Title: NUS DoA M.ARCH1 OPTIONS STUDIO - DIRTY ARCHITECTS, Author: NUSDoA2020, Name: NUS DoA M.ARCH1 OPTIONS STUDIO - DIRTY ARCHITECTS, Length: 56 pages, Page: 1, … Now, the irony: For all the emphasis on spaces, ventilation, creativity and aesthetics that NUS Architecture has taught us, NUS Architecture students have had to put up with a badly-ventilated environment for years. So far the survey form has been successful in exactly way what it has been designed for — It has deterred anyone with strong opinions from speaking up and apathy among the student population for anyone who even looks at it. Once in a long while, we hear passionate tutors talk about the need to expand our knowledge beyond architecture. The above rantings against tan teck kiam … reminds me of my cohort’s rantings against certain faculty staff, in the pre-social media era. Preamble/Issue. Journals are a key channel for academics to publish their research, and if you want to keep up with trends of research in your area of specialisation, you should read and keep track of a few journals on a regular basis. I left the sch few years ago and am currently practicing overseas, and am saddened that it has come to this state. Acronyms like HVAC and PV are now part of the mainstream architecture lexicon. Still, all the best. Nus Education Cs2010 Cg2023 Cg2271 Ee2024 St2334 NUS Second Year | Second Semester in Review. Source: MOE’s Graduate Employment Survey 2017 I have friends in their final year who lament not having learnt anything significant in the course of architectural study. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. people are just rant-happy, “TAS is useless, did nothing, just a name.” Do you try to effectively utilize that platform? 2. Contact. "A visit to … Landscape rounds out the last of the research cores. This cycle goes on for 13 weeks. there is a Arki students’ impossible trinity I heard before. You would probably understand why it is so hard for them to even say “whatever” and go hang out with friends. Kenneth Ho, Design Director and Co-Founder of Hopscape Design + Architecture and NUS alumnus, says, “Everything here [in the U.S.] is about sustainability like HVAC or solar panels. Approaching the tutor personally for feedback is the only way, subject to whether he cares enough to dig out your work and review them again before replying you. As Singaporeans are brought up in an education system which expect perfection for all works, rather than focusing on the important items, Singaporeans tend to focus on getting an overall perfection which usually is impossible given the time we students usually have. Those areas include Design Technologies, which explores sustainable urban development in an Asian, tropical context. I think the major problem is that NUS architecture has many bad tutors like him. Still like the author says, professors pay lip service to the creative process making students “buy” into the “vision” of the school. Is this truly written by a Yr 4 student, or someone else? In architecture, a "dissertation" refers to the textual work only, whereas a "thesis" consists of both the dissertation and the design proposal, drawings and models. NUS Faculty of Engineering. Among them was Ong Ker Shing from Lekker Architects who cited the Yale-NUS campus landscape as “one of the largest and longest projects” the firm has undertaken to date. The MArch Thesis review is just over. Here i mean buy literally; the school fees for the faculty gets raised frequently, while the school doesn’t undergo any change. The most rational course of action is to selfishly fend for one’s survival in this fight of the fittest. Not only tt, every senior also hates him to the core. I have also observed that many young and fresh tutors, who are able to teach modern technological skills, leave the faculty after just teaching for a while. The first NUS programme, to be launched in January 2020 on the edX platform, is a professional certificate programme, “Spatial Computing Thinking”, taught by Associate Professor Patrick Janssen from the Department of Architecture at the NUS School of Design and Environment. Look at his CV or portfolio. P.S. Meeting friends beyond school becomes a feat, and this inevitably takes a toll on one’s social life. What strings did Tan Teck Kiam pull to be there and deserving of the position??? Several female students during my time also openly expressed similar sentiments that Tan Teck Kiam openly flirted and showed favouritism to foreign exchange students! Copyright 2009-2017 The Kent Ridge Common. 19 November. Hence, I would advice that you should understand what you are suppose to do. You have to have a certain level of knowledge and view things in a bigger picture before you start all these ‘comments’, you know just so that you sound more credible, 2. The NUS Master of Science (Real Estate) and Renmin MBA Double Degree Programme 4.3 Financial Assistance and Scholarships 4.3.1 Edward D’silva Award – Dissertation/ Design Thesis – Master of Architecture A cutting-edge education in the architecture school may be too much to hope for, since the hiring of many older professors with little or no digital skills restricts the innovation of architectural education. Founded in 1958, the Department of … Required fields are marked *. If the system is really that bad, why are all of you guys still here? Something about the system has killed quite some passion or curiosity to learn. Indeed, there is a lot of negative sentiment to a lot of newly grads in the architecture industry in the US; I think the architecture industry needs to drastically change how business and design is conducted if designers still want to design with any degree of integrity, while still maintaining a budget. Could it possibly be the teaching or research environment which favours the old, is resistant to renewal, inevitably leading our younger tutors to a mass exodus? The multi-year, multi-faceted Sustainability Strategic i applaud them for their efforts so far and having the initiative of conducting the workshops as mentioned, great job! You must be enrolled in the course to see course content. Similarly, the more time you spent on doing things just based solely on the inputs of others without putting much thoughts into it, the lesser you are able to think of the box, and the less likely you would be a creative/successful architect. Secondly, the feeling among us students is that deadlines are just too tight. This course is archived, which means you can review course content but it is no longer active. In conjunction with SDE’s 50th anniversary celebrations in 2019, the NUS Clementi Bus Stop Student Design Competition was launched, inviting all SDE students to envision a new proposal for the NUS School of Design and Environment Bus Stop along Clementi Road. For me, I knew things were going downhill when I heard they were actually removing the Student Lounge in the studio and capitalising on the limited space by using it as a studio for an external university. Location. To stay away from this course by all means. Comparison becomes unhealthy and is not conducive to peer learning. For example, when you build a house, it actually breathes because you build it off the ground, the air circulates through the floor and then out through the roof. I suggest you stop playing the role of armchair critic, identify yourself, get your hands dirty and take responsibility for your school and education. At this point, your comments are all about consumption, and not helping this process at all; they actually negate these efforts and the goodwill built up. Perhaps allow me to clarify what this read is trying to bring across. Get info about Ranking, Reviews, Fees, Courses and Scholarships for Indian students. Congratulations to our NUS Architecture students for winning the NUS Clementi Bus Stop Student Design Competition! The latter totally defeats the purpose of creative education. Professors pay lip service to the importance of the creative processes, verbally encouraging them yet not giving much weightage to these strongly-encouraged processes in the assessment. Nus architecture thesis for business plan word template. After all, why help the others given this competitive environment? As i know its hard to escape from this grind. If you dont like it quit. So what’s new apart from the digital studios, which any self-respecting arch school must have to attract fee-paying students? The latter due to the school and nation’s preference for hiring foreign professors and architects in hopes of garnering international recognition and accolades. ; The grade profiles refer to the grades scored by Singapore-Cambridge A-level applicants in their three H2 and one H1 subjects. Every architect on the outside, I know says this guy Tan Teck Kiam is a talentless brown nosed nitwit! We had a fascinating guided tour covering social history and architecture of the late 19th and early 20th century period in... Read all 116 reviews. Sherin Wing is the writer of ArchDaily’s Architecture School Guides. He is a charismatic figure, I have to say and thus popular with some of the students. National University of Singapore. Why you may ask, Try dropping by SDE every night after 11pm and take a look. Thoughtout my entire year with him, he was extremely unhelpful and negative. Architecture and Sustainable Design (ASD) at SUTD has been conceived to serve the emerging critical needs of a world in transition and a profession evermore engaged with the evolution of business, technology, and socioeconomic institutions worldwide. Coincidentally, the state of this environment seems to reflect some personalities of the school’s teaching body. Hello non-nusarchi, im also from SDE but not from Arki. The Master in Architecture, Design Technology and Sustainability MArch(DTS) approaches sustainability and design from a construction and management perspective. Still the same grey buildings, same grey faculty personalities, the same grey creative culture. 1,271 reviews. economies that engage in free-trade across national borders and have little or low tariffs) to historical issues that include post-coloniality, designing for Asia is a decidedly different endeavor than those trained in North America and Europe might think. He is addressing the vicious cycle that he see himself, and many other architect students are facing currently. All such structural limitations like numerous deadlines and rigid assessment criteria which overlook the process in favour of the end product, are in addition to an inherently unfocussed syllabus. Urban Studies, focuses on High Density Asian Cities, focusing on the distinctive characteristics of Asia, such as habitation and mobility. the thing is if you are like me, someone who is just plain lazy to voice out anything, then why all the sudden hate when theres a new “club”? Theses & dissertations are important when starting a literature review of research that has been previously done. Perhaps with competition from SUTD, NUS architecture school will finally lose its glamour of being the sole accredited architectural school in the country, and clean up its act. Say what you will about the school’s ranking and such, but the truth is like the author says, the school is only concerned about its end results- grades,recognition from the international community etc. Again, the advantage of peer learning has been demeaned by the need to excel over another peer, if one desires to clamber to the top of the league. First you criticize the school for adopting western principles in design and not providing us with local contextual design. Having been a student of his before, I can confirm the fact that he does regularly criticise not just the school but Singapore itself. NUS ARCHITECTURE RANKS 12TH IN THE WORLD BY 2019 QS WORLD UNIVERSITY RANKINGS BY SUBJECT ... M.Arch Final Review AY2020/2021 Sem 1. What is the Entry requirements for NUS Architecture 4 year course? Redundant – in the sense that these modules cover the same, repeated content. And we talk about breeding creative architecture in Singapore. The problem here lies with how Singaporeans defines what is acceptable to show for the deadlines. I’m not asking for the likes of Hadid, Gehry, Calatrava etc to head the dept or the school, but exactly where will NUS M.Arch grads stand as the flag bearers of Singapore architecture? To develop rigour in the discipline of architectural design and the ability to integrate the many aspects … Founded in 1958, the Department of Architecture is oriented towards architecture for Asia and the tropics. A recipient of the University and Faculty Teaching Honour Rolls at NUS, she has lectured at the Bartlett, Delft, ETH Zurich, Melbourne and the Berlage Centre. This has ultimately jaded both local architecture and architects, ultimately further contributing to Singapore’s current crisis : a lack of national identity. Let him explain himself to the Head and the Dean and the Vice-chancellor. If we have a mundane academic life, we have even less of a social life. Writers comprise largely of current undergrads with select alumni contributing to the paper. Ng Eng Teng: The Grandfather of Singapore Sculpture, The Influence of Toxic Masculinity on Religious Extremism, The Witch Hunt against Atheists in Malaysia, Interpreting Comedy: The Line between Humour and Bad Taste. But they have the years ahead. Needless to say, the school grading system – in the form of the Normal Distribution Curve – inevitably leads to comparison between students. Your email address will not be published. Opinions expressed are of the writer's own. come back as a prof and change this situation. A full life over and done with and Tan Teck Kiam has nothing to show for in his CV. How often do we receive our graded assignments back for review, and how often are we given the opportunity to understand our areas of weaknesses, and learn from the mistakes we made from the assignments ? From my architecture peers, it seems that with the high work stress and tight deadlines, many would simply forfeit the time to find tutors for feedback and channel their energy into meeting that dreaded deadline. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. To develop intellectual and critical thinking skills in and around the field of architecture. One would not expect the best brains to be nurtured here, but I imagine that the powers that be will give some environmentally deterministic argument that harsh conditions produce the best talent. For instance, the teaching of prefabrication machinery and computer simulation skills or Building Information Modelling –which are widely used nowadays in the industry – is only restricted to a limited group of students who choose the specific studio in their final year. The National University of Singapore (NUS) Department of Architecture is addressing these very issues. Singapore’s National University of Singapore (NUS) is ranked 10 th in the world for architecture this year, achieving a very strong score for the number of citations per paper. The curriculums at NUS show that this is patently untrue. The aftermath of the article brought to attention the many division that existed in the school – two student societies for a small student population, the reluctance to teach local contextual architecture theory over revered architecture from the west. i just do what they ask and suck a big thumb. I just found out about this article and was reading through the comments. NK 1-NK 9990: Decorative arts, including interior design. “TAS sux” — that makes you sound like a primary school kid saying wolverine is more awesome than spiderman. There is no room for “late bloomers”; either you adapt early, or you are not suitable to be an architect. Upcoming Dates. Students who are still in the midst of trying and failing, and have yet to stumble upon success, would become increasingly disadvantaged as they continued in this harsh and rigid results-driven system. Yet when the article was released, he chose to defend the school and protect his golden rice bowl. Of course, given that architecture students have to stay in school for the bulk of their time, it would seem reasonable that we are provided an ideal environment that is comfortable at least. Brilliant disguise if so! She is a writer, academic, designer, curator and award-winning educator. From what I have read, the problem is not with the Uni system but rather the society. The National University of Singapore (NUS) Department of Architectureis addressing these very issues. Please visit our disclaimer page for our terms and conditions. 1. To bolster the work students do in their degree programs, NUS has the Center for Advanced Studies in Architecture (CASA) to further research by collaborating with industry professionals as well as hosting conferences and lecture series. sustainable architecture, environmental performance, socio-economics, housing, Integrated Framework, Architecture Sustainable Assessment Method: Issue Date: 19-Feb-2006: Citation: CAM CHI NGUYEN (2006-02-19). Judging from the students’ attendance during guest lectures and external workshops, it appears that there is very little interest among student to learn more about architecture externally. So what next? The people in charge are indifferent. Dear Jimbo and J, have you given feedback to Mr Wong Yunn Chii, your Head of the Arch Dept? And for those interested in working more directly with CASA, students can pursue either a research oriented Masters of Art (Architecture) or a PhD (Architecture). In the 80s, I paid less than S$1.5k in yearly tuition fees. This new institution, jointly created by Yale University and the National University of Singapore, will enroll up to 1,000 students. Other top earners were those with a bachelor of computing (information systems) (S$4,000), bachelor of science (business analytics) (S$4,000), bachelor of arts (architecture) (S$4,000), and bachelor of engineering (computer engineering) (S$3,900). But even that is not true!! Environmental performance and sustainable architecture: A critical review in the context of Singapore public housing. Check fees, eligibility, scholarships and accommodation details to study Architecture in Singapore at Shiksha.com. Check fees, eligibility, scholarships and accommodation details to study Architecture in Singapore at Shiksha.com. Course End. due to my diploma studies I did in polytechnic, I was able to go straight into year 2. 2. Who is the Professor who slammed the writer as ‘cowardly’ and yet verbally bitches the System with his students in a casual collegiate ambience? I’m a y1 student and don’t want to be discouraged so early. Architecture is always political – it is first and foremost about people and our interaction with the world around us. ScholarBank@NUS Repository. make love not war. At the same time, may I also suggest that well meaning individuals not respond to the specific content of the abovementioned ‘commentary’ as there is no basis for a discussion. As a recent graduate of Nus architecture, I'd just like to reiterate to those who read this humbled forum especially those who are in the midst of deciding their university admissions. The rapid urbanisation of the Asian landscape and the equally swift transformation of its cities create an urgent need in the region for design professionals, especially practising architects and planners, to deal with problems of designing within existing urban fabrics and in the periphery of rapidly growing cities. The lack of … Sure there are many obstacles but I’m sure you can be more competent if you have so much energy to feel this way. NUS architecture HardwareZone Forum Insider on Facebook LinkBack: Thread Tools: 07-02-2011, 12:22 PM #1: ellsworth_boy. An architecture school on the other hand, one which shapes a country’s aesthetic and pride is far more important. But the thing that he is trying to bring across is not about not pleasing his tutor, but rather about how to take the tutor’s comments into serious consideration and fusing it together with his own imagination, creating his “very own unique” design. AY17/18 Semester 2 Year 4 Final Review. This Tan is very likely ‘game over’ or else, at his age – graduated in 83, so late 50s now – why teach? I don’t know much about the archi curriculum since I don’t study there, but I’ll just say this: I don’t think there is an issue in “giving what the tutors want”. NUS Architecture rethinks how architecture can be responsive to the tropics in ways which are imaginative, sustainable and surprising. do their shit, fk off but don’t forget. It is true that at times, there is a need to give what our tutor wants. Nus architecture thesis for business plan word template. For assistance and clarifications, please email NGSEnquiry@nus.edu.sg. In the movie ‘Finding Forrester’, the Sean Connery character advised his protege “Beware of frustrated professors, they can be either very effective, or very dangerous.” Words of wisdom too late for me! And this Tan Teck Kiam is still going around claiming he is the main designer for the SMU. Firstly, the system is just too focussed towards end-results. Graduates with a BA (Arch) degree who have completed Advanced Architectural Studies on Design Computing, Architectural & Urban Heritage or Urban Studies could work within these areas in architectural practices, government agencies or in research. Find 24541 researchers and browse 231 departments, publications, full-texts, contact details and general information related to National University of Singapore | Singapore, Singapore | NUS She shares, “I was struggling with going against norms of getting a degree and a stable job but mostly they were just negative voices that I had trapped inside my mind.” Yale-NUS College is the first liberal arts college in Singapore, offering four-year undergraduate degrees on a campus that integrates learning and living. Yes we need to a certain amount of systematic, and rational education, but at the end of the day, I really do not want to work for money, I want to break boundaries, I’d love to push further the ideas of architecture, and die knowing that I’ve supported that cause. This article was a major discussion topic among my peers. Definitely not in line with the image of a decent Architecture School. Established in 1905, the National University of Singapore (popularly known as ‘NUS') is an autonomous university having the oldest pedagogy of learning in Singapore. How much effort have you put in your own life less munadane? In Master Classes, trips abroad, and in the studio, students expand on their knowledge about scale, on an individual building level as well as an urban level. He has gripes on the field of architecture itself. A lots of things have changed apparently. Compare 3 Architecture Universities & Colleges in Singapore. Sign in or register and then enroll in this course. Its various names—sustainable, “green,” and environmental—all refer to the objective of designing buildings that have a smaller carbon footprint, from construction materials to functionality post-occupancy.