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  • BAAT Medical was founded in 1999 and specializes in orthopedic product development. This company is regarded to be one of the best in the industry to deliver turn-key orthopedics. To ensure the development of reliable and effective products, BAAT is using a five-step approach for its process: explore-design-engineer-validate-transfer.

    This approach has led to some groundbreaking developments such as the Knee Orthosis Joint. This product replaces the conventional brace for people with knee problems and works in such a way that the knee is no longer fixated in a straight position. The patient can regain knee movability again by using this joint. This will ensure a better walking process for the patient, which may also prevent the patient from developing hip problems from walking with a fixed brace. The development of a product like this is done by following the previously mentioned steps that involve lots of research and testing hours before the final delivery.

    BAAT Medical is also involved in a medical robotics project named VirtuRob. The goal of this project is to successfully combine the advantages of robotic technologies with rehabilitation tools and orthopedic products. The projects involves several devices that reduce the gravitational pull on an arm, re-enabling patients to move their arms, while still requiring them to use the muscles in their arm, which will also prove to be a vital step towards rehabilitation.

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