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Android Robotics Corp.

  • Russian Federation
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  • Robotics Developer


  • AR 100

    The AR-100 is a multipurpose humanoid robot used for service, education, and entertainment. It is 35 cm tall, weighs 1.5 kg, and performs a variety of human movements.

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  • AR 101

    A successor to AR-100, the humanoid AR-101 emphasizes entertainment uses, particularly dancing. Several AR-101s can work together to perform synchronized dance routines.

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  • AR 400

    AR-400 is a human-scale working robot with satellite navigation and speech synthesis. It can serve as a receptionist or perform more dangerous jobs like railroad work.

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  • AR 600 AR 600

    Android Robotic Corp. of Russia developed a humanoid robot called AR 600. It can perform human-like movements, and detect, recognize and classify objects in its surroundings.

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