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Association for Advanced Automation
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  • Automate serves as the largest solutions-based exhibition of automation tools and technologies in North America and is held every two years.

    Previously known as the International Robots, Vision & Motion Control Show, Automate represents the full range of automation technologies as well as solutions for various industries. It is organized by the Association for Advancing Automation (A3) and sponsored by the Robotics Industries Association, AIA - Advanced Imaging & Vision and Motion Control Association

    During the Automate show, companies that provide integration of automation, robotics and machine vision will show actual demonstrations of these systems.

    This allows attendees to see live demos of how challenges they face in their industry can be solved.

    The Automate show also let leading global suppliers exhibit their latest automation, robotic, vision and motion control technologies.


    Visitors from more than 30 countries represent a wide variety of industries and are seeking automation solutions to increase their competitiveness, enhance productivity and save money.


    Exhibitors from international industry-leading companies display automation systems and equipment reaching the 30,000 potential customers that visit Automate.



    During the Automate show, expert classes are offered where experienced industry professionals giving practical training. You can take either one class or four full days of training, which will result in a valuable training experience.

    Classes offered vary from entry level training for a basic understanding of automation to more advanced courses which will result in a better understanding of the technology exhibited on the Automate show.


    On multiple locations during the Automate show, expert team gatherings are organized to discuss a wide variety of topics.

    Throughout the day these Expert Huddles offer an industry expert that will lead 50-minute open discussions about a wide variety of topics on important issues.



    Organized once every two years the Automate 2015 will be held March 23rd to 26th, 2015 in Chicago, IL. and starts daily at 8:00 am.

    Automate is the only trade show in North America that will offer as broad a range of automation solutions to as broad a range of industries. If you are involved in developing any products used or related to automation, this is definitely the show for you!


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