is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Combo Grill & Smoker. Oklahoma Joe Charcoal/gas/smoker Combo. When you unbox, you get all the grill and smoker parts that you need to assemble. He poured his craftsmanship into building the best smokers that would cook meat to perfection. Oklahoma joe longhorn combo has an amazing combination of gas, charcoal, and the smoker so you have no reason to confuse which one you should buy.Besides, it has ample cooking surface, where the main chamber is 750 and the secondary one is 310 … At around $650USD, this is a simple yet competitive grill. A BBQ enthusiast knows that a good grill or smoker makes all the difference. for pricing and availability. Click Here To Learn Why You Want To Be In The Pitmaster Club. Item not available. The only thing that does not come with this product is the hooks or studs. However, Oklahoma Joe's offsets offer a step up from the junker, tin can brands. Equipped with both a charcoal and gas grill chamber and an attached offset firebox, this multi-purpose smoker and grill allows you to barbecue your way. The smoker allows for easy adding of wood through the side or from the top if the grates are not in the smoker area. 3. This relatively inexpensive smoker and griller is famous for its price, durability, design, and construction. Four-way venting means it's easy to set up for two zone cooking with more control than single vent Kamado grills. Click here to learn more about benefits to membership. Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Offset Smoker. The company was purchased by Char-Broil in 1998 and went through a series of twists and turns for decades. I have had my Oklahoma Joe’s combo grill smoker for about 3 years and it is the best grill I have ever owned. Overall I find this grill to be one of the best I have owned so far. But it is expensive to run a website with more than 4,000 pages and we don’t have a big corporate partner like TV network or a magazine publisher to subsidize us. All-in-one beasts that offer supreme versatility. Made from fade and water-resistant material, this heavy-duty cover keeps your smoker clean and dry. This model is also one of the most versatile combos for smoking. / Grills & Outdoor Cooking / Smokers; 6 products in Oklahoma Joe's | Smokers . His smokers sold like hot buns, and he even received an order for 100 more. Smoke or grill how you like with the Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Combo Charcaol/Gas Smoker and Grill. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Offset Smoker at Where To Buy (Buying from these suppliers supports this website): The PK-360, with 360 square inches of cooking space, this rust free, cast aluminum charcoal grill is durable and easy to use. Out of stock. oklahoma joe 39 s longhorn smoker review a great offset smoker from oklahoma joe s longhorn combo grill reviews oklahoma joe 39 s longhorn combo grill and smoker academy from oklahoma joe s longhorn combo grill reviews. This makes it perfect for both family dinners or weekend backyard parties with close friends. We go a step further. Return policy. After 2019's introduction of the Oklahoma Joe's Bronco Drum Smoker they have now turned their eye on the very hot pellet grill market. Our most important source of sustenance is people who join our Pitmaster Club, but please don’t think of it as a donation. Best Grill Smoker Combos – 2020 Reviews Willy Smoke is reader-supported. Blackstone's Rangetop Combo With Deep Fryer does it all! ; Highland Reverse Flow Smoker Five huge cooking grates spread over 900 square inches of space. 3-in-1 Longhorn 15202029 Oklahoma Joe Smoker came into existence after Joe Davidson sold all 12 of his handmade smokers at the Oklahoma State Fair. Find Oklahoma Joe's smokers at Lowe's today. Despite being extremely heavy at about 200 pounds, it comes with sturdy wheels that provide ease in mobility. I have had my Oklahoma Joe’s combo grill smoker for about 3 years and it is the best grill I have ever owned. As per many Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Combo Grill and Smoker reviews, it cannot be denied that this is an excellent grill for people who like to have options. Rather, it’s a dedicated charcoal grill. It is a multi-function grill that offers you a combination of gas grilling, charcoal grilling, and smoking in one single piece of equipment. Reviewed in the United States on May 23, 2014. Delivery not available. In the late 1980s Oklahoma Joe began producing award winning, traditional, 1/4" offset smokers. Oklahoma Joe's. With this machine to help you, you won't find any problems making the perfect barbecue just the way you like it. 3) If you are a member of the Pitmaster Club, your comments login is probably different than your membership login. That means that there are 1,060 square inches of total cooking space. The main chamber is the big win for you as it has a total of 6 porcelain-coated cast-iron grates. Copyright © 2005 to 2020 by For the lovers of smokey flavor and freshly grilled food, Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Offset Smoker and Charcoal Grill is the next great addition to your backyard! It's made of heavy-gauge all-steel and has multiple dampers for heat and smoke control. Enquiry about Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Combo Charcoal/Gas Smoker & Grill. Full Name. Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo vs Char-Griller Texas Trio. For more about our privacy promise, code of ethics, terms of service, and how we operate to insure you unbiased info, click here. The Longhorn Reverse Flow will satisfy those looking to grill their food using the unconventional method, while the Longhorn Combination Grill and Smoker is a versatile 3 in 1 smoker. What to Use Instead of a Wire Grill Brush? Share This Article. Compare ; Find My Store. We know a lot of people are after the best grill smoker combo, more commonly known as an offset smoker. The presence of two thermometers in both chambers helps to track your cooking progress, and the knobs help you to control gas. Parts and Accessories for Charbroil Ok Joe Grills. If you like, please save this link and use it every time you go to Amazon. The PBC has a rabid cult following for good reason. Best Smoker Grill Combo: Product Review Guide. This grill has a firebox door with an air damper to make cleaning easier for you. Click here to download it for free from Adobe's site. It is designed to have convenient side-access, rust-resistant firebox, and a smoker set consists of meat hooks and rib racks. promises to never sell or distribute any info about you individually without your express permission, and we promise not to, ahem, pepper you with email or make you eat spam. Longhorn Combo Specifications. Also called an offset smoker, these units burn charcoal or wood in a firebox attached to the side. Read helpful reviews from our customers. This Argentinian grill will get your flame on! Equipped with both a charcoal and gas grill chamber and an attached offset firebox, this multi-purpose smoker and grill allows you to barbecue your way. Click below to see all the benefits, take a free 30 day trial membership, and help keep this site alive. Sold by Walmart. These are products we have tested, won our top awards, and are highly recommend. Click Search to see all our Reviews and Ratings. Porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grates ensure consistent temperatures and easy cleanup. Also, it has handles that remain cool, a charcoal pan, removable ashtray, modifiable cooking grates, advanced damper system, and enormous shelves. Same size as your typical cheap offset smoker, but split down the middle for charcoal and propane, with the offset heating the charcoal chamber for smoking. The features that make this product outstanding are as follows: This three-in-one grill has segregated cooking chambers that allow charcoal grilling and gas grilling. Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn was designed to serve two functions as a grill as well as a smoker. The side burner with 12,000 BTUs is ideal for frying or for keeping a pot. Members get 21 great benefits. Lid Gasket & toggle Latch Kits, Baffle Tuning Plates, Charcoal Baskets, and oem replacement parts & modifications for Oklahoma Joe offset bbq smokers. This is enough to grill up a mess of hamburgers the next time you want to … Longhorn offers a step up from cheap offset smokers for a little more money than the tin can junker brands and earns our Best Value Silver Medal.. Oklahoma Joe's also makes a smaller version called the Highland. We usually grant permission and don't charge a fee. We can up your game! The best way to keep up with our new articles, new recipes, new product reviews, is to Subscribe To Our Free Email Newsletter, Smoke Signals. The Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Combo Charcoal and Gas Smoker review, going into year 4 now. After 2019's introduction of the Oklahoma Joe's Bronco Drum Smoker they have now turned their eye on the very hot pellet grill market. But it's also gaining popularity with people who want to add a small, set it and forget it pellet smoker to their backyard arsenal.