Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Hyperdia perfect guide, train timetable and route search engine. I have a feeling this trip will be very hectic and messy, but i would love to go to the alpine regions. Please be aware of it if you are to use JR Kyushu Rail Pass. Estimate how much your trip will cost as you edit your plan. I have a draft itinerary for my Japan trip in Oct, but i am not very confident with my plans. Japan train expert. Please refer to them and make your own itinerary. And also this site explain about many more rail passes, gives you tips and supports you to enjoy rail trip in Japan. I want to travel on October 28, 2017. I understand that. How can you tell that 20:37 is the last Hikari?? 2. japan rail pass. I’m afraid it’s quite popular and need to be reserved in advance. 4. JR used to be Japan’s National Railway but it was privatized a long time ago. Since we are coming in through Narita Terminal 1 airport i believe we will be taking the Narita express going to Tokyo and then get on a shinkasen train to Hachinohe where our friends are picking us up. It explains you how to use Japan Rail Pass and assists you to use Japan Rail Pass to its maximum! You have to see the timetable to build your trip plan. Con tu pedido del Japan Rail Pass con nosotros recibes un mapa detallado de la red JR. Hyperdia perfect guide, train timetable and route search engine. Cheese. Japan Rail Pass offers a highly economical and convenient way to travel throughout Japan by rail. Looking forward for my Japan trip! Check the train schedule on Hyperdia. I will tell you about the timetable by the major train companies later. ・During the period of validity, you can pass directly through automatic ticket gates within the valid area. I don’t see any issues on your itinerary. Shinkansen is the fastest and most convenient way. This website is unofficial website about Japan Rail Pass, other rail passes and rail travel in Japan. 1., Hi Takeshi-San, It’s joyful shinkansen between echigo-yuzaw and niigata operating in august? Fare Calculation, Reservation, timetable and fare calculation, How to choose a special discount rail ticket for Japanese residents, JR East Welcome Rail Pass 2020 for Japanese residents only: Unlimited ride for 3 days in JR East area, An exceptionally priced Western Japan unlimited ride ticket for residents of Japan: “Dokodemo Door Kippu”, When can we travel to Japan? We will be purchasing our JR East Pass for 5 days online but i need to know, if the trains (Tohoku Line and Nex) operate 24 hours and if not, what is the earliest trip from Hachinohe to tokyo to Narita so we can catch our 9:15 am flight back to the Philippines. It’s not messy and hectic. There are lots of stations in Osaka and Kyoto. How do I check for the last train back to Tokyo? A 7-day Japan Rail Pass cost about $273 USD and a round trip from Kyoto to Tokyo cost about $255 USD. You may want to see the hardcopy of the timetable. 2., I don’t have any bus timetable from Nagoya to Osaka but you may be able to find it in the link below: Please refrain from asking me which hotel to recommend. If you ask me the rail pass that fits your itinerary, please explain your travel plan in as much detail as possible. Refer to the table2 below for details. I think you mean Anpanman train. Japan Rail Planner is free to use! Confidently travel all around the country with your JR Pass for the best price and discover its landscapes from a safe and comfortable mean of transportation. Sample itinerary Four world heritage sites (Shirakawago, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Miyajima), Kanazawa and Kyoto 7 days by Japan Rail Pass, Guide to plan your trip. JR Kyushu, Browse the JNTO site in one of multiple languages. And also you may use Tateyama Kurobe option ticket beside JR pass. About. Due to COVID-19, it may be operated on a schedule different from the normal timetable. Notes. It is valid for journeys on all JR national trains including Shinkansen bullet trains and Narita Express trains. 1. This site provides you with a lot of information. It totally makes a sense. You must complete Hakone in the morning. The Japan Rail Pass gives you unlimited access to all Shinkansen bullet trains except the Nozomi and Mizuho Shinkansen, which run on the Tokaido, Sanyo, and Kyushu Shinkansen lines.. – Japan rail and train travel complete guide. Check out the Rail Passes section of this site. If you are okay with paying an extra, you can take Keikyu Railway from Haneda to Shinagawa. 2. A Japan Rail Pass is a ticket that provides unlimited travel on all Japan Rail national trains for a certain period. First, try google the hotel name. It is simple but a bit tricky to use. Enjoy mainly Hakodate and Yamagata in the Tohoku area while maximizing use of the Shinkansen connecting Tokyo and Hakodate in Hokkaido. Please note that I do not personally interact with readers. In this post, I will show you the resources of the timetable of the train in Japan. Here is a price list (as of August 2020) of the two different Japan Rail Pass classes from the Japan Rail Pass website . The Japan Rail Map with over 4800 stations and 23000 km of rail freedom to explore. Check the timetable of our trains covering across central Japan area. *JR Kyushu Rail Pass can be purchased/exchanged at specific places. Please make use of these JR Hotel Group facilities to make your trip to Japan as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible. Title: JR_PASS_release_JA_0529 Created Date: 5/29/2020 8:58:41 AM I can't choose the best pass on the rough itinerary. What is the earliest train and or bus ride from Nagoya to Osaka? 2. JNTO: Bilingual Tickets by Japan Railways Group. Takeshi Shimomura Author and administrator Japan train expert. By far the best option for visitors who plan to do a lot of travelling is the Japan Rail Pass, which allows unlimited travel on almost all JR trains, including the Shinkansen, and travel on certain segments on private railways (see exceptions below) for a fixed period of 7, 14 or 21 days. In addition, this service possesses the golf course search function. If you did not validate your Japan Rail Pass at the airport, or did not make seat reservations at the Airport JR Travel Service Center, find a different JR Travel Center to validate your pass. Japan Rail Pass is a cost-efficient free-pass ticket exclusively for foreign visitors, using which visitors are able to take Shinkansen and rails of JR Group (Japan Railways Group) throughout Japan. Hi!. So don’t worry about the train to Shin-Osaka from Universal city. Title: N JR Rote Map as of July 20180925 Created Date: 9/25/2018 12:21:48 PM Japan's leading railway company, Japan Railways (JR), has an elaborate and well-established network of trains throughout the country. You may take this bus in the link below by JR pass. The Japan Rail Pass (also known as JR Pass) is a multi-use ticket which offers incredible value for money. May 23 – Arrival in Haneda Airport – wish to take train (JR pass) to Osaka – can you share the name of the station to stop? I told you trains in Japan are expensive. The Japan Rail Pass is a special pass valid for unlimited travel on Japan Railways (JR) transportation, including all JR trains. Most, if not all trains stop operating around midnight. June 2 – tokyo – back to our country Which pass shall we buy? To make sure you receive your Japan Rail Pass Exchange Order before flying to Japan, you should order your JR Pass at least 10 days before your journey. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to leave your comment! For more details, please inquire directly with the hotel of your choice over the phone. With a Green-type JAPAN RAIL PASS you can use either class, while with an Ordinary-type JAPAN RAIL PASS you can use only Ordinary Cars without paying an additional charge. Eligibility for use. Hi! The Green Japan Rail Pass is not often used by foreign travellers but, considering the comfort it offers, the space, the hot towel (oshibori) and even free drinks you receive on some routes, it is good value for money. Discounts are available at some locations if you mention that you have purchased a JAPAN RAIL PASS when making your reservation. HyperDia-timetable is a service which offers the route and the timetable of the railway and the aviation within Japan. JR Group’s website. This website shows you the timetables of most of limited express trains, Shinkansen and popular seasonal trains in JR East areas. If you’re going to Japan and thinking about travelling around it, you’ll want to get a Japan Rail Pass. In order for you to see if a Japan Rail Pass is worth it, let's compare the cost of a Japan Rail Pass with how much it would have cost me if I hadn't bought the pass. After this train, there are some more trains to Tokyo. And I made the timetable in PDF format. Although this all-encompassing pass is the right choice for many, consider some of the regional alternatives below for more of a bargain. If there is no fare chart in English, buy the cheapest ticket indicated on the vending machine and pay the difference into the fare adjustment machine at your destination station before you go through the ticket gate. Tokyo Kyoto Osaka Kanazawa Takaya ma Hakone (Station Hakone Yumoto) Okayama Hiroshima Miyajima Fukuoka (Station Hakata) Kagoshima (Station Kagoshima Chuo) Thank you Takeshi for the affirmation on my itinerary. We are visiting Japan next year and will go to Nagoya first. The Tokyo Center is located at the Yaesu north-exist concourse of Tokyo Station , and is open 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. daily. I picked up the major trains, such as the limited express Wide View Hida, the limited express Thunderbird, most of the limited express trains in Hokkaido. JTB USA website will be change price on September 30,2019 at 5:00PM (PST) But Keikyu Railway is not covered by JR Pass. Japan Railways Group (JR) has announced a price increase will apply to all purchases of Japan Rail Pass (including JR Regional Passes) due to consumption tax from October 1,2019. The counters can be very crowded during tourist season. JAPAN RAIL PASS, a joint offering of the six companies comprising the Japan Railways Group (JR Group), is the economical and convenient means of traveling throughout Japan by rail. Please refrain from asking how to get to the hotel you are staying at. A child pass is priced at half of adult's. Japan Rail Pass also offer online services where a customer can order pass directly from the websites and enjoy the visit of Japan. May 26 – travel from osaka to kyoto (can you share the specific station to take the train and which station to stop? The railway in Japan is internationally known for its 20 000 km length servicing the whole country, its punctuality and speed. Add notes to your plan as you research your trip to Japan. To be eligible to purchase a JAPAN RAIL PASS you must meet one of the following two conditions. To book tickets for long-distance trains, follow either one of two different procedures: If you did not validate your Japan Rail Pass at the airport, or did not make seat reservations at the Please visit Japan Rail Pass website if you are interested in purchasing Japan Rail Pass, including nationwide rail passes and regional JR passes. All the details of Japan Rail Pass can … JR pass for 10 days. Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass) is available another website, Japan Rail Pass. Pass your ticket through the automated ticket gate or show your ticket to the inspector. JR Kyushu official site – The route map and the timetable of JR Kyushu trains. I will not answer your question by email. I'm not your personal travel agent, so I do not accept making itineraries from scratch. Also, I think that any hotel nowadays explains how to access it on the official website. Your train cost can be reduced if you plan to ride long distance Shinkansen "bullet train" frequently; If you travel more than three cities during your 7-day stay in Japan, Japan Rail Pass would be your choice. Find out about everything that is included in the Japan Rail Pass.The JR Map is a vital tool for planning your trip to Japan. We are travelling to Japan and want to plan a visit to Tateyama Kurobe Alpen route on Oct 28 from Kanazawa. You can purchase it at Narita. For detailed information, click on the following links Plan your holiday around Japan … I manage this website with a policy of sharing all information, including questions received from readers. Local train runs until midnight. Costs. Copyright © Japan National Tourism Organization. Tokyo Monorail to/from Haneda Airport 3. My plan is start from Tokyo at 6 am ( we already bought JR pass) to Odawara – buy Hakone Pass . Thank you 🙂, You can find “H”, “N”, “K”, “S” and “M” in the top of the table. JR West The Japan Rail Pass allows you to make a free reservation for these two types of trains, but you still need to pay for the ticket. * The price is per adult passenger. You can find it in the link below: Due to COVID-19, it may be operated on a schedule different from the normal timetable. My family is visiting our friends in Misawa. This is the best website for a traveler who takes a train, and helps you to build your itinerary. You may use JR pass 7-day for the first 7 days. At lunch take direct bus from Gotemba to Kawaguchiko station to 5th station. Regular ticket is okay to get Haneda on the last day. Edition Fourth – July 2016 Price £16.99, US$24.95 ISBN 978-1-905864-75-1 Extent 528 pages Photos 63 colour photos, 10 B&W photos & illustrations Maps 3 colour, 7 regional and 33 B&W rail maps and 29 B&W town plans . (1) Opening of a dedicated web page for "JR EAST Welcome Rail Pass … show your pass. It also shows you the timetable of JR Hokkaido trains. JR Ferry to Miyajima 4. From scenic local trains to the super express shinkansen, if you are traveling on rail in Japan, the chances are it will be with JR. A wide variety of unlimited ride passes are available to help reduce the cost of train travel and help you travel farther.