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AASS Mobile Robotics Lab.

University of Orebro
AASS Mobile Robotics Lab.
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  • AASS Mobile Robotics Lab, University of Orebro

     Once known as the AASS Mobile Robotics Lab of the University of Obrero in Sweden, this mobile robotics lab specializes in topology-based maps, real-time deliberation, active perceptual anchoring, and behavior-based control of mobile manipulators.

    It later became known as the Cognitive Robotic Systems Laboratory at AASS (CRSL), where they were able to design robotic systems capable of not only sensing the environment and reacting to it, but also appropriately reasoning what was sensed and “thinking” of which actions will be performed. This is referred to as hybrid reasoning.

    Systems that have been developed by AASS over the years are: autonomous robots capable of rendering services domestically or in industrial environments, smart homes capable of increasing comfort and providing safety to the elderly, and sensors that can track and monitor pollution in surrounding areas or the environment.

    Among notable projects that CRSL has developed are the GeRT and RACE robot servants, the Rubicon and RobotEra robots for their Smart Homes project, the elderly care and independent living provider robots Excite and Giraf+, the sensors MedNose and PollutedPeace, and the industrial autonomous vehicles Atlas Copco and SAUNA.

    The goal of this Swedish robotic systems laboratory is to perform basic and applied research of cognitive robotic systems and to address vital issues of the incorporation of higher level cognitive processes into physically implanted systems. In this case, robots. CRSL’s approach mainly depends on the combination of techniques from computer science and Artificial Intelligence with the use of actual robots and real sensors.

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