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Australian Robotics and Automation Association

Australian Robotics and Automation Association
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  • The Australian Robotics and Automation Association is a professional organization for professionals in the fields of robotics and related automation technologies.

    The ARAA has many objectives pertaining to robotics and aimed to help the professionals who are members.  

    • First, it aims to encourage research and development to increase the capabilities of robotics products, bringing the industry into a higher state.
    • Secondly it promotes knowledge of robotics and an understanding of their role in society and economics.
    • It further aims to foster cooperation with overseas associations and encourages professional development and training.

    The Association hosts an annual conference called the Australasian Conference on Robotics and Automation.  It has been held in 1999 in prominent Australian cities.  The 2013 conference was held in 2013.  Researchers present papers on technical issues.

    The Association is guided by a council with several members.  The current president is Stefan Williams of the University of Sydney.

    Both organizational and individual memberships are available, the organizational for AUS$400, and the individual at no cost.

    To get an idea of the robotics activities in Australian you can have a look at the Robots from Australia and their developers.

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