghost Ship (2002) Parents Guide Add to guide . That and a documentary about George Romero's Night of the Living Dead. Ghost Ship (2002) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. The most notorious scene of Ghost Ship happens in the first two minutes. Edit . Basically since she destroyed the ship, she freed all the souls of that ship but it didnt kill the evil spirit. That's simply because the rest of the movie is unremarkable. With Julianna Margulies, Gabriel Byrne, Ron Eldard, Desmond Harrington. Report This. The film is directed by Steve Beck and was written by Mark Hanlon and John Prague. The movie left me feeling unsettled/disturbed afterwards, so, as … Looking back at it now, it is still such a badass movie. 0 1. You will watch the opening spectacle over and over. Aboard an Italian ocean liner in 1962, the passengers dance on the deck as the entertainment performs. The Ghost Ship. Best Horror Kills - Ghost Ship - Opening scene November 2020 The entire crew of a ship sans a little girl are cut into pieces thanks to a rogue steel wire in Steve Beck's GHOST SHIP. Showing all 43 items ... hitting the trigger to set off explosives that blow up a ship (we see a man in silhouette being blown to pieces). A salvage crew discovers a long-lost 1962 passenger ship floating lifeless in a remote region of the Bering Sea, and soon notices that its long-dead inhabitants may still be on board. Another confession. Some other guy working on Ghost Ship: Marilyn Manson. Although the song was released in January of 2002 on Mancini's album Cinema Paradiso. Visual effects were solid for the time, had Van Halen do the main soundtrack theme, Bill Paxton/Helen Hunt/Phillip Seymour Hoffman running the cast, and just an all around super solid action/suspense that made you nervous by the size. Really, that scene could be its own triple feature. Ghost Ship opens aboard the luxury ocean liner SS Antonia Graza in the early 1960s, where the passengers of the ship are dressed formally and dining with one another to a romantic tune. Guy #2: Whatever, all those bands sound the same. News & Interviews for Ghost Ship New on Netflix in September 2019: New Movies, TV Shows, Netflix Original Series The 20 Scariest Opening Scenes in Horror Movie History, Ranked Ghost Ship is available on Netflix. As this is a "ghost ship" many enemies you'll encounter will be invisible to the naked eye, but can be seen in the mirrors on the walls of the ship. 2. In 2016, the media website ComingSoon named the film's opening scene one of the greatest in horror film history. Directed by Steve Beck. (Let's call it the 'Blade' scenario, because nothing tops that opening blood-coming-down-from-the-fire-extinguisher sequence.)