The lead was used to add more weight. Turmeric CBD oil blends the two into one convenient product with a wealth of potential benefits. If interested pl. Home facial […]. Stopped worrying about that long ago. Thanks Shawna. I buy my turmeric from Swansons and it has black pepper and organic. May even buy green root as you are going to be mixing it with water anyways to make the concoction. While definitive studies are being conducted, the information available indicates that turmeric is likely an extra-healthy addition to your diet. Please advise!! SO I EMAILED THE PLACE WHERE I GOT IT AND THEY SAID IT WAS ORGANIC AND THAT THEY RAN OUT OF STICKERS ! Once dried, it is ground down into a fine powder. Source Naturals’ Turmeric with Meriva. Mountain Rose Herbs in Eugene always gives me the truth when I ask, and often this truth is something like:: “our lab tests are several years old….or contaminants are below non-organic allowable standards….” or some evasive but honest answer (while they buy time to find another Country of Origin). I also eat it. Being a powerful anti-oxidant, turmeric can protect cells from getting damaged. Laboratory tests have found that turmeric interferes with many critical molecular pathways that cause the growth and spread of cancer. It acted as if it was a chemo drug. Avoid powder and supplement which have additives and fillers in them. Is it Safe to Take Curcumin for Cancer During Chemotherapy? IT LOOKS THE SAME AS THE OTHER TURMERIC IGOT SOME WHERE ELSE BUT IT SMELLS WEEKER THEN MINE BUT SAME COLOR. McCormick turmeric hails from India, where it’s considered a sacred part of Hindu culture. I am 5 weeks. Thanks I only buy my medicines and foods from longstanding frontline companies which sold prior to the explosion of the Internet-only companies. There are commercially available masks with diverse ingredients and meant for different types of skin. Most Turmeric grown in the northern hemisphere have white tips on the end, grow gnarly and are weak. What registration and permission is required?What certification is needed? These providers of raw materials supply the supplements (packager) companies and therefore I am saying there are also quality, honest, clean packaged supplements companies out there, but the whole point is that if you are serious about this, and are young and have a lifetime ahead of you transitioning into self-generated medicine, then you will want to get a Source company, not a secondary products company, that you can count on. In addition I grow Limes, Rambutan, Bananas and Coffee. I notice your comment:”The certification institute reputation matters as much as the certification itself! Sure, look forward your comments and feedback. I can’t find one and if I’m going to be taking this stuff everyday – I am not comfortable buying from overseas if the Organic regulators are lax.. The motive for taking organic turmeric is to get the best out of this amazing spice. There may be some cases when the product may not be certified but still be organic and you can buy it. Price: $$ Curcumin itself is poorly absorbed by your body … Make sure the Turmeric Supplement you’re buying has 100% pure Turmeric Curcumin in them with no additives or fillers. You are also right – organic in itself does not 100% guarantee quality turmeric. Also if you are interested in turmeric supplements, please check We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to This may mean that most of the brands you are buying right now will not qualify the tests. And how should I dry and powder home grown?? Avoid supplements which have magnesium stearate (also known as stearic acid) in them. For example in the US. However, we know that the key to any turmeric supplement is 1000 mg of 95% curcuminoids. (1) If youre eating turmeric (as opposed to taking it as a supplement; more on that later), youll find the root in the produce aisle at the grocery store it looks similar to ginger. Something must be done about all these agencies that are middlemen to collect on the profits of the farmer and create more cost to the consumer. I appreciate it would be best to take the powder but don’t find that easy and would most likely not use it. StarWest Botanicals and Mountain Rose Herbs are two such companies for buying RAW MATERIALS. If you are buying from India be extra careful as laws are not so strict. The originally trusted Solgar sold out to a pharmaceutical company, I believe approximately fifeteen years ago, who cleverly kept the name. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. To make turmeric spice, the fresh turmeric rhizomes are boiled down and then dried in ovens. In their words, “Our mission is to inspire wellness in all.” Headquarter address and contact number […], Extensive research is being conducted in many laboratories across the globe on the anti-cancer properties of turmeric. Second issue is : Curcumin dissolves in fat. It is the curcumin levels that matter if you are seeking medicinal benefits from Turmeric. Look for “certified organic” seal. These would never do something like what you describe and they care about their reputation and will provide documentation and follow through. If not – it’s most likely not to be organic (I am coming to this case soon). Blend with coconut milk to create golden milk, and don’t forget to experiment by adding it to Greek-style yogurt for delicious curry recipes. Can any body guide me in this direction . Bring on the sweet potatoes, butternut squash, pumpkin, and carrots, and amplify with a sprinkling of turmeric. I used golden paste on fungated cancer tumors with good results. China has such widespread heavy metals in their soil that nearly every manufacturer on the planet now is trying to find alternate sources. The magic of its flavor comes alive when it’s paired with other spices, herbs, and ingredients. To trust The FDA is insane, lol, you don’t pay the bills Big Pharma and the Mega Ag companies control what is and what isn’t allowed, certification is a matter of interpretation by the inspector and the producer. It grows GREAT in South Florida. They told me it is Steam processed and they are not able to say anything specific about GMO not being in the prodouct. I am buying from the bulk bins at our local Indian Supermarket……how do I know about it being organic or not?!! We recommend choosing an organic powder or supplement. (For those who are not aware of this). Thank you, Hi. Please read this article for more information about topical curcumin for cancer: The cost savings is a major consideration for low-income people like me, but soon, all these items will skyrocket and cost will matter and therefore everyone will become their own self-producing herbal doctor! Turmeric is now being used as a complementary therapy with conventional cancer treatment. Turmeric and conventionally formulated curcumin products are probably safe when taken orally or applied to the skin in the recommended amounts. It needs to contain 20mg Bioperine® for increased absorption. This is one spice that when blended with others, you can rarely go wrong. Expensive, but better than taking your chances with the powder. Curcumin is a small compound called a polyphenol and only makes up about 2-8% of turmeric by weight. And don’t tell me to just ask the person who is selling it. I bought a bag of turmeric powder from a local Indian store, and it is the Laxmi Brand distributed by the House of Speices (India) Inc. in Flushing , New York. Usage Tips • Use turmeric when making pickles, chow-chow and relishes. thank you. Today, it’s the best friend in your favorite dishes, with vibrant color and unexpected benefits that make it a helpful addition to many a dish. But dig up the root, carefully clean and dry it, and you have an extraordinary spice beloved as much for its color as its flavor. Yes, “Swanson’s” catalog of vitamins and supplements has the best prices, verified only top quality. thanks! I’ve witnessed this time and time again as I know the farmers in my area that have the USDA cert. But dig up the root, carefully clean and dry it, and you have an extraordinary spice beloved as much for its color as its flavor. Read it to believe in power of this miracle herb. Hi Ariel, very good points raised. On issue you commented on I disagree with and that is where you mention Turmeric can be grown just about anywhere. In addition, India is not a reliable source either. It’s so difficult to find trusted sources. So better take it with milk or in any curry where oil is used. One of the most comprehensive list of proven turmeric / curcumin benefits. Each serving should have the recommended dosage of 1000-1300 mg standardized to 95% with 10mg of BioPerine in it. Turmeric has been used as a spice and medicinal herb for thousands of years. We have not come across any brown colored turmeric powder unless it is a spice mix. Due your homework – Swanson’s is great! The anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric are well known. So take turmeric having higher percentage of curcumin with pepper and some form of fat. We always make turmeric powder during peak summer. Obesity can lead to several different health issues, such as high blood pressure, … 10 Awesome Turmeric Masks for Great Skin! You can read more about our team in the " About us" section. It took me three years to propagate thirty gallons of roots from only a little mailer pouch of roots from China. Anyone has any experience or can help me ? The content on our website is for educational purposes only. To make that happen, we will go through all the promotional materials created for it. (Turmeric Curcumin Pure™ meets this requirement). Most turmeric extracts do not contain what’s actually on the label. Alleppey turmeric needs a tropical climate, like the regions of Kerala and Orissa where it is typically grown. We source Alleppey turmeric, with high curcumin levels, bright yellow color and deep flavor. You can check our list of some of the best turmeric brands available in the market here: It has all the USDA organic stamps and fair for life stamp. But I find so many benefits generally from taking it I’d rather keep my intake up to hopefully benefit pregnancy and beyond. We recommend choosing an organic powder or supplement. From India, there is Madras Finger Turmeric and Alleppey Finger Turmeric. How to use organic Turmeric powder Organic Turmeric powder is a great way to add depth and flavour in many dishes and recipes and it’s quickly becoming a favourite superfood across the world . OK, In my country Papua New Guinea, we don’t grow or we don’t have turmeric in our country, so we know nothing about this product so thanks for your effort in me with such virtual information. • Add 1/4 tsp. It makes up the majority of the capsule with under 10% being curcumin. Hi Ariel, I just found this site…I have started the Golden Paste club, so to speak…and, I did buy my Turmeric online…ugg where I live, it isn’t easy to come by….I noticed what you said about Starwest Botanicals….Do they sale bad stuff? That is because they are growing in a natural habitat. iT CAN CARRY DISEASE, Cow dung is sacred .It along with Cow urine can cure every disease including cancer,its written in Vedas.It s purely Indian discovery,but western drug companies suppress this information.One Indian PM used to drink cow urine regularly and at one time cow urine used to be served in Air India along with Tea and Coffee. They should enter an agreement that the buyer can inspect the crops at anytime, rather than just relying on the USDA cert. As this product is obviously imported into my country and does not carry my Countries Certifications, I am left wondering about the purity of this product? We are not responsible for any contraindications one may face when taking turmeric as treatment without medical advice. I recently purchase the Tumeric w/black pepper and it is delicious (needs to be refrigerated after opening). Now if you want to trust a sold out company, that’s ok, but I’ll just but the organic root from a reputable buyer and I have the choice of raw and or cooking it myself and knowing the original root hasn’t been screwed with. I was chatting with one of my friends in Australia about turmeric when she mentioned that she has just bought some organic turmeric for a herbal company there. It is a common condition in cold weather. On its own, turmeric has a pungent, slightly bitter flavor—a mix between ginger and pepper. [1] The disease is treated through chemo or radiotherapeutic methods. I look forward to hearing your advice and comments. Check if it is certified organic, good quality and contains standardized curcumin extract. We will also look into the claims. Please check our list of recommended brands of organic turmeric powder here: I bought 5# Turmeric from Winco store It is Rosered mfg by Spice Chain Corp. A tablespoon at the most is best. Basically my friend you are talking pure cow dung. pure turmeric In the fields where it grows, the turmeric plant hides its brilliant color underground, showing only glossy green leaves and multi-petaled white flowers. White turmeric is different from yellow turmeric or curcuma longa. Available at most of the East-Indian/Asian grocery stores. Hi Kerry, turmeric is now grown across the world but of course in many cases you have to have cntrol over the conditions. The same is the case with organic turmeric too. Do you know anything about the Turmerix FAST brand? I am so not a healthy eating kind of person…so I really do not know anything about this kind of thing…So any help would be just awesome…Maybe you can give me some ideas where to purchase my next order.. Hi, unfortunately frauds in the name of “organic” are rampant. Which isn’t a lot if you remember how strong the taste of pure turmeric is. NBTY has their name now. Where as pepparin which is available in pepper(black) will enhance the obsorbing capacity og intestines. HI, does anyone know if RADURISED turmeric from ROBERTSONS UNILEVER South Africa (sold in pick n pay supermarket) is a reliable one? Gives Turmeric contains 1300mg pure Turmeric Curcumin standardized to 95% with 10mg of BioPerine; with no synthetic ingredients, cheap filler, binders and artificial colors. If you have any specific questions about any medical matter, drug interactions or you are suffering from a medical condition you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider. We recommend examining and rinsing before proceeding with your favorite recipe.” How do you rinse powder? I live in United Kingdom. The percentage of curcuminoids in the Turmeric should be at 4.5 to 5% levels. thank you so much for all your input! Anything less and you're wasting your money! In case you would like to get in touch with me, please email me at info [at] turmericforhealth [.] Turmeric has a pungent, slightly bitter flavor—a mix between ginger and pepper. Hi, Isabel. I live in FLorida, would that make our area good for growing medicinal turmeric? Isn’t the best grade bright yellow? We have not heard of this brand and hence cant comment. We spend 10s of hours to write a single article. Thanks. Here are some other tips: So the key thing to buy great organic turmeric is to pay attention to all the above important aspects, most important being an organic certification from a reputed agency in of country. There are many varieties of turmeric. The turmeric root is also used to make alternative medicine. Additionally, we must stress that supplements do not directly treat any health condition, but aim to improve overall health. You may know turmeric primarily as a spice, but it’s also used in Ayurvedic medicine, a holistic approach to health that originated in India over 3,000 years ago ().Turmeric … Turmeric Lattes (aka Golden Milk) Golden milk is a latte colored with turmeric. I buy many products from and I too, live in Ontario Canada. Face masks are applied to cleaned and dried skin and left for a few minutes until it completely dries off before rinsing it. Is it decent quality? Turmeric. We have not explored this product yet. It’s an oil filled capsule. Hi Melanie, I NEVER buy any foods or medicine’s “from the Internet” suppliers. Required fields are marked *. Genetically Modified Organism, that sound All Natural to any one. Yes Diane, unfortunately I just made the whole bottle and realized it has flour in it..swad.. Not pure! Your email address will not be published. Thanks. Regarding China and it’s exports it is important that Turmeric consumers know more about what they are purchasing. You are automatically consuming a pre boiled product, that you hope hasn’t then been extracted using hexane or some other vile solvent and you probably aren’t supplied the data to prove the dose or the extraction method? It’s easy to consume enough each day in this simple-to-make tonic. We take pride in the fact that we do not mass produce our teas. Thus, organic products are expensive than non-organic ones. You can check our recommendations on good turmeric brands: Copyright © 2020 McCormick & Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Consuming fresh or powdered turmeric will have good general health benefits but if we are looking at treating a particular disease, regulated dosages of curcumin will be required. Two years ago I became extremely allergic to chemical dyes and other chemicals, particularly preservatives, like sodium benzoate and isothiazolinones. Your Indian and Middle Eastern grocer should carry fresh turmeric, though you may luck out at an Asian market as well. it is USDA Organic cerified and only ingredient listed is organic turmeric. How to identify a genuine organic turmeric brand? What do we do when we buy other products say a baby bottle, we look for has it cleared independent quality standards or not.