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  • 3TU is the cooperation between the three technological universities of the Netherlands; Delft, Eindhoven and Twente. The mission of 3TU is to contribute to the wellbeing in the Netherlands by improving, bundling and maximizing the creativity and knowledge in the technology sector. The three universities stimulate the innovation and renewal of research and education.

    3TU is working on project IMDI (Innovative Medical Devices Initiative) together with several other Dutch research foundations. The mission of IMDI is to improve the Dutch knowledge infrastructure with regard to medical services. Plans like these are becoming increasingly important due to the large population of elderly people and the expensive nature of healthcare facilities and activities. The development of new technologies can help healthcare centers to work more efficiently and automate some of the manual activities. The project wishes to make contributions to public health, the economy and science, creating a better combination between science and the medical world.

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