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AISoy Robotics

AISoy Robotics
  • Spain
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  • Aisoy Robotics designs emotional personal robots to make people‚Äôs life fun and easy. The company believes in improving the way people connect with the digital world.

    Aisoy aims at radically modifying the phase within the edutainment robot market, by offering a new generation of affordable programmable social robots that have emotional capacities. The company has a goal of creating robots that can sense, perceive, evolve emotionally, and have human-like, natural communication with the users.

    Aisoy has a passionate team of qualified professionals who are dedicated to building and introducing a new generation of beautiful personal robots to the people. The team focuses on the fascination for natural language processing, artificial intelligence, social robotics and dialogue systems.

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  • Consumer:Educational
    Social Robots
    Toy robots
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