Makita 5704R Cordless Circular Saw Parts; Back. the main 18v saw makita do has the blade on the left, i personally like it on the right, the only saw ive seen with the blade on the right is the same design as the metal cutting saw, which means there is a shallower depth of cut, what do people think of the saw?, is it worth buying? 0 degrees:66mm 45 degrees:46mm: Blade diameter. <> Carbon Brushes For Makita 5704R Circular Saw. 90° 45° Hex. A 190mm circular saw is a popular choice, since it combines both ease of use and a very capable cutting depth. wrench for quick saw blade replacement. £128.49 £ 128. 30 day money back guarantee. Shaft lock for easy blade replacement.! EUR 15.18 postage. #Makita #circularsaw #howto Supplement video for Makita XSH03 / DHS680 Link to Operating and safety instructions for the device. 5704R. Routing / Planing Acc. Praesent luctus in elit nec semper. 165 5604R. Good for nail embedded wood. eliminate the cause of blade binding. Model 5704R Blade diameter 190 mm Max. Move your mouse over image : Sku Description Part Number: Reference No: Prices 5704R-266024-8-9300 : HEX. EUR 448.05. However, with the right blade, some 190mm circular saws can also be used for cutting other materials, from Corian worktops to thin aluminium sheets. 12. Tel: 0800 107 8665 / 01698 819 000. Makita USA: The Leader In Cordless with 18V LXT Lithium-Ion. Kreissäge Makita 5704R Betriebsanleitung. Handkreissäge 190 mm (29 Seiten) Kreissäge Makita 5704R Betriebsanleitung. Blade hole: 30 mm. 20 - 2 20 10 B-02917 165 5604R. Usage: Alternative bevel saw blade for cross cutting solid wood across the grain leaving a good finish. Covid-19 Update. 1 trade catalogue. 191963-2 (CB303), Freud Carbon brushes (PAIR) Dimensions 5X11X16.5. EUR 10.64 postage. B. Will despatch via TNT No returns. 30 - 2 25 16 • A-86050 185 5007N. If saw blade is binding, it may walk up or kickback from the workpiece as the saw is restarted. HR4003C Rotary Hammer. The UK’s No. Like many other organisations, this is a standard practice that allows the recording of telephone calls for quality monitoring and continuous improvement, training, employee conduct compliance and security purposes. 19 213620-3 o-krÚ}ok 46 bsr730sh/5704r 1 n/a 20 819064-1 makita mark 1 n/a 21 266034-5 skrutka samorezn` ct 4x16 2 n/a 22 266034-5 skrutka samorezn` ct 4x16 3 n/a 23 183357-5 kryt kotÚ a 5704r 1 n/a 23 *** inc. 20 n/a 23.2 317460-2 blade case cover 1 n/a 24 152810-2 kryt kotÚ a 5704r 1 n/a 25 262511-5 krÚ}ok gumennÝ 6 1 n/a Large blade for extra depth of cut Large dust ejection port for smooth chips and sawdust outflow. Page 20 ENH101-12 EG-Übereinstimmungserklärung Wir, die Firma Makita als verantwortlicher Hersteller, erklären, dass die folgende(n) Makita-Maschine(n): Bezeichnung der Maschine: Handkreissäge Modell-Nr./ Typ: 5704R der Serienproduktion entstammen und den folgenden europäischen Richtlinien entspre- chen: 98/37/EG bis 28. It is supplied with a side fence to make the trimming of boards, doors etc easier. AU $31.12 + AU $14.67 shipping . AU … • Tip-embeded blades Bit Dia (mm) Suitable for Models Bore (mm) Ring Size Kerf (mm) Hook Angle (deg) No. HR2810 Combination Hammer. £37.99 £ 37. View a manual of the Makita 5704R below. Holder Set holder_set.gif A: holder 2pc, thumb screw 2pc B: holder 2pc, thumb screw 3pc, Set plate 1pc C: holder 1pc For Model Type Part No LS1016, LS1216 A 195240-4 LS0714, LS1030, LS1040, LS1212, LH1040 A 192621-3 LS1440, LS1510 B 191239-7 LS1045 A 192714-6 LS1011, LS1030 B 192118-2 LS1020 C 191550-7 LS1214, LS1013 C 322932-4 LS0713, LS1040 - 322312-4 LS1211 - 322313-2 … £7.49 £ 8.99: ADD. Circular Saw Blade for AEG HK66 Circular Saw 40 t.c. The UK’s No. Free next day delivery available. 1 trade catalogue. #Makita #circularsaw #howto Supplement video for Makita XSH03 / DHS680 Link to Circular saw Makita 5704R. Diameter of the blade: 190 mm. Makita 5704R Competitor "B" Competitor "D" Competitor "S" Numbers in chart are relative values when setting competitor "B's" capacity as 100. £60.00. ]��=�A=�������A/~����q��yݽh�� iaVZ��6)���+jw8VQ� ���mȀ4��'���D�YKч; m�Oz�*�t�)R�����Z'۰h Ge t�q��ֵIO����z�F[����i�l��S��'�����U~ӏ�2{)�KjnB�o���Mi~����n���5�$]��}��I Trespa , plastics, alumin. Add. Makita 5704R 1200W circular saw only £209.00 Power consumption: 1200 W. Cutting capacity: 45 ° = 46 mm - 90 ° = 66 mm. NEW Makita Circular Saw Blade Hex Bolt 5703R 5704R 5740NB 5820 BSS730 HS7600 . Never use damaged or incorrect blade washers or bolt. Makita Hs7601J/2 190 Mm Circular ... mm 240v circular saw in makpac carry case model hs7601 has been developed as the successor model of the current model 5704r. j ���d��+�H&� \*��R��i�4o&K��~�;I�w��o��4�[iYp.��rC��"�u�[c3D��kB� G�q !I���V�|2I����ی0{'���e����a؏�8.�Gh|��;��*��������{��5@�/P�O[�����ՠ�1R�?��〒|�*+�$ӆF�@j˰��Ó;���:��f�Vo�}}aUvz� �R� �΀�!��4�o�u`6��U�z1���},��P�VnVunօ 7�N�f=�\iw�Y���N�}N��v��梥Op8+�!{�٧�����Ԅ���:�驪4����-Mx��O�FՂG����[�Ah��C{\uU�. The best in class for cordless power tool technology. Aliquam erat volutpat. 90° 45° Hex. The 5704RK is ideal for both workshop and on site use. Free Next Business Day delivery for orders over £25 to home and site is available … The more popular diameters tend to be 190mm & 235mm. Makita 5704r circular saw. MAKITA 5704R PROFESSIONAL CIRCULAR SAW 1200W - 110v. Blade hole: 30 mm. The dual bevelled tooth face has sharper cutting edges and the "M" shape is like doubling the tooth count per blade. £4.99 (£2.50/Unit) Click & Collect. Saw Blades Wood Cutting Blades Efficut Saw Blades Specialized Saw Blades Jig Saw Blades Recipro Saw blades Band Saw Blades Scroll Saw Blades Saw Blade for Tile Cutter Table and Stand Guide Rule / Rip Fence Dust Attachments. By continuing to browse this website you agree to, Makita DSS611Z 18V LXT 165mm Circular Saw, Makita DSS610Z 18V LXT 165mm Circular Saw, Makita DHS680Z 18v LXT Brushless Circular Saw, Makita DHS660Z 18v Brushless LXT Circular Saw, Makita DHS710ZJ Twin 18V Li-Ion LXT Circular Saw, Makita AU $9.16 0 bids + AU $141.34 shipping . Page 9: Maintenance Hold the tool firmly. Makita LS1013 Chop Saw double Bevel compound Sliding Mitre saw 260mm Blade 110v. Circular Saw Blade for AEG HK66 Circular Saw 12 t.c. View and Download Makita 5703R instruction manual online. Makita is … Specifications : Continuous rating input. Carriers may take up to two days. 415437 … Makita 110v 5704R Circular … Enquire. Makita's first circular saw of many, this old favorite is fitted with a 165mm diameter tungsten tipped saw blade which gives you a cutting depth of 54mm @ 90¬∞ and 35mm @ 45¬∞. productions, with At Home Repairs, demonstrate how to change the blade in a circular saw. 100%. �h\ p��XO@�� 0�H+0���e�r3Enۄ+�x�PtI�p��="�r�{0IBQ@�?l�W�����u�Ӹ9B|��8�#�D+�b��@V@�b�bCh� I,����ԾK1�����F������fJ�j.����j̽�f�i�ث��Y5v�Z����nv�/{ృW��h�($��.�(f��o�x�٭‘=F4's�zR������ې}*�'x,8�)&�*��^�&���*�'� 68�8H8 q^�)�G���o��9޾�����#G�o&͢�0�E�Ӓ���b"^�M�D�ө�ڊ��{ª����o6n4��Vq�`��2�M��Jq����6" �ڢӷ��. 6) • Use only the Makita hex wrench to remove or install 17. £18.00. Makita UK has a telephone system that is capable of recording conversations. When restarting a saw in the workpiece, centre the saw blade in the kerf and check that saw teeth are not engaged into the material. Free postage. Title: 5704R.qx Author : 9501 Created Date: … DHR281 Cordless Combination Hammer. COVID-19 Update: We are now operating as usual and will continue to dispatch orders as soon as possible, however due to the current situation there may be delays from our suppliers. M8103G Hammer Drill. 5806B. Makita 5704RK 7"/190mm 110V Circular Saw, complete with Heavy Duty Carry Case and Carbide Tipped Saw Blade This hugely popular saw is easy to control and has .